LEGO 40th Anniversary Steam Engine review! 40370

hey everyone this is the March 2020 Lego
gift with purchase a set that they will just give you if you buy a certain
amount of other stuff it’s just a steam train it’s a big nostalgia hit for
people who are older quite rather older than probably the average Lego fan of
today but they call it a 40 year anniversary set which is kind of an
awkward thing 40 year anniversary of what 40 year anniversary of the original
version of this thing that they’ve made a new version of more on that later
first let’s take a closer look this is the entirety of the set and they really
didn’t cut any corners with this for what it’s trying to be they even
included the stand here which has a nice little plaque for its commemoration the
stickers in this set yes it does use stickers just like the original did from
1980 but in this set they have a metallic back and it’s a acro metallic
back so you can see how that’s just a very very shiny piece there anywhere
it’s not showing up as black it’s very shiny indeed and it just makes a little
extra special but it does make it a little bit more difficult to see the
stickers and what’s on them if the light isn’t hitting it just right you can
remove the locomotive from this base very easily it also comes with that that
neoclassic if you will minifigure we’ll take a closer look at that as well
but you know the base is basic there you can see the other sticker ones again the
light hits it just right you can see it very very clearly when it shows but if
it’s not hitting it just right then look at that so it’s to actually disappear
but it’s nice that they included this for people who want to bring a little
extra prestige to the presentation of this overall this looks so very much
like the original push along steam train from 1980 that they’re trying to
replicate it has the exact same proportions and everything it’s got the
three axles a lot of the pieces that were available back then for trains in
particular are not made anymore and they’ve made very nice substitutes for
those like the buffers back here that’s actually a technique that I’m not seeing
Lego used before and they have a technic pin inside of there and it’s just barely
sticking through a modified 2 by 2 round tile with the
pin hole in the middle or a stud hole or anti stud hole in the middle and it
works really well like the proportions are very good the positioning of
everything is good they don’t have the magnet couplers anymore but they have
the spots to connect them or the suggestion of spots to connect them and
they also didn’t have the benefit of the main chassis piece which was a
specialized piece that Lego used in red or black in many different models for
quite some time both steam and diesel or diesel electric looking ones but instead
they just used bricks and plates to make something that is the exact same size
again the same proportions and this works just fine especially using it was
very important to use the red version of the modern part power function era
wheels with the nice tires on them the almost clear tires which give it extra
traction if you actually use those on a power functions motor base these to
actually turn it does actually fit onto real tracks any kind of tracks and if
you can hook this up with your own couplers at the front and Bauer at least
at one end you can actually get this to go around train layout by default of
course it’s a push along so you have to push it along but you can put a tender
behind here and put a motor in that if you want it even has the opening at the
back just like the original one did which was to allow the wires to go
through so when this came out was the year when they had both 12 volt and 4.8
volt systems on the market at the exact same time they had just come out with
the new great racks for the very first time with a new 12 volt system where
they would put extra metal parts in the middle so you could just have your own
train track with no oil no electricity no electrical power whatsoever or you
could add on those extra pieces and then had the power through Center rails at
two extra rails over metal in the middle and if you didn’t want to do that you go
with the four point five volt system which had a different motor that you
would just fit right here and then you would
have the battery in a battery box behind as the tender so this whole opening a
long way to say this whole opening is to allow the wires to go through for that
for the connection to the battery and you can also see a nice sticker inside
of there for some controls you can put a figure in the the cab area these windows
are the modern type of course they’re very different from the old ones but
other than that I mean most of this is just a good representation of the
original so for folks who have been into the Lego Hobby for that long this has
got to be a fantastic nostalgia hit oh that sticker is different it used to be
over multiple parts which is a very illegal technique nowadays but
fortunately they have a taller brick which is the one by two by two yeah just
one by two by two just elevate it up then the sticker just fits over that
also doesn’t have the old DB logo on it anymore they just use the modern train
logo because they have to I don’t think they have the the DB license anymore but
yeah that’s pretty much it for the train or the locomotive I should say and then
the minifigure is almost a perfect replica of the original train engineer
minifig that they had also available in 1980 no printing around the back what
appears to be just a single color white printing on the front of the torso
however that is not just a single color of white there’s a completely unexpected
and super super super subtle difference between this figures printing and the
original the white is actually outlined by blue there is blue printed around the
white you can just barely barely make it out but it’s there it’s unexpected it’s
not a bad thing by any means but it at least serves to definitively distinguish
this from a genuine classic original there are also other little things you
can look at you know small details that will allow you to pick this out from
from a real original anybody tries to sell you one of these as a vintage one
you have to throw through the dryer or something to try to
can worn worn out it’s easy to pick it out but just that small difference in
the process of printing it I just found interesting it’s a pretty simple set so
there aren’t many leftover pieces and there’s a look at the spent sticker
sheet so you can see how many stickers were actually used in the whole thing
now I’m not going to talk about value with this because again it’s a gift with
purchase in the u.s. you had to buy at least $100 u.s. worth of stuff in order
to get this but I don’t know I might be a little bit biased on this by the way
that I look at gifts with purchase from Lego in particular because I never go to
the Lego store and buy stuff just to get a gift with purchase on day one you can
always at the very least find these on eBay you know from people that went to
the store to get the gift with purchase just to sell it or we went to the store
to get stuff and didn’t care about the gift with purchase
that much and just put it up for sale and you can pay a lot less than the the
threshold amount you know if you just want the thing so I never personally
look at it from the perspective of you know they’re they’re tricking you
they’re they’re they’re forcing you to buy a certain amount of stuff that you
don’t want in order to get that I just see it as a bonus that’s just my view
not everybody’s gonna have that same perspective some people will look at it
from the perspective of that is the thing that I want so having to buy the
other stuff is you know and an additional burden on me I just I’m not
able to empathize with that so I can’t really speak to that that mindset that
well not that there’s anything wrong with that just pointing out where I’m
coming from I do want to talk a little bit though
about the weirdness of that the 40 year thing that’s that the existence of the
set on on the whole again what it what has been going on for 40 years it’s been
40 years since they made this set it’s been 40 years since they came out with
the great racks to replace the blue tracks and allow the 12 volt thing
to work you know the the introduction of the wide introduction of the 12-volt
system but there were trains for a lot longer than that trains have been around
Lego has been making drains for a lot longer than 40 years that’s for dang
sure a lot longer so I don’t and even with the same gauge this you know that
are compatible the blue tracks were just phased out in 1980 40 years ago they had
a whole series of them so I don’t know what this is commemorating really 40
years of what they try to make it seem like 40 years of trains no 40 years of
steam trains definitely not I don’t know so as far as I’m concerned it’s 40 years
since that particular train came out or maybe you say 40 years since the
introduction of powered rails to Lego which is kind of ironic to celebrate now
when we don’t have powered rails anymore those were discontinued a long time ago
I don’t know I don’t know what that’s all about I don’t know what their their
thinking is with that they in Billund they probably have some rationale for it
then probably in the rest of the world doesn’t matter anyway it’s a pretty cool
little thing I like having it I will probably put it in my layout somewhere
eventually with my 1985 little steam train which was basically from the same
series but actually has the 4.5 volt motor system in it not not 12 volt even
those later on and yeah just enjoy it for what it is a
little a little blast from the past in a way but made with modern parts and
available for free unless you see it as Lego forcing you to buy $100 worth of
stuff to get this thing let’s see from our look at this set though if you want
to see the build for it I’ve got the pure build which is in real time with no
music just the sounds of putting the pieces together we’ve got the speed mill
with a little bit of calm music and the same process just sped up and goes by in
just a handful minutes check out one of those if you want to and I’ll talk to
you soon

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  1. Thanks for this Jang!
    Really would love some more steam trains in any line, rather than just the Hogwarts Express

  2. so basically if you want the locomotive be smart about what you buy to get it. maybe buy train tracks for the trechhold amount so you can display it on some actuall track and not just on the included stand. still outside of that it looks good still even for a 40 year old design. also maybe ask Lego as you have some conections to them so you could get to know what you wanna know about the 40 year aniversety.

  3. Yes. 40 years ago set 7810 came out. Yes. I like trains. Look at lego fairs. Moving trains get much attraction then static buildings and other stuff. Good review. Keep up the good work.

  4. LEGO should make a classic line with sets similar to this one! Not to ruin the second hand market or for nostalgias sake, but to give everyone a chance to get claasic sets they missed out on. Not only for adults who weren’t able to buy it, but also for kids/teenagers!

  5. I think they could've used Minifig heads to represent the two ball thingies that go on both front and back of trains and carts. The 2×2 round tiles looks a little too big

  6. I can’t wait to get this set. I’ll probably by the second half to my 2018 passenger train to get it. I don’t understand what the 40 years is tho.

  7. I got this set a week ago. My wife bought me something for our Anniversary in April. Bot sure what it is yet. I've never had a Lego train before and my collection is mainly Star Wars with a few oddballs but now that I have it and built it I want more trains!!

  8. Supposedly the 40th Anniversary train celebrates the first brick train built by LEGO. I would have thought that Jang would know this. (according to the LEGO website and many other sources).

  9. I agree with you most if the time with the gift with purchases but I really just wish lego would do a Legacy theme like they did in the 00’s with some classic sets, if they can do it with ninjago and star wars and make a million mechs and choppers because “thats what kids like and want” then why not make some sets like this one but more widely affordable and available, definitely a market out there for it, I understand lego is primarily a children’s product but I don’t see what’s stopping children buying sets like that as well as adults

  10. Just received mine. I am one of the older fans (47) who had this as a 7 year old back in 1980. Shame my mum gave all my Lego away when I was a teenager – a collection that included all of the original classic space sets. 😭

  11. I don't care, I like those gifts. I usually postpone the purchase of other sets and wait for them. Some I build, others I keep, and if I get more than one I give them away.

  12. The question we should be asking is why don't we have proper trains now? And is there music in the background or am I going crazy?

  13. As far as I know, the 12 V tracks were introduced in 1969 and at that time of course in blue colour. So it is just 40 years of this model (or maybe grey tracks as well, but those are not even included in this set).

  14. Perhaps it's worth noting that the new version has the modern generic train logo on the side, instead of the DB logo that the original one had.

    EDIT: nevermind, he mentioned that.

  15. So much nostalgia for Lego Trains. I’m lucky most of mine were from the 2000s before the train sets got so crazy expensive.

  16. It would be great to see this with a bit of a modern update, I feel like a proper facelift companion set would be pristine

  17. Please forgive the possibly personal question, but where if your accent from? You have a very relaxing and calming voice, I put your videos on before bed and you always put me to sleep! 😂
    Anyway, love the reviews, keep up the great work! 😄

  18. For People wondering, DB Is Germany's national railway supporting both passenger and cargo around all parts of Germany, they still exist today

  19. It is not lego forcing us to buy stuff. Most of us have planed sets we want or moc parts we need so we just wait until the gift set.

  20. Hey Jang! Maybe make a museum for your city! Put these anniversary sets and star wars' ones in there and have lots of touristsss

  21. Hi Jang your question may be answered if u get your hands on set : 4002016 50 years train set. Spotted in Carousell Singapore. Said to be given to staffs or as bonus gift

  22. I think gifts with purchase are a bonus on sets you would normally buy. It does usually get me to purchase a set I was holding off on or unsure about getting so it does work in their favor.

  23. I hope they are using this set as a gauge to see where Trains sit within the buyers in general. Hopefully its a good sign of things to come in terms of Lego Trains.

  24. Its awesome how good this gift is but it's not for me, any tips to integrate a Cargo Train in my City?

  25. I bought the Fiat, they said 6.00 more gets me the train so I bought the Audi (?) rally car because of you’re review, Jang.

  26. Interesting little gift you can get with purchase, but what I would really like is a Classic Lego Space set! Now that would be awesome!

  27. Challange: motorize it,
    or make a monument in you city to show Jang CIty people from the future how it looked 100 years ago?

  28. As an '80s Train dude, I'm glad to see this, but not being able to directly purchase it from Lego is a deal-breaker. "Available for FREE*! (*if you spend enough money)" isn't an excuse; to use it as such, literally everything ever sold becomes "free*" if you paid for it.

  29. I'm having a hard time finding information about this (there's a lot of minifig "firsts" that are not well documented online, apparently), but could this be the 40th aniversary of printed torsos?
    I thought the first few waves had stickers on their fronts, so could the original of this set have been the first printed torso? that might explain the extra detail in the printing

  30. Regarding the 40 years thing – I think they mean 40 years since the trains theme started. Before the grey era, trains weren't marketed under a specific banner. Another aspect is that the trains that came during the grey era basically set the standard for today's trains. The couplers, the doors, motor size etc. are still the same 40 years later.

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