Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play Hang Man

Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games
for a birthday party. Now we’re going to talk about one of the greatest old time games there
is and we all know Hang Man. But just in case you may not remember how to play this game,
let’s go over it. First you draw your diagram, the hook that is, like so. Then you think
of a topic. Let’s talk about animals. Now, as a facilitator of this game, I’m going to
think in my mind of an animal that I can draw the lines for for each letter in that animal.
Hum, I got one in mind. So now I’ve written the space for each letter, I’m going to write
the letter bank. And in this letter bank, I’m going to put every letter that is spoken,
that is not a part of the animal’s name. Once a letter is said that is not a part of the
animal that I thought of, the name, I start to draw the man that’s hanging. Let’s try
it for example. What did you say Johnny? A. Well A is in this animal and the A happens
to be here. What did you say Susie? X. I’m sorry, X is not a part of this animal’s name.
So now it’s the head. What did you say LaShea? Q. I’m sorry, there’s not a Q either. Now
I begin to draw the body and so on. Let’s say we get a couple of more incorrect letters,
so the body is written and you could decide how many body parts there are. For the smaller
children you want to make the body parts, you want to have more body parts, that gives
them a chance to guess the name of the animal. You decide you want him to smile, although
you probably won’t be smiling on a hook, but once you finish off the body, that’s the end
of the game. But hopefully he doesn’t hung and hopefully you have a smart group of children
that can figure out
that the animal was an elephant.

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  1. If this is her idea of a party game we would have eaten her alive. We did this in the classroom if it was raining during recess.

  2. I am surprised Media America has not attacked this game as being offensive and promiting the hanging of Black stick people ha ha

    Ether way was just browing K level teaching idea and saw this, cool idea thanks 🙂

  3. Check this version of hangman featuring categories like game of thrones, pokemons, countries, cities, names, USA states, sports and if you like, suggest some more

  4. By the way hangman is disgusting to children As it shows a man Bascily doing suicide and my teacher done that And i just got in a meeting about suicide becuase people where calling me names and i want to die But just playing then made me very uncomfortable It’s so disgusting AND CHILDREN PLAY GAMES THAT THEY LEARN RIGHT SO BASCILY UR TEACHING SUICIDE F***** S**** IM DONE SO DISGUSTING AND THE BEST EAY U CAN DISCRIBE IS ILL MISS ILL MAN F*** OFF

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  6. When you don’t have friends:
    You:what did you say suzy?”
    You: oh sorry, x is not in the animal.

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