LBUSD Education Celebration 2020

Families looking to send their children to LBUSD elementary, K-8 or middle school have the opportunity to check out potential schools at the 2020 Education Celebration. It’s just a great opportunity for families who are either maybe thinking about enrolling their children in kindergarten. Having an opportunity to come and explore all of the different elementary sites, speak with principals, speak with teachers, to learn a lot about the school options available to them. And then for our students who are already in our schools in elementary, moving into middle school, gives them an opportunity to explore the middle schools and K-8s as well for the same reason. So there’s people I there talking about TK or kindergarten. So for our youngest families and our learners, I think it’s important for them to see the various options throughout the district. And for our students who are headed to middle school, to come as a third and fourth grader and really get to talk to current teachers and students so they make the decision that’s best for them for their school and not just assume that the school that’s closest to them is the one that is best for them. I absolutely encourage families to come and check out what all of our schools have to offer.

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