Legal Separation Of Marriage

Hi, I’m Piper, with Truece. The decision to get a divorce is emotional
and highly personal. No two situations are the same, and there is no formula that will help you decide
if divorce is the right move for you. But in this video, I want to talk to you about a step that many people
choose to take when considering divorce, and that is legal separation. In the case of a legal separation, you would
file with the court, and a judge would set financial and custody guidelines. You may choose to live apart from your spouse,
but legally you would still be married. This is different from a trial separation,
which is an informal arrangement decided by you and your spouse; and a divorce, which would legally
end the marriage. There are many benefits to a legal separation,
both practically and emotionally speaking. For instance, a separation allows you to experience
what it’s like to live apart from your spouse, and decide how the change makes your feel. Is it a relief? Does it feel right? Or, after taking some space, do you know that you want to go back and try
to mend things? You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and divorce is a much bigger decision. Think of separation as a test-drive for divorce. A legal separation can also protect you from
financial liabilities, such as any debt your spouse may acquire during the time of separation. You may also still be eligible for spousal
benefits like health insurance. When living apart from your spouse, a legal
separation can protect you from charges of desertion or abandonment, which some states
consider grounds for divorce. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to
state. Some may require legal separation before allowing
a divorce to go forward, while others might
not recognize it at all. Be sure to check out your local laws before deciding which route you want to take. Whatever decision you decide to make: separation,
divorce, or staying together, ultimately only you know what is the right choice for you. For couples who are in the process of separating
or getting a divorce, there’s a great web and smartphone
app I recommend for easy and effective documentation of communication, finances , schedules, and more. It’s called Truece; to learn more, keep

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