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I’m Kelly Chameleon, there’s something
special about me My skin changes colour – so I’m tricky
to see But I woke up this morning and something was
wrong My trick wasn’t working – my colours have
gone! I need to find them, but where can they be? I’m sure my friends at the zoo can help
me. Have you met the animals? There are quite a few! Let’s look for my colours as we go ‘round
the zoo The lion’s the king with a fine yellow coat
And a roar that rumbles from the back of his throat The gorilla is strong and his fur is dark
grey He might look quite scary but he just loves
to play Down in the deep lives Harry the whale
His thick skin is blue from his nose to his tail Alligator yawns – his teeth look so mean! His claws are quite sharp and his scales are
dark green. My friend the flamingo loves to stand and
just think His feathers are soft and a lovely bright
pink! The ladybird has wings tucked into her back
Her colour is red with a few spots of black The black and white panda is cheeky and funny
She eats lots of bamboo and then rests when it’s sunny. Coiled around a branch you cannot mistake
The shiny green shape of Lucinda the snake! With a shaggy brown coat, the bear lives in
a cave His claws may be sharp but he knows to behave The orange-striped tiger pads around on all
fours She swishes her tail and she sharpens her
claws The penguin looks smart in a black and white
suit And his baby is soft and so fluffy and cute This elephant is one the kindest you’ll
meet She’s wrinkly and grey and she’s got massive
feet! The monkey loves climbing and is fur is light
brown Once he’s up in the trees, he hates to come
down With a slimy red body and sticky red toes
How does newt do it? No-body knows! With a dusty grey hide and a horn on her nose
The rhino stands out wherever she goes It’s zoo closing time so we must say good-bye
Are my colours back? I’ll give it a try Look at my skin, it’s starting to glow. Shimmering and bright. Just like a rainbow.

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