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Hey, Friend. Thanks for taking time out to have fun learning
and today we have fun facts about blue whales for kids. When it comes to one of my favorite mammals
in the ocean, I love the blue whale because they are so huge. For example of a blue whale is the largest
mammal to ever live on planet Earth including all of the dinosaurs in history. Also just like you and me whales are mammals. That’s right because with whales they grow
inside their mother as a baby and nurse once they are born with their mothers until they
are big enough to go off on their own. Another interesting thing about blue whales
is how they breathe. Blue whales breathe just like you and me because
they have to come up to the surface for air although they can swim underwater for some
time. Whales cannot breathe underwater without coming
back up for air. Now when talking about how they breathe whales
do not breathe like you and me. For example with a whale on the top of their
head they have a blowhole to take oxygen in. That is so cool. Have you ever thought how long a blue whale
can stay underwater? Well although they come up to the surface
to breathe in air through their blowhole, some whales have the ability to swim and stay
underwater for up to 90 minutes at a time. This is normally done by a sperm whale, although
most other whales can stay underwater for about 30 minutes at a time. Have you ever thought about how fast they
can swim? Well whales can swim pretty fast. It has been said that some whales can swim
up to 30 miles per hour in the ocean. Now they are definitely some fast swimmers. But hey, I have a question. Do you like to sing? Well if you do you are like some whales because
like the humpback whale the humpback whale loves to sing too. Isn’t that cool? Now another interesting thing is the size
of a blue whale’s heart. The heart of a blue whale is huge weighing
in at over a thousand pounds and some would say it is the size of a Volkswagon Beetle. Now that is one big heart full of love. Another interesting thing is the word whale. Well with the word whale many people talk
about the big whales that they see in the ocean, but the name whale is used to describe
whales, dolphins, and porpoises. But although they can be considered a whale
most folk use the name whale for the larger whales and exclude dolphins and porpoises
to make sure that we can easily identify which one is which. Well, that is all for me and thanks for stopping
by to learn fun facts about blue whales for children. I hope you enjoyed hanging out and I’ll see
you next time on Fresberg cartoon.

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