Learn How to Make and Decorate a Doll Birthday Cake

hello i’m Valerie from the decorating
room all of us in the cake decorating world know that doll cakes are classic so as you can see here I have three
different varieties of cakes and this is just the starting point that the options are and endless so I use
buttercream you can use fondant and What I’m gonna show you today is how
to do a really simple buttercream based doll cake so as you
can see here we use really simple techniques spatula icing, simple piping, and just really comes out super nice you
don’t have to put a lot and lot of hours into making your doll cakes I’m
gonna show you how easy it is to do so let’s get started so included in the the Wonder Mold Pan Set is everything
you need to bake your cake you’ll get your doll pic right here and you also get all the pieces to
assemble so when you’re baking it can rest on the
stand and then this is a heating core that you’ll stick into the
center right here so when you’re baking and helps to bake
evenly. so you don’t over bake your cake so what I did, I have one here is I took fondant, I rolled out
fondant a pink color since that’s what the cake is that will be showing you and I just wrapped it around her torso
area and you can just put a little piping gel underneath to have it adhere you can also pipe it with buttercream
or royal icing this one simple but you can get as
detailed as you want to so the first thing you do once your cake
is baked, like we have here and because of the core there will be a
hole already in the center so you just going to stick your doll pic right in
the center like that you can also put a little buttercream
into the hole a little to hold it in place if you want to and we’re going to ice it, so I have my
icing here and we’re just gonna do it pretty thick layer of icing because in order to do the technique that i’m gonna show you
it’s better to have your icing thicker because we’re gonna take a
spatula and go down like that as you can see there once you get all the way to the top we can smooth it out with our spatula now I didn’t do a crumb coat but you can. The reason I did not do a crumb coat because I didn’t cut into the cake at all so there wasn’t really any crumbs
but if you’re adding flavor and layers or additional cakes to add height you
could certainly crumb coat it first so were going to ice this
smooth all the way around okay so to get this technique that you
see here the spatula iced look it almost gives
like a ruffled layered look so what we’re
gonna do is take a smaller spatula an offset spatula I like to use and I like to start in the middle and
work my way around so basically are you gonna do is apply
pressure and pull downward you could go straight down if you wanted
too. I like to go on an angle think it looks a little more natural
that way and if you have a wet towel that’s handy and were going to make these marks like this. You can be as if you
want a lot a definition you can go deeper which will require a little more icing and now to get the second look so you get the ridge in between space it out
just slightly and then go back down again you need to
go over a couple times to get a more defined look go up this way too the great thing about this method is
it doesn’t have to be perfect it looks more natural Makes it look more edible. You really
want to eat it when you see the buttercream this way so you just gonna follow this method
all the way around the cake alright so once you have all of your cake spatula iced, like this. The
next step is to do this ruffled part that you see
here so what I have here is a 127D tip, it’s a
really big petal tip and what we’re going to do is pipe ruffles on either side so we’re gonna
start in the middle of the front of her and
we’re gonna work downwards and come in meet in the back
if you don’t make it all the way to the back that’s okay there’s ways you can fix that in the end
and becasue it’s a little tricky to get all the way from the front to the
back so Let me show you how we do this so you want to have the thinner edge of
your petal tip to be the bottom part and the fatter
end to be what’s resting against the cake we’re gonna
start here and you wanna drape it down just like this and move your cake stand if you can and then we’re gonna bring it up to the
back like that so that’s your first. Now we’re going to
do second part and try and have your next to ruffle where your
starting point lineup with your first right there and then just drape it down like this and come up and meet in the back then pull away, then we will do it again and then our last one so there’s your first ruffle there.
We’re gonna start the second half and this part gets a
little tricky because you want to be able to meet the same height go down the same way curve around as the first half so going to take a little eye balling you wanna drape it
down pull it up like that okay and then repeat the same thing
again okay so now that we have our ruffles
done week can do the finishing touches so here
I have a tip A star tip, a number fourteen and what we are going to is pipe little stars around the bodice area and also around the bottom border so
this really helps to cover up any blemishes you may have or imperfections you don’t have to use a
start if you can use whatever you think looks best so we’re just gonna
get in there and pipe stars were gonna go all the
way around and then also on the bottom okay so once you have your border done. Now what I like to do like you see here is
just have maybe some gradual piping coming up along the side just
add a little more detail and also to cover up some some spots if you’re not happy with the
way the cake looks so I use the same type and everything
you can change your pressure to make the stars a little smaller as
you go up so basically I just randomly pipe a few
stars and some like that you can just do this
all the way around the cake again like you see the spot here you can
just pipe a star right in there and it’s gone and you just do this all the way around
your cake you couldn’t use different colors if you wanted to incorporate the ruffle you could use those colors
for the stars whatever whatever you think looks best so I’m going to go all around this cake and then it’ll be done so for more tips and techniques go to Wilton.com

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  2. Hello thank you for sharing this video. I would like to know if you use the basic wilton buttercream recipe o any other? Thank you

  3. Hello I'm trying to do a doll cake but I'm a little worried about how to cut and serve that kind of cake!!! Please help me!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. Thank you so much, I was up with a friend until 5 a.m. this morning trying to make this cake for my Granddaughter and this morning I find your video so we took her back out and touched her up and she is perfect.

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