Learn About Popular Games for Children’s’ Birthday Parties : How to Play the Name Jump Party Game

Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games
for a birthday party. The next game we’re going to play is called the Name Jump. Now,
the original name for this game was called River Bank and I’ll explain why. You need
a line, a divider or you can use a jump rope as we have here on the floor. Now, one side
of the jump rope or your line divider was originally named the river and the other side
was the bank. So when the game starts, all the participants stay on the line, but that’s
the only time they can stay on the line. If they touch the line during or after the game,
they’re out. Let’s play it. I’m going to step on the line and with this game we’re going
to change the name from river for one side being the river and the other side being the
bank to the name of whose birthday it is. Let’s say the birthday person’s name is Lisa
Marie. Lisa being the first name, Marie being the last name. You can make one side Lisa,
the other side Marie. So the coordinator of the game will call out Lisa and the game participants
will have to step on the Lisa side. The coordinator of the game will call out Marie and the game
participants have to step on the Marie side. Now, you want to liven the game up, so you’re
going to call out the names kind of fast. And add a little trick to it too. For example;
Lisa Marie. The game participants have to jump to the Lisa side quickly and then Marie.
Marie Lisa. But, if the game participants step on the wrong side, like Lisa was called
out, but they step on the Marie side, or Marie was called out and they stepped on the Lisa
side, then unfortunately they’re out. And don’t forget, you can’t step on the line divider
or the jump rope in this case. Just remember to make it fun.

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  1. hah better game then this is to toss your slipper in the air and ask heads or tails whoever lose everybody should hit him with that slipper on his balls.

  2. game : put all your shoes (shoes that can be tied) into a random pile outside. everybody stands behind a line 20 or so feet a way. 3 2 1 they all go try to put there shoes on the fastest. you can also throw shoes to try and wine! 😀

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