Lauren’s Graduation & 18th Birthday Party Vlog ~ May 26, 2017

What’s up YouTube? What’s up, so today is my 18th birthday slash graduation party! So you know we on the way We have to go set up and I need my makeup done So you know I’ve been slaying natural, but I’ma slay made up too. Like, gotta do both but It’s going to be lit. First hour is family. Last three hours are friends. Then the last hour is cleaning up but I’m gonna let y’all see the venue when I get there and It’s gonna be lit. My theme is purple of course, but you know I had to throw in a tach of pink Going to be a pretty nice. It’s kind of crazy cuz I’m wearing pink right? and then my graduation caps is purple So….Where did my tassel go? Oh, I found it. It fell [off] It’s here. okay. but yeah, I’ll show y’all more when I get there. Showing y’all how the venue looks… So, she’s all done. Don’t this look bomb, bruh? Just… She killed the game. Now my makeup is done. I’m going to go greet my family that comes to the first hour and then take pictures out on the balcony that we have rented it out along with my venue, so Yeah What’s going on right now? I’m just obsessed with my face right now. Yeah, like I look so good Catch the shoes…catch the shoes Good job Winston, okay. Well see y’all when I go inside “Then ima torture ha, then ima off her” “a million dollars for a show, they made their offer. Go against Nicki, it’s gone c…” Don’t play with me. (Don’t do that) Play with yo… My 18th birthday and graduation party is OVER! And it was awesome. Tomorrow is my graduation day even though I’m not really excited for like I should be.. I don’t know. Maybe, I just haven’t had that feeling kick in yet You know that graduation feeling? I’ll probably feel soon as I walk into James brown Arena and like sit in those chairs and look everybody and then like Be like you know a black female girl. That’s an honor grad That’s gonna be called, like ya know, in the beginning because my credentials are A1. Life is going so good for me right now. Thank you, so everybody that came and showed up, and thank you. Thank you Thank you To all the people that gave me money and gifts because I really need it for college . I really appreciate everything I’m gonna make sure that I’m not going to let the money go to waste. I’m not gonna blow it on stupid crap like some teenagers do and yeah, that’s the end of my night, so Y’all it’s lit. It’s like 11a-… 11 p.m.. I’m so tired, but I’m just happy Like I’m about to be a graduate. I’m about to be an Alumni. I’m about to be a freshman in college. It’s Crazy like I got a job at my college this week. I got to go to Atlanta on a trip for the job I have right now this week It’s just I have been having so many freaking opportunities And I’m so freakin blessed cuz I’m like freaking lit, but yea, I’m finna leave. Say hey, Tyreke. and yeah, I’m out BYEEE ‘Cause I win again, ’cause I win again, and I win again, and I win again and I win again and I win again and I win again. yeah, I win again. Can’t tell me nothing about it, your opinion is invalid. Go against me, then you made a mistake.

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