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  1. So much better than the hustings in, was it(?), Leeds and Liverpool. Not least because the moderator knew what she was doing this time.

  2. Coronavirus.
    dont go the the brexit street party around the uk.

  3. Why are you all supporting the Zionist BOD ,A terrorist Org that Infiltrates Internal Affairs within the Party ? Stop the false Antisemitism against Members

  4. Emily crushed it- I like all the candidates but I think Emily would make the best opposition leader and best Prime Minister.

  5. This was the best leadership hustings so far I think and although I'm pretty certain of the order of preference I'm going for when I cast my vote, I thought all 4 of the candidates gave a very good account of themselves today, it was really encouraging to see them all with fire in their bellies and up to the huge task they'll face. I was left with a feeling of confidence that any of these could do the job if appointed and wish them all the luck in the World. 🙂

    Whoever wins this is going to need to unify the party and those leadership candidates who don't win this race, must support the person who wins and present a united front – we need to get the Tories out at the earliest opportunity, everybody from grass-roots to MPs must be pulling in the same direction with that aim in mind. 🌹❤️🤞🏼😊

  6. Still just a party of protest though. None of the four are any where near PM material (although Thornberry would be the most entertaining at the Despatch Box) so whoever wins will just be a placeholder until Labour wakes up and realises they need another Blair if they are going to get back in to office. Dan Jarvis would have won you the next election, and probably the last three.

  7. RIP Labour. Jeremy Corbyn supporters are defecting IN DROVES to the new Workers Party GB. Just do it! https://workerspartybritain.org

  8. Right, all the candidates have realised they need to talk 'red' to get the votes so they do so, more or less convincingly. Hard to make your mind up on 40s sound bites and no opportunity to target questions to individuals 👎

  9. Wow! Lisa an Optimistic Leader.. Others “ we are here becoz we lost”! blah blah.. Think Lisa a ray of hope for Labor..

  10. To be honest between these 4 and the Deputy 5 there is only one or two out the 9 who can lead but they must change or there is NO POINT in carrying on . There is NO attraction to vote for the Labour Party .

  11. Keir Starmer we voted to leave FROM ALL THE EUROPEAN UNIONS rules and regulation you have NO CONFIDENCE in your country you dont deserve to be leader.

  12. Emily Thornberry you should walk off now your 100% NEGATIVE sorry to say you dont deserve to lead the party either . Stand Down Woman .

  13. Why give them ridiculously short answer times when everyone says it doesn't work. 60 seconds at least so can stop whinging about time deadline. Yes fewer questions but Rushed, gabbled soundbites without any opportunity to challenge or comment are not enlightening or nice for the audience to listen to.

  14. Anyone who agitated for a 2nd ref cannot be the new leader. We lost because of that ridiculous policy, which JC tried to warn against. Keir Starmer and Emily Thornbury signed out death warrant by forcing Labour into a corner over brexit. We should have stuck with the respect the ref policy that won us the biggest vote share increase since WW2 in 2017.

  15. I am not labour but if you ask me, Boris would least like being ripped into by Emily Thornbury – Lisa and Rebecca really are light weight and do not carry the cred even of Corbyn – a terrible leader. Kier Starmer…..too stiff, already a knight of the realm, does not have either the accent or the technocrat polities. Honestly…..if this is the best Labour can do, god help them

  16. Obviously the bloke is the weakest link, he is doubtful not reassuring. Emily is a risky, she is fearless, but she makes a mess. Rebecca is like the communist red book the fantasy utopia. All the above are easier for Boris. The one the Tories fear is Lisa.

  17. Why is every Labour leader candidate and deputy candidate absolutely incapable of expressing any pride in our country whatsoever? Why do they never recognize what makes us a bloody brilliant country to live in! They are constantly putting us down. Just fuck off already!

  18. Keir Starmer is the only one with the Gravitas and experience to challenge Boris Johnson in Parliament however if he doesn't cast off the pernicious influence of Momentum and the far left and disassociate the party from it's unofficial spokes persons such Len McCluskey and Novara media we can only look forward to yet another five years in opposition. The real losers will be the NHS and the disadvantaged in this country. We need a Labour party that will again appeal to it's traditional working class voter base.

  19. Nandy and Starmer were part of the #chickencoup and opposed the votes of the vast majority of Party members, which was an absolute disgrace. Neither should remotely be allowed to stand for Leadership of the Party! Disgraceful behaviour – now talk about Unity! Hypocrisy!

  20. After 2 hustings. My preferences are 1) Thornbury 2) Nandy 3) Starmer 4) Long-Bailey.

    I was fully behind Starmer at the start but his hustings performance has been safe and a little bit wooden.

  21. Emily Thornberry would be brilliant at the dispatch box fighting BJ but I just don't think Labour members in the North will care for her unfortunately.

  22. Lisa Nandy is the best candidate of the 4 in this hustings. She combines passion and clarity of vision with a real analysis.

    She probably won't win but i hope she is a significant member of the front bench. She has to be!

    I do however feel Lisa is desperately trying to steal some of the "green new deal" ground from RLB (who wrote Labour's policy on this).

    It is a contest i suppose…

  23. If people didn't believe Corbyn "meant it" who WILL they believe means it? He had something like 30 years voting record to stand behind.

  24. Unfortunately RLB (who i am minded to support) didn't do enough in her final statement to inspire confidence and more importantly to dispel the notion that she is a continuity candidate. She was robotic, her lines rehearsed. The first few lines of that statement were exactly what she said at her launch and what she said the following day at the first hustings in Liverpool.

    Lisa's final statement was far more memorable.

  25. Rebecca LB only one with substance and coherence in terms of policy and vision. Rest say a lot but no detail or overall coherence.

  26. In terms of virtue signalling and self importance the gold medal goes to Thornberry by a clear margin, in second place the Corbyn continuity candidate ( see how she slipped in a same sex marriage story to go with her self identity comment ), come to think of it, why are there no LBGTQ etc candidates for the leadership.Kier and Lisa both credible as far as the choice is from these four although Kier's attempts to play down his wealth and background are risible as is Lisa not mentioning the privileged background she came from. I don't care if someone comes from a good background, you can't choose your parents, but when you try to make it seem worse than it was for political capital that's rather tacky. Would have been good if someone had the honesty to call out the hard left and NEC for really forcing unwanted mates of leaders on CLPs as candidates, Sam Tarry is a particularly grating example. All in all I think there needs to be a competent opposition in Parliament and with few exceptions the current crop of Labour MPs doesn't offer much hope of that.

  27. The Labour Party are in a mess, nearly wiped out at the general election, Heartlands turning Tory for the first time… ever and they start off with 'what is your favourite football chant…??????? The truth is nothing will ever change with this party! It will be the same as before!!!! unless they wake up (and from listening to this they haven't) Labour are finished!!!! They think once BREXIT is out of the way people will come back…. they won't!!!!!!! NONE OF THEM WILL MAKE A GREAT LEADER…. NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP

  28. One of these four is going to be amazingly good . . . .at insuring stonking Tory majorities for at least the next 20 years. When will socialist Labour ever learn that under capitalism one has to walk ones dog, but under socialism things become so bad that you have to EAT your dog!!!

  29. Hang on a minute at 22:00 Thornberry goes on about Unilateralism as a good thing… isn’t the EU a Multilateral organisation?

    Next Lisa Nandy goes on to say the country is better than the Tories would have us believe… but the Tories are the only ones being optimistic and patriotic about the country; it’s Labour that has been talking down the country.

    Labour is making the case for why we should vote Conservative here.

  30. They bang on about women’s rights and standing up to Trump’s sexual harassment but no mention of grooming gangs in the UK. They don’t care.

  31. Lisa is clearly the right choice. Emily or Keir for 2 and 3. Long-Bailey is too robotic, she's not going to win. Unfortunately the left of the party put their weight behind her instead of Clive. I'd have voted for Clive but I'm not going to sign up for 15 more years of opposition.

  32. Would love someone to explain how it is compatible to ensure the next manifesto isn't overloaded while giving members more power over policy

  33. Rebecca Long-Bailey just seems so much more prepared to walk into the leaderships office tomorrow and get started, than any other candidate.
    They're all very intelligent, wise and experience in different ways.

    But with Rebecca Long-Bailey, it seems like she stays up every night writing ideas down and creating a plan.
    She comes across legit.

  34. All a bunch of toss pot losers. Keep up this farce fools LOL. This
    country has rejected your pathetic far left drivel and indentity
    politics. We don;t want you, just go work McDonalds and leave politics
    to the intelligent.

  35. All a bunch of toss pot losers. Keep up this farce fools LOL. This
    country has rejected your pathetic far left drivel and indentity
    politics. We don;t want you, just go work McDonalds and leave politics
    to the intelligent.

  36. Well, Lisa Nandy and Keir Starmer really don't like being challenged for their threadbare and terrible climate position, do they?

  37. I agree that 40 seconds maybe necessary, but it can also lead to sound bite politics which I fear will not help people too much. A minute would be better imo. Cut out some questions if possible.

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