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Welcome to China Uncensored! I am happy to announce that we have reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube! And we could not have done it without you
guys… …making China such a hellish nightmare for
the people that we had topics to cover nonstop. For 8 years. With no breaks. And without Chinese state-run media feeding
us a constant stream of lies to point out. And for calling China Uncensored “disgraceful anti-China garbage”. That’s how I know we’ve really made it. And more importantly, we could not have done it without you! All of you who watch and subscribe to China
Uncensored— no matter how many times YouTube randomly unsubscribes you from the show or doesn’t notify you when a new episode
is up. And I especially need to thank the China Uncensored
50-cent Army. They’re the fans who support this show through the crowd funding website Patreon. YouTube and Google have been arbitrarily demonetizing our videos since 2017, and we would have been forced to shut down
years ago if it weren’t for the continued financial
support from thousands of fans. As a way of saying thanks to all of you for making 1 million subscribers possible, Shelley, Matt, and I are going to do a live Q&A video from our
studio. We’ll go live on Tuesday, March 3 from 7 to 8 pm US Eastern Time. And we want to answer your questions live
on the show. So leave your questions now in the comment section below this video, and we’ll answer some of them during our live celebration on Tuesday. See you then.

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  1. Question: can the world sue Xi Jinping and chinese communist regime for negligence in handling the coronavirus, causing thousands of death, hundred thousands of infection, bankrupt the world economy, imprison millions of Chinese people in the name of quanrantine, causing hell-like situation in China? Those are just a few. It will take a day to list all the damage that chinese communist regime has done to Chinese people and human race.

  2. Hey Chris Question Did you ever expect your chennel to be as big as it is because in one video intro to you were surprised how many views you got and shocked that so many people saw your face the Jo from my perspective your the John stewert of the internet

  3. I love the show been watching for years, glad you hit 1M, feels like the hong kong protests and the virus boosted your numbers on the channel a lot. What do you want to cover inside China that you havent had the chance to yet? love u chris, get some merch for us to buy as another way of supporting.

  4. Michael Collins is a research associate for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.
    The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty The WHO’s weak response to China’s mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak has laundered China’s image at the expense of the WHO’s credibility. The time is ripe for clear leadership from the WHO based on science not politics.
    Blog Post by Michael Collins
    February 27, 2020

  5. I think CU is great at criticizing China, but I don’t see a lot of complements to the CCP. Since I live there and I have seen China change very rapidly. Of course their human right records are concerning, but I think you should point out the good and the bads of my country.

  6. As you said, doing rhis show requires a lot of time, so I understand if you don't want to. But have you considered doing a similar concept regarding other countries? Such as Russia, India, Mexico, etc?

  7. Given that China is basically the world's core for manufacturing…how obscenely rich and powerful will China be if..and when it finally recovers from the virus while the rest of the world is still struggling with the virus and is basically buying all their medical supplies from China?

  8. Question: What do you think about and will you do an episode on China cutting down large swaths of forests in Siberia for cheap resources, while the corrupt Russian government allows them to exploit their own land and destroy nature?

  9. Question:
    Has China learned…that messing with the """Bible"""…you will surely pay a price…God is God…all Glory belong to God only…God Bless

  10. Question: What is the end game of the CCP? Do you think they will achieve world domination? Topple due to popular uprising? Something in between?

  11. My question: Are you aware that in December 2019 xi jinpig said that Islam is a virus? Within a few days the chinese virus blanketed wuhan. Just as the Ancient Egyptians were punished for their support of pharaoh, the chinese are now being punished for their support of xi jinpig and the rest of the chinese regime. #BDSchina

  12. How are you doing, Chris? You looked kinda stressed – we hope you're doing well! We all appreciate you and your colleagues. Thank you for the amazing job all of you do for us, and for the world.

  13. Thank you so much I am great fan of your channel china uncensored. I used to watch every video that had up loaded. Thank you sir

    Everyone knows that China is the source of problem. But why still they are making good relationship with China and also WHO Is also helping the China to covered it up for outbreak of convied=19.

  14. How do you perceive the future of Chinese communist party in next decades, and how do the growing resentment in people of China towards the CCP grow and take a form towards anti CCP movements .

    And finally will democracy ever prevail there or the trajectory will go towards more monarch,

    Thankyou love from INDIA
    Dr Vikram Singh

  15. Question: Will you come to Taichung and have a hamburger with me? My treat! Also we can talk about how much better Taiwan is and bash the CCP over some iced 红茶!

  16. Question: I'm Taiwanese, probably there's a war coming in the future between Taiwan and China. I would like to know if I would lose everything after getting into the war, we live in a such small island that might be nuked out within minutes, but some people still trying to convince others to hand shake with China with unreasonable agreement… I mean, I'm so panic while thinking lots of people be killed, be raped by china militory…

  17. Question: Do you think that China is getting worse or better with every year? Why do you think it's in the state it's in?

  18. Congratulations Chris!! More power to your channels!

    Question: Now that the Philippines has scrapped the American Deal VFA, what do u think is the best defense of Philippines against China in its territorial disputes and military intimidation. The Philippines barely has any military power though have been developing but its nowhere near effective at this time. Making another VFA with another superpower will just lead to the same problems as before. UN cannot force international law enough for China to agree to it. Is the Philippines fucked and are the disputed territories in the South China sea understood as already lost? Thanks

  19. Question:Would China Uncensored come out with more designs of Winnie the Pooh and What's his face Xi-Pi-Ping?😂🤣🔥👊

  20. Question: If the PLA goes through with invading Taiwan, do you think America will finally stop trading with it's enemy, the CCP?

  21. Question: is this CoronaVirus aka CoVID-19 aka "China Originated Virus In Dec-19" is China's Chernobyl? and how will it affect CCP's ruling?? and how the world shall act against it as it will jeopardizing the whole world's lives e.g. the infiltration of WHO, or infiltrating other countries by abusing the Democracy ? or even HuaWei 5G Spy works

  22. Question: How can the CCP withstand the probably major effects on the Chinese economy that the current virus outbreak is already causing? Seems quite possible that they'll be trying to deal with millions of their very unhappy citizens put out of work during this disaster – that they tried to cover up. (Hope that comes back to haunt them, for those in charge).

    As always, keep up the good work – your reporting totally rocks!

  23. Between April and
    November 2019, more than a hundred public health emergency drills dealing
    with coronavirus were held throughout China, of which, on July 25, up to 8,200
    people participated. Is this the CCP's preparation for a biochemical attack on
    the world? These are from today ’s David War Room show, "Why is CCTV
    reporting the epidemic abroad harder? All the chaos today is already
    prepared!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1sP1J4YjpU

  24. Well China since you are clearly recovering consider abolishing the costum of eating dogs all over the country including your countrymen from rural areas!!! Stop Forever!!!

  25. Can you do a video giving out scores on current democratic nominees based on their rhetoric to china. I feel a Bernie presidency will bring war between china and Taiwan.


  27. Congrats China Uncensored for reaching 1million subscribers….will stick to this channel forever…as long as they still in YouTube. Love n thanks for sharing by Chris

  28. Question: What does the future of Chine Uncensored look like? Any thoughts on uncensoring other counties? DPRK, Iran, Pakistan, Turquie, Thailand, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, Nauru, etc… ps: Just another Brazilian fan over here 🙂

  29. Congradulations!!!🎆
    If the CCP didnt plague youtube and CHINA UNCENSORED, you should have 2 million, unbelievable how you can take on such a power!

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