Learn How to Dance in Club & Party | Basic Dance Steps | Deepak Tulsyan Dance Tutorial

Hello, Everyone My Name is Deepak Tulsyan I’m from New Delhi India So In Today’s Tutorial..I’ll Teach you 3 DANCE STEPS Which you can do apply on any Dance Music, Party, Wedding etc, wihtout any Hesitation/problem So Let’s Start Our 1st Move is “TAP” we will first use our right leg and do 4 times 1,2,3,4 opposite side 1,2,3,4 again right, 2,3,4………left 2, 3, 4 Clear, let’s try it again 5,6,7,go good, last time In this you can add hand movements too but, Use your opposite hand everytime for right leg, use left hand and vice-versa Now you have to click with your left hand and it’s really simple Click, Click, Click, Click Click is just like knocking the door So Do With me Left Side Again A Little Fast Basic Correction Count 4 & 8 is the sign to switch your legs Just watch Carefully So i’m shiffting my weight on 4 & 8 so that i can move for my next step easily let’s move for 2nd step So in this, we have to step our right leg side & left leg back Right, Left opposite left right, do again right back….left back clear, Let’s try again now repeat this again but this time 8 counts now Let’s add hand moves Cross your hands UP Cross & down Cross Up, Cross down In the initial period you may find it difficult but with practice you’ll get it. So do with me Its actual speed One more time again Clear Let’s add our legs & hands together Make Sure throw your hands properly Don’t do like this ok one suggestion, while doing this move maintain your body level avoid doing like this Level Up & Down up, down ok, now our 3rd move we need to tilt our body in this do with me so we’ll use space also while doing this how it works like, Just Watch ok, easy now try again you can use your upper body & any Hand movement of your choice anything clear i like this hand movement ok, do again clear I hope you are done with these three steps Now it’s time to check let’s do it in a go do with me good job ok now last time, With increasing the speed Nice…OK So that’s it for today thanks for watching my tutorial, i hope you like it If yes then please Like , Comment Share with your friends & SUBSCRIBE my channel See you next week….BYE

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