Laura Dern’s Year With Scarlett Johansson For “Marriage Story” | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-What a big night for Laura Dern —
Supporting Actress nomination. Hi!
-I’m so happy to see you. -Mwah. It’s so great to see you. -Air kisses, but I’m so happy to see you. -Tell me about the excitement
that’s rushing through you this evening. -I do feel excited. It feels, um — I don’t know. It feels like really good, loving energy. We’re all close friends who’ve been in these movies together and have become really close,
’cause we’ve been doing press since August. -Right, right.
-[ Chuckles ] And it’s — it’s got a very special feeling. I’m here with my mom, Diane Ladd, and my children. -It’s a family affair.
-It really is, so it makes me very happy. -You know, for your work on “Marriage Story,” I was reading an article — this morning, actually —
in the newspaper about how, for a year and a half, you would get together with Scarlett and Noah and just tell stories over dinner. -Yes.
-Tell me about those dinners. -Well, Adam Driver and Noah had done —
this is their fourth film together. So they were already having conversations, and then we started to do the same. Really, we talked about life, love,
the kinds of roles we wanted to play. And Noah then announced, within some months, that he wanted to tell a love story,
but through the lens of divorce, which was so bold and radical and beautiful. And didn’t know what parts we’d play.
And then started to frame it. -Put the puzzle together.
-Yeah, and it was amazing. I mean, he’s such an incredible writer and filmmaker. And then I spent the other part of my year with his, also, partner in life, Greta Gerwig. -It’s a very small world, this Hollywood.
-It is. And it’s amazing to be here with both films
and with them together. -I have to say, for those who don’t know,
watching around the world, you’re celebrating a birthday in hours?
-Hours. -So, that’s —
-You with me? We got to find each other at the party,
’cause, guys, it’s my birthday. -I will be happy to be your plus-one.
-Thank you. -That is exciting tonight, as well,
because you’ll be somewhere at midnight, I’m sure. -I know. I’m very excited.
-Hopefully, carrying something. -Well, who knows? But I know that all my friends are here,
so we’ll all be together. -It’s lovely to see you celebrated
in such a great way with both these movies. -Thank you. Thank you so much.
You’re such a champion, so I’m so grateful. So happy to see you all.
-Well, we’ll see you in a little bit. Good luck. Bye.

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