“Leftover” Woman Is Pushed to Get Married by Her Father, What Will Passers-by Do? 当大龄“剩女”在街头被父亲催婚…

That’s what women have to do A woman must marry at a certain age It is unfilial not to marry Hi, I am TreeMan’s friend Joke When people see a father force his daughter to marry How would they react? Shanhan, You are no longer young But you never think about getting married What can I do to change you? If you don’t get married and have no kids, you’re a loser Marriage comes naturally There is no hurry in this matter You should find a boyfriend You can get married later, but you have to have a boyfriend You’re just a woman When you get married and have a baby, you need to be a stay-at-home mom Right? Women have to go through this when they come into this world It’s not too late to study after you get married Everyone has their own life plan She has the right to do what she wants You chose not to marry in order to further your study You’re such a nerd You should be proud of your daughter’s hard work She will soon turn 30 She still wants to continue her study and doesn’t want to get married Don’t be angry, uncle She has the right to choose her own life You don’t have to worry about her Don’t be angry anymore Our granddaughter is also 30 She said she wanted to further her study, and my family was very supportive There are no more girls getting married so young Advanced thinking girls want to have higher education They don’t need to get married so young You don’t have to worry When she meets the right person, she will naturally consider marriage She could be married in six months If you don’t find a boyfriend, I won’t let you into my house You made us cannot die in peace Don’t worry, uncle The children can take care of themselves when they grow up Marriage is not something to be rushed I’m 30, too I’m not married There is nothing to worry about My parents are in another province I came here because my parents urged me to get married My mother always pretends to be ill and asks me to go back She even asked my sister to take a picture of her in the hospital When I came back to her, she asked me to go on a blind date When I found out I was going on a blind date, I came back here right away Don’t force your daughter Let me tell you my story I got divorced once I was 37 when I first got married My family forced me to marry, and I finally agreed My ex-wife and I got married after knowing each other for six months We ended up getting divorced It was a very unhappy marriage More haste, less speed If you respect her ideas and let her continue her education Maybe it won’t take her a year or two to find the right person for her After my family didn’t interfere in my marriage I married my wife when I was 40 She has been with me for 13 years Ever since I was penniless, she set up a stall with me Has been with me until now Now is a good time It’s not as rigid as it used to be It’s more advanced Many thirty-year-old girls are pursuing their own happiness We understand that parents want their daughter to have a happy family of her own, which is why they want them to get married But what we’re thinking is that we still have a lot of things I want to do We don’t want to be bound by marriage so early Marriage limits a lot of freedom, that’s what I think The idea of our generation is that couples work together after marriage Young people now want to make themselves better first Then think about getting married By then,they had become better versions of themselves In fact, my mother often urges me to find a suitable boyfriend Then I can get married earlier She also told me not to miss the right person and get married as soon as I find one But I think the choice of marriage partner should be carefully considered After all, only you know whether you are happy or not You can think about it if she is going to marry someone soon, but that person is not suitable for her, and she is not even as happy as she was when she was single, then aren’t you more worried about her? Don’t force her to marry for the sake of her happiness She is sure to get her own happiness Some happiness can’t be rushed

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  1. This is one thing I think about a lot. I used to fear that I never will find love. But I now realized I have to find love for myself. A person loved me yet my insecurities let me block him away. It was not my time. I am still learning to love myself. At least I know my dogs love me and my family 💜 And soon one day myself. 💜💖

  2. This is quite an interesting topic!
    As you can see from the people's response there is no one-sided perspective on this matter, the comments are diverse from different walks of life.

  3. Its crazy to think that people actually think this too, you dont see this way of thinking often in America, but that might be the American way of thinking, because, ya know, freedom of choice and stuff.

  4. It's clear that Millennials and members of the younger generation are much more open and progressive than members of the older generation. This makes sense. The boomers grew up in times of instability and chaos–whether that be the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution–so early marriage meant better stability for a young woman. The Millennials who grew up in much better conditions adopt a more forward-thinking outlook. Obviously though, no matter how forward-thinking the Millenials are, it still won't be on the par of, say, some Scandavanian countries because of the ingrained cultural aspect of women being dependent on men has more than 4,000 years of history that can be traced to the very start of Chinese civilization. It has definitely gotten MUCH better for women these past half a century in China but to have completely equal gender relations in the country is, unfortunately, probably not probable in our lifetime.

  5. your subtitle is so fast. please slow it down. i stop watching it. you will loose a subscriber if u dont fix it next time

  6. i can so relate to this. almost everyone i know tells me to find a man and get married and have children bc i'm "getting older." a lot of older people advise me to marry soon or i might have difficulty having children later. i tell them "i don't even know if i want my own children lol" and they get really shocked. in many asian cultures it's just normal to expect that, bc i also grew up knowing that one day i'd marry at 25 and have 5 kids. i wanted to be a stay-at-home mom before too but that obv changed when i got older.
    i do know i want to adopt a child one day, but idek if i want to marry?? im in my mid-20s and i don't see myself marrying anytime soon.
    i do joke around w my family bc i had a dream that my soulmate's name is shaun and now everyone is jokingly looking for a tall, dark, and handsome man named shaun 😂

  7. 我独行。 I'd say 叔叔我是一个人。 我要妻子。 I'll do it haha. One day I'll be able to understand Chinese at normal speed. It's all nonsense except for the words I do know. But that's enough to kinda follow along

  8. You are from China?? Is your area not quartine… ?? My country started this and I went out with my friends to a gathering… Now I am just a scared person…

  9. Omg treeman thank you for listening . This was actually my recommendation to treeman thank u 😘😊😊😊

  10. i feel kinda sad for the girl in 1:38 she had the same situation so she left, she thought her mom was sick so she returned, but only to go back and then the blind date happened so she went back. She had things she wanted to do before getting married, whoever she may be with in the future i hope that person gives her happiness she deserves

  11. The actress playing the daughter, Kai Xin is attractive. I wonder why nobody offered their sons or relatives as her match.

  12. Heard that?? You should find a boyfriend/girlfriend then marry afterwards

    After all you cant marry if you dont have a partner 😆😆

    -ugly yet beautiful world

  13. I'm a single, 23 y/o woman, currently in an entry-level career. Marriage is a difficult topic for me to discuss with others for so many reasons. My family has never pressured me to marry as soon as possible and I like it that way, but I know that my mother wants to see me with a partner like real soon, considering how she seemed to lead our conversation to marriage-related stuff although she never stressed on it too much.

    I want to focus on my career & get a stable job because it has been my dream since I was a kid to live alone & independently. Well, I want to get married too, but maybe not so soon. I want to prioritize my dream to live alone, but I'm scared of disappointing her.

    It's weird how I didn't feel burdened about this thing before, but as time passes, I cried at nights thinking about it. I love my mother and I want to make her proud, but I also have my own reasons to not meet that expectation.

    So thank you for this video. I've never truly discussed about marriage with anybody, so the fear and burden have always remained in me. Being able to listen to the advices people shared in this video has made me feel a bit better. Thank you 💕

  14. Lmao my parents are opposite. My mom kept telling me don’t get married too early. I got married at 28 and she wasn’t too thrilled about it 😂

  15. Man people in the beginning are sooooo ignorant, I’m saudi woman , and I have a strict father who constantly nag about me getting married , I’m only 19 when ever he gets mad he say go get married I will force u , I won’t spoil u, and whenever I wanna go out alone , he refuses and say go get married and go out with ur husband as much as u want , I’m sick of him , I can’t wait to leave this country and have freedom and marry who I want ,, please pray for me 🙏🙏🙏

  16. It's so unfair to call those beautiful ladies as leftover . Unfortunate that they are treated like a stuff and some eat able .

  17. Many men probably like her but turned off by the fathers attitude so no single men approached them in this clip

  18. "Don't force her to marry for the sake of your own happiness."

    This needs to be told to many conservative parents who always push their daughter to go on blind dates and find a man. Even if they're toxic man, the parents would go along as long as her daughter being picked. Ugh, so nasty.

  19. If i bring my boyfriend or whatever to meet my parents, they will probably make him rethink about his decision of choosing me😂

  20. If I'm being honest it's quite selfish of parents to force their kids into marriage. Like they already lived their lifes let your kids live theirs. Everyone walks their own path in life. Not everyone's journey is the same. And that's okay. You don't have to fit in a mold society created for you. Just be your own person.

  21. I married last December, I'm almost 29 years old. Many people said that I would have a hard time having children in my 30s. Hope I can have children someday and prove what they say is not true. Wish me luck!

  22. Women should marry and have children young playing the gender roles have benefits and always have.. millions of women today have great careers lots of money big house and a nice car but they are lonely, they are 40-50 years old with no children and big regrets.

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