Laura Reveals She Already Married Aladin | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

So before I go to Qatar, I
want to tell Ludwig exactly what’s going on in my life. So I will be dropping a
lot of bombs on him today. So we’ve been talking
for over a year, and actually I kind
of married him. You already married him? Yeah, nine days
after I met him. It blows my mind that
she married somebody after nine days of meeting him. I mean, what is
she thinking about? Where are you going to live? I’m leaving for Qatar
because he works in Qatar. If I put myself in her
shoes, I would be taller because she uses high heels. However, I personally
would not leave the comfort that we have in America. Especially knowing Laura Lee
and the comforts that she likes, I think that she will
suffer a little bit. All right, OK, let’s go back
to this conversation so. OK, dear. So you went there. You married him. Yeah. So in Qatar, it’s
against the law for me to live in the
same house as him. You can’t even
check into a hotel unless we have that
marriage license, hence why I got married in nine days. You understand a
little clearer now? I do not understand
your logic. Even though we are
married on paper, we have not had the
official Tunisian three-day wedding as of yet. How old is this guy? You saw his pictures. That’s why I’m asking. He’s turning 30. No, let me tell you something. A lot of young men
like older women. Yeah, but like is
different than marriage. Marriage is about looking
into their retirement years and how he is going to
change your diapers. No, I mean, how– Yes, I told him that too. He will be. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, you know,
like, don’t you think that he wants to have a family? I know he would
like to have children. Do you think you are capable? Honestly, I don’t know
if technically I am. My fear has always been if he
can’t have a child with me, some day he could meet a woman
that could give him a baby and make him walk away
from our marriage. So yeah, it’s back
there in my mind.

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  1. Makes her seem desperate to marry a guy only nine days after meeting in person just for as we all know for as she calls it jiggy jiggy. Should have spoke to her brother who has common sense before jumping into this marriage that I highly doubt will last.

  2. Woman! Dont do it! Ugh. I was engaged with a Palestinian for 2 years because Muslims do not date. He left for another woman, even though I studied the culture and religion. But hey.. I still love Islam😊 Hamdullah

  3. Poor little guy, like so MANY others he tried his luck at "auditioning" for . . . whatever in the show and spin-offs. Unfortunately his sense of humor is just silly and over prepared to be funny. That fat guy (brother of the bald guy with the Philipino girl) had more luck and got a spot in Pillow Talk. He is lousy! Just loud, and merely obnoxious! I hope they cancel that crap. 90 Day Fiance is already not so great, however they produced The Other Way, a good derivative.

  4. Oh my. Who’s this dude hahaha. He’s great. I love him!!!! His glasses. His shirts. His step stool ❤️❤️❤️ his wisdom. He cares. You can see it in his intensity listening
    EDIT: I see he is her brother. I love him

  5. I love this guy, he is so happy & just bubbly, full of life! Please, please, please give him a lot of air time he is super funny! 🤣👍🏼

  6. Laura , laura, laura good luck to you , wrong move . You are talking family woman , once he got his green card he is gone

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