Lazaundra Reaches Her Boiling Point at Dinner | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

– I have a question. I want to know how you
guys plan to coexist, having opposite personalities. I see that you have a real–
– Strong. –a strong,
passionate personality. And he wants to avoid as
much confrontation as it is. And you like to
hit it straight on, and let’s get it out the way. My thing is, if you
don’t like confrontation, then don’t do things that’s
going to cause confrontation. But that’s inevitable though.
You can’t– You know, my thing is, when– You can’t expect
him to be perfect. When I’m speaking,
let me speak. Don’t cut me off. Let me talk. Yes, ma’am. So my thing is, if you
know that that’s something– that’s one of my pet
peeves, and you’re going to continue to do it, you’re
going to get argument. Because I’m a very
argumentative person. Let’s learn how to compromise
and come to a solution instead of battling. Because I don’t
believe in all that. Because going to bed mad, angry,
separate beds, separate rooms, that’s not me. I want to hold you,
caress you, and love you. That’s all I’m asking. I feel like it’s the same
with my modeling and stuff. When I take you this stuff,
you know, sometimes, I don’t want your input. Sometimes I just want you there. OK, so is this
roast Lasaundra night? No, it’s not. Because trust and
believe, Z can come out. Because I’m not fixing
to be roasted tonight. OK.
Well, it’s not about– I’m not fixing to be roasted. So let the record reflect,
Z will come the [BLEEP] out. It’s not about–
it’s not about– – Trust me.
– It’s not about that. It’s all about
open communication. OK.
Well, I’m open. And let’s communicate. I get that. I think that also,
I think that it’s not fair for you to
tell him that, OK, well, that hurt my feelings. And he had to take it. He said I’m sorry.
And you still felt a sorry way. I didn’t feel– I mean, everybody said
what they had to say. But the problem
was, when Lasaundra said what she had to say,
that’s when he had an issue. It’s a lot of stuff
that he’s holding in. We had this whole
heart-to-heart. We cried.
You know? That was–
– I cried too. –the hardest thing
for us, to do that. I cried too. What I’m saying is is that– When I cry, you cry.
And we cry together. – I’m gonna let you finish.
– The point of it is– Julian can come out too. We can call come out. This [INAUDIBLE]. Come on out. I’m just [INAUDIBLE] for real. Because this don’t make
no damn sense right now. This don’t make no sense. Y’all don’t need to be
getting married with this bullbull[BLEEP]
going on, ’cause this don’t make no damn sense.
– It’s not for you– This don’t make no sense. Well, what I’m trying
to say is y’all are sitting up here
trying to make it seem like this man is an angel. He’s not an angel. No, he’s not an angel. He’s not an angel at all. Can we calm down, though? If you have this
problem with him, why do you want to be with him? Exactly. Now, that’s real.

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  2. So just as men are always harping on delivery this is also an example of how delivery was a fail in the opposite direction. This was not the forum to have that discussion. Right or wrong she felt attacked and that put her on the defensive. This was not the appropriate way to address these issues. The son had every right to bring whatever concerns he had to his father, checking her though, out of place. That was for dad to do in the privacy of their relationship.

  3. She doesnt want people to cut her off, then proceeds to cut off her daughter, his son and him.

    Stay away from women with chest tattoos. That is the physical branding of drama.

  4. My dude. If you marry that there crazy woman that's what you gon be doing. BATTLING !!!!!!!!!. YOU AINT GON BE CUDDLING. YOU GON BE BATTLING

  5. Argumentative = pride
    Pride= self-exaltation
    Pride & love are enemies
    You can’t love or be loved until you’re willing to be vulnerable
    If you’re not ready to be vulnerable, you’re not ready for love because pride won’t let you love only when it benefits you.
    She has some hurt and insecurity inside of her and some fear that needs to be healed.

  6. Also, fiance ain't that cute😁..Naw, there seems ta be, many issues, so they should not. His fam, makes it seem, he's perfect..SIKE, no one is perfect

  7. Tbt, everyone at the table had very valid points. They did great. All that they need here is to pull mom aside one by one to express their personal needs from her and give her time to adjust because if they dish it all at once she'll feel attacked and become defensive. She has good intentions. She just felt backed into a corner here by her kids and less supported for her way to resolve a conflict. Nobody likes to be confrontational with the person they love, but that's just how they know to solve the problems. I hope they get it done.

  8. Being an “argumentative person” is something to heal, nothing to brag about. Your husband is trying to resolve issues and you’re trying to fight. You gotta figure out why you want to fight.


  10. She said she’s an argumentative person! She’s not the one you want. She’s not going to bring peace to your home and you won’t find comfort in her. She’s a hurt angry soul! Hurt people need therapy not marriage! 😳❤️

  11. She got some issues that she never dealt with every time she speak she feels like she’s right about everything and she isn’t this man needs to save his self and leave her alone!!!

  12. She is not fit for a marriage she need to heal from whatever it is causing her to act this way.Good man wasted on a nasty individual

  13. She is a problem and should not be wasting a man time. Ignorant black woman talking about I’m a confrontational person that sounds so ignorant!!!!

  14. She was wrong w her reaction,but I get her pint.
    Don't make it seem like she's the only problem. Like she said "he's not perfect either".

  15. Even her daughter is embarrassed and fed up. Like dang, nobody can tell you how they feel when you're looking at it as an attack on you! She's not ready to be married!

  16. She lonely and desperate. Thats why she wanna be wit him. She aint got nobody else proposing so the first descent man that drops a ring she on it. Those that have to have the last word haven't been hearing the whole conversation. Girl, please Close ur mouth and open ur ears.

  17. That bihhh got some serious underlying issues .. she look mentally unstable .. nextttttt bride to be … he better run 🏃🏽‍♀️

  18. Why in the hell would you want to that woman?
    Shes like this now, This man marries this woman, her behavior will be amplified by 1 million %.
    Brother, walk away and keep your mental, emotional, psychological, spiritua health (blood pressure) in tact.

  19. That’s his son … Period ! And she “Z” needs to grow up no one wants a partner like that. No need to get married –

  20. she doesn't want a man to love and to hold but just to argue with. Boring Petty life better to dwell on a roof top than with a woman that is like a continual drop in a bucket

  21. First of all, as far as looks the groom can do much better. She even looks like a bitter b** and the cherry on top is that she is!

  22. What two grown a$$ people do is their own business, if they want to be miserable, let them! Take care of your own business and watch the show!

  23. Black women don't realize that they being set up as they have in this whole Jezebel spirit is going to lie on their shoulders in the end

  24. This why these women can't get a man, can't hold on to a man and winds up "baby mamas" but never someone's wife. Typical. If he still want to be with her – he a simp. 😬😬😬

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