Layla Jane’s 1st Birthday Party

– Today is a super big day. What day is it today, Addy? – Layla Jane’s birthday party. – It sure is, how old is she gonna be? – One! – Layla Jane is the girl’s cousin and we’re here in California to celebrate her big first birthday party. She’s not one ’til tomorrow technically, but we’re celebrating a day early. Alright, who’s running to Target to buy all the birthday goods? – Me. – You, Addy? – Layla Jane just raised her hand! – [Lucy] Are you coming Layla Jane? I think you’re staying here. Are you in charge of Layla Jane, Maya? – Yes. – [Lucy] Are you gonna watch her? – Yes. – [Lucy] Be a good baby sitter? – Yes. – Alright, so what party supplies do we need from Target, Addy? – We need bubbles, balloons, cupcakes and a smash cake, and my stuff. – Exactly. Smash cakes are big things
at one year old’s birthdays. It wasn’t around when I was a kid but nowadays one year olds get
their own little cake often and it’s for them to
just dive into and smash. Basically what it sounds
like, a smash cake. Gets all over them, it’s lots of fun. And Addy, you loved your smash cake. – No Maya did, we had to take her right to the bath after she got hers. – You know what? – What? – We had to take you
right to the bath too, you loved yours too. – I didn’t know that. – Yep. – I remember Colin, we had to take even the highchair out to hose it off. We took it right outside and
we hosed the highchair off, and didn’t we have to
hose Colin off some too? It was a disaster. – We did! – [Lucy] We hosed Colin off too, I know. – And I remember that,
I think his smash cake fell on the floor, but
me, grandma and grandpa– – That’s right! – Ate it off of the floor. – Yes, Colin knocked his
smash cake on the floor. And a few of these crazy people actually ate some off the floor. – We all, hey, it did not
actually hit the ground so we got our forks and went to town. – So it’s safe to say that
my kids have some sweet teeth and we want to see if Layla Jane does too. I think she does, I think
she’s gonna go crazy with her smash cake today. Flower picking time, what do we think? – I like those. – You like those ones? Those are pretty. These are pretty, the pink ones. (cheerful music) Oh, this looks delicious! I think that pink cake is going
to be all over Layla Jane, you think so? – Yeah. – We’re actually in
Orange County California for Layla Jane’s birthday
because that’s where she lives, that’s where my parents live. And you can watch her birthday celebration on this vlog obviously,
but my sister Karen is also filming her birthday
celebration on her channel Hey Mamas! So if you want
to get her perspective of the birthday, you can
check out her video too. Birthday girl! – She’s getting sleepy. – [Lucy] She is. – We need to get a good nap in. – Miss Layla Jane, you
need to get a good nap in so you’re not cranky for the party. We don’t want a cranky Layla Jane, we saw a cranky Layla Jane yesterday and you don’t want her
at the birthday party. No, you’ve gotta be in a good mood. – [Grandma] We don’t
want you falling asleep in your smash cake. – Layla Jane’s birthday
party is Peter Rabbit themed which is perfect because, first of all her birthday’s in April,
it’s right around Easter so to have little bunnies,
and there’s bunny decorations everywhere, it was really easy
to find a bunch of fun stuff. And Peter Rabbit’s such a cute story. Do you remember Peter Rabbit, Maya? – Um, yeah. – Remember reading the books? She read some of the books. But do you know what your first
birthday party was themed? Do you know what it was? – Peter Rabbit? – No, you weren’t Peter Rabbit, you were you are my sunshine. I had to do lots of sunshine things, and little sunbursts everywhere because you’re my little sunshine. And Addy, do you know what your first birthday party was themed? – Nope, not a clue. – [Lucy] No clue? – No clue. – [Maya] Dogs? – [Lucy] What do you think. – Dogs? – No, okay Addy’s first birthday was actually like a barnyard theme, so we had like bales of hay out, and all sorts of cute like
little barn yard things. We dressed you up as a little cowgirl, do you remember that? And it’s kinda fitting because
you get to ride horses now. – Yes. – Has that worked out well? I think that was a very
fitting theme for Addy, we had no idea at the time that she’d be into horseback riding. – Bunny droppings, bunny
tails, and bunny snacks. Bunny droppings. Does that mean it’s poop? – I think we’re eating bunny poop, Addy. It’s quite delicious. – What is this? Oh, yeah, I like it. – Chocolate covered raisins. You know, we actually had pet
rabbits when Addy was born. Do you remember their names? – Pancakes and Teddy. – Pancakes and Teddy, they were cute little floppy-eared bunnies. I actually have baby pictures of Addy like laying with the
bunnies, like sniffing her and hopping around her. – Yeah, I remember that I
used to be in their cage with them once. – She would climb inside their bunny cage, yeah, I forgot about that. – Some bunny’s one! – Cute, Addy. For whatever reason my
family seems to think I’m the, like, creative one who has a good eye for decorating. So I’m in charge of setting the table up, getting the flowers arranged. Truthfully I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t think I’m a creative person, I don’t think I have an eye for decor, but I’m gonna do my best. (upbeat music) We have some very special guests here for Layla Jane’s birthday party. Come over here, girls! My cousin, Joe is in town, and his daughters are here with us. And what are your names, girls? – Karlin and Macey. – Karlin and Macey, and so
they are my cousin’s kids so we’re trying to figure
out how they’re related to Addy and Maya, maybe second cousins, or third cousins? I’m not
quite sure how that works. But I think you’re just cousins, right? – Yeah. – You’re just cousins of the girls. They are big Tic Tac
Toy fans, aren’t they? Macey, what’s your
favorite Tic Tac Toy video? – Lulu. – [Lucy] What one is it? – Oh, the Lulu ones! – [Lucy] The Lulu ones! What about you Karlin, what’s
your favorite Tic Tac Toy? – Toy master, and Tic Tac Toy Family. And Lulu! – And Lulu too? Awesome, this is the
first time we’ve gotten to hang out with these
cousins of the girls. Seconds cousins, third cousins,
we’ll call them cousins. And they’re having a blast together. They came early to the party so we can get extra cousin time in before
the other guests arrive. Oh wow, Addy! – Oh I landed it! – Yeah, you did it, you’re like a gymnast! Whoa! Woo, go Karlin. (laughs) The birthday girl has yet to arrive, she’s getting her beauty rest now. So hopefully when she gets
here she’ll be well rested and be able to enjoy her birthday party. – Best day ever! – Whoa! Oh girls, I have a big task
for all of you two come here. During the birthday party there’s gonna be a lot of little one year olds here. And we need you girls, do
you think you can do this? To help hide all the Easter
eggs for the Easter egg hunt. – [All] Yeah! – [Lucy] Do you think you can do that? – Yeah! – [Lucy] Do you think
you can find good spaces for the little kids to hide them? – So we’re hiding them
outside, only outside. – Yes, yes they’re all outside. So remember, they’re little one year olds so they have to be pretty easy to find. We have to test out the coloring supplies before the guests get here, don’t we? Just to make sure the
crayons work properly, right? – Yeah. – And the paper doesn’t tear. Make sure it’s all good stuff. We haven’t even tested the cupcakes yet, so I’m really surprised. – I’ll test the cupcakes. – You’ll be a cupcake tester, Maya? I’m sure you would. – I’ll taste every single one. But not chocolate. – That just blows my mind, Maya
does not like chocolate! Chocolate cake, chocolate anything do you? You like chocolate chocolate,
like a piece of chocolate. But not chocolate cake,
or chocolate cupcakes. I don’t know how she fits in our family. Did you know that, Aunt Karen? – [Karen] What? – Listen to this – [Maya] I hate like chocolate
cake and chocolate cupcakes. – [Lucy] She doesn’t like chocolate! – This expression. – Well I need some vanilla. – I know but can you believe it? – I’m shocked. – Yes, but my thing was I don’t know how she can be a part of our family and like our genetics, like our blood and not like chocolate, it
just doesn’t seem right. – Yeah, I’m starting to question this. – [Lucy] I know, right mom? We are chocolate lovers in this family. – I agree, I have
chocolate in the morning, I have chocolate for lunch,
I have chocolate for dinner. Not really. – I love chocolate, I love chocolate I just don’t like, like, chocolate bread, like the chocolate cupcake kinda thing. – What? What? You don’t
like chocolate either? – What? – I like chocolate like candies, but I don’t like chocolate cake. – [Grandma] Wait a minute,
do you have a fever? – Okay, so we have chocolate
and white cupcakes. Are you gonna go for the
chocolate or for the white? That’s the big question. – White! – [Lucy] Really, both of you? – Yeah, I hate the chocolate. – Let’s see which one you choose. – Mommy always chooses chocolate. Let’s see what grandpa would go with. Chocolate or vanilla, what’s your choice? – Actually I’m a vanilla. – Oh man. What is wrong? I guess they get their
vanilla loving from grandpa. Something’s wrong with
them, I’m telling you. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Isn’t that cute, girls? The party has officially begun. The first guests are arriving and the girls are being
big helpers, aren’t you? (cheerful upbeat music) – Layla Jane, what does your shirt say? Some bunny is one! Oh, put the binky in. Is the birthday girl not happy? Oh the binky, that solves
everything doesn’t it. Oh we’re happy now! Alright, it’s time to hide the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt,
are you guys ready? We’ve had to clear the backyard out so we could get eggs hidden
really in tough spots. Not really. Alright girls, are all
the eggs hidden well? Sort of! – Now we’ve gotta hand
out the Easter baskets. – Yes, get the Easter baskets. They’re really tough to find, girls. Really hard, aren’t they? – No they aren’t, they’re
just spread all around. – Do you girls know what time it is? – Smash cake. – [Lucy] What was that? – Smash cake! – That’s right. The girls have been super excited for the moment of the smash cake and I think it’s about to go down now. We’ll see what a mess Layla Jane makes. She’s ready! Alright, the birthday girl’s in position. ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Layla! ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ – [All] Yay! (upbeat music) – I think Layla Jane
has quite a few helpers that came to help with the cake right now. – Do you remember on Colin’s birthday when he threw his smash cake on the floor? Did you take a bite of it
when it was on the floor? Did you? I know Addy did, did you do one too? You crazy kiddos. She’s making a mess though
isn’t she, Layla Jane. Hi Layla Jane, you don’t
like cake much, do you? You don’t like this, do you? No, I don’t think so. She’s looking at me like I’m crazy. Am I silly? Layla Jane’s going for a bath. Bye Layla Jane. – Bye! – Hi birthday girl! Are you all clean now, are you all clean? Does everybody think that Layla Jane had a fantastic first birthday party? You guys think so? – Yes. – You wanna help me log off everybody, what do we say? – [All] Thanks for
watching Tic Tac Toy, xoxo. Can you say xoxo? – Xoxo – Xoxo!

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