LCIF’s 50th Anniversary

[Narrator] We are Lions
Clubs International Foundation, empowering Lions on a global
scale to create a safer, healthier world bringing
hope to those in need. Since 1968, our Foundation
has been helping Lions drive real and lasting change. [Lindsey] Today we are forging
ourselves into an organization almost one million strong,
determined to help solve worldwide problems of
hunger, disease, illiteracy. [Narrator] We’re there
when disaster strikes, addressing immediate
crucial needs and staying for as long as it takes to bring about real and lasting change. We’re working to give our
children skills for life. [Linkletter] If you save one
child, think of the worth of that one child. [Narrator] Reaching
more than 16 million youth in over 100 countries, LCIF
is helping young people make healthy, positive decisions. We’re saving sight
together, improving eye care for hundreds of millions
of people around the world. [Carter] The Lions are one of
the few volunteer organizations that could have contemplated an effort like SightFirst because they combine so many local clubs with such a strong network of global support. [Narrator] We’re preventing
life-threatening diseases like measles, by vaccinating
more than 114 million children. For 50 years, our Foundation, alongside Lions have
accomplished so much together, elevating LCIF to one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations. And yet, we have only just begun. Just imagine where we can go from here. Together we can make
the world a better place for our children, their children
and generations to come. For every person made healthier, every family made happier and every community made stronger, this is the power of Lions
Clubs International Foundation.

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