LEGO Batman Movie Justice League Anniversary Party review 🎉 70919

hey everybody this is the Lego Batman
movie Justice League anniversary party set it’s based on one of the scenes from
the movie that I found to be a great example of real world real life inspired
situational comedy where Batman discovers that he was not invited to the
Justice League anniversary party and it’s funny if you even look at the
description the official Lego description for this set at shop you’ll see a special unusual note that a
Batman figure is not included with this set I’m gonna start off just cycling
through the figure so here obviously is Superman and he’s a very very happy
Superman that’s just great to see you know they’ve they’ve done some comic
expressions for superheroes in the mighty Mike Rose line but you know this
being an official licensed Superman figure who is full-sized and kinda looks
like it could be a serious figure to have such a genuine looking smile of
enjoyment not cheesing but you know just having fun it’s just it’s just great to
see it makes this I think a special figure that has is going to continue to
have a special collectible value it’s got the nice newer style of cape so you
can easily take a look at the a pretty decent print on the back of the torso
which is appropriate and he has the the embarrassed kind of fake smile version
of a face as well where he got caught he’s what he’s amongst the ones that got
gotten he’s just embarrassed today yeah we forgot to invite you sorry Batman
here’s a very classic Green Arrow showing off as much as he can his Robin
Hood inspirational background of course he has his very green accoutrement with
the the bow there and also quiver done in just a regular green color the
feather in his cap is lime green and he also has lime green printing for the
leggings that he’s showing off there the print for that lime green on the legs is
a little bit on the thick side but hey it’s better than being on
the thin side actually yes good good opacity there and yeah it’s just a
pretty decent look and figure it it’s a little bit tough to see his blonde hair
until you get up close like in person maybe I’m like a foot and a half away I
don’t even see it at all you have to get the light to kind of strike it just
right so that’s a little bit on the subtle side he does have print back here
so uh I’m pretty complete you know torso print around the back but
no alternate face of course because of the type of headgear he wears now this
is hawk girl a character that I gotta level with ya I didn’t even know existed
before any of all this so to me it’s an obscure character there may be some fans
of Hawkgirl out there who would disagree I don’t like what they did with the
printing on this one with just the quality of production because that there
in the center is supposed to be skin tone so see that’s not thinking of
printing and then there’s not a match between these two colors here you know
that’s that’s off that’s that’s too bad and also even the yellow down here at
the base kind of at the top of the trunks that was supposed to be matched
there and it just doesn’t doesn’t all fit together all that well so I think
that mostly the the torso is off but the legs are a bit as well
just kind of makes it look a little bit prototype EE to me which is unfortunate
I think that if those were matched better oh yeah also I guess is this
supposed to be no it’s not supposed to be a skin tone for the neck is it it
can’t be can’t be no if that was if that was supposed to be a skin tone then
that’s definitely just a mistake that’s not a matter of putting too little on
there but yeah that would have made it so much better if that had been been
done correctly print around the side of the legs done really well that lines up
decently you know respectably but it’s just fairly crisp and and from any kind
of distance it looks almost like it’s dual moulded until you turn it around
all the way now this does come with the vinyl wing piece but they also include
the second Pease the the wider version so you get
either option you can just swap those out
she has an alternate face that is also the one of embarrassments upon being
caught at the party where batman was not it’s a just a useful face to have in
general you know hot girl or not DC comics are not Lego Batman movie or
not and there’s a clear look at her normal face here is El Dorado another
character that I personally had never heard of before interestingly this one
has many of the same colors in the color scheme for the outfit as Hawkgirl that
we just looked at but with this one there’s no need to match colors between
the paint or ink and the plastic you know so I don’t know if the quality of
this printing is any better but it looks better because you know everything just
kind of goes together nothing nothing is obviously off this one does have dual
molded legs which makes the the boots look really clean and crisp they really
pop and you can see those laces from 1020 feet away you know so I think this
one has just really good quality is just a well-done figure well produced figure
has the same Cape as Superman so the nicer you know softer style good
printing for the back of the torso well sculpted body lines there I think well
chosen placement for those and beneath the hair he also has the the surprised
face I’m I’m glad that not all of these have the same type of expression the
same type of a response that they give you know in in the minifig form they
don’t have to to do the exact same thing in the minifigs as they did in the movie
in that in that scene and I’m glad that they give us a variety here and I’m glad
that all of these faces except for except for Green Arrow can be used for
other custom figures you know they’re not necessarily specific to these
characters the inclusion of the underdog from Superfriends as the DJ at
the party was a nice deep deep dig to the Batman character in that scene and
they’ve included him here in the set was which is fantastic I mean under what
other circumstances would Lego ever make a wonder dog figure he’s got the green
cape and it’s the softer kind the good kind of of material at least I I prefer
this this type of material but it allows it to flow over him pretty well it’s
also a well executed figure I think if you just look at the front of the snout
you see a little bit of imperfect registration of the white from one side
versus the other but it’s really not a big deal I mean how often are you gonna
be looking at it up this close underneath the nose no I think that this
is a well-done figure for what it is his color is medium blue what else would
you get a medium blue colored dog also just such a such an odd thing but I
appreciate it you know different to be different you see how happy this scene
looks by virtue of all the wide smiling genuinely enjoying faces that they’ve
put on to the figures and it’s a nice scene too you know it’s it’s
well-constructed I feel like this could be used as a basis for all sorts of
different parties I mean these are just some some tiles just – 2 by 4 tiles with
stickers on them so you can replace those with anything you know stack up
some two by twos use some stickers from some sticker books if you want to this
is ready to customize there’s nothing really Justice League specific about the
setting here there’s nothing like a Batman movie specific about this setting
so I feel like this will have a lot more staying power than then some of the sets
that were made specifically for this movie you know it’s just it’s just a
nice reusable basis for fun 4 figures to be having fun and there’s a lot there’s
not a lot that you actually do here there is some stuff there are some
actions built into it some interesting changes like for instance this is a very
very small dance floor as what it’s intended to be just a little raised area
there are no actual working lights in this but with all the transparent pieces
in this it tends to kind of shimmer and shine a little bit but there’s a whole
thing back here behind the DJ booth that you can rotate and turn that and then
this spins around so if I just hold this down a little bit you can see it a
little bit better yeah there’s a little bit of friction in there
I wish it would spend just a little bit easy more easily I might be able to
loosen that up just a little bit by messing with the parts wiggling them
around but yeah just you know something you can do to add a little extra life to
the scene so that’s cool and the wonder dog gets what I believe is the single
largest DJ stand assembly that Lego has ever put together I might be mistaken on
that or try and think was there anything for the original Lego movie I don’t
think so this is this is pretty comprehensive it uses three stickers
this is a very generous one here on the the 2×4 tile going down the center aisle
I’ll get this rotated around but also you get these prints the batman-themed
prints for the the records there so a couple more of those always like getting
printed pieces and especially things that are just useful in general you know
those are things that again will last quite a while and certainly outlast the
popularity of this this movie and they can be used you know and just any kind
of regular city setting so look around this from the back you can see the other
couple of stickers that are identical that are applied to two 1×2 cheese wedge
pieces so this is kind of the view from the wonderdogs position and you don’t
need to have the wonder dog up there as the DJ if you want to put a human there
instead you can take him off and then flip this back that’s cool gives you a
place for a humanoid to just stand there very simple so who am I gonna pick
El Dorado because he’s convenient and he looks like he’s ready to get on the ones
and twos and I’m stretching my neck to look at the monitor because I can’t see
I can’t see where I’m actually putting him but there we go there we go yeah so
that’s that cool you can also adjust the angles of the the needles the kind of fo
needles here put one up if you want to or what not so yeah just a cool little
scene here’s how the whole thing looks from behind so nothing special back here
but at least it doesn’t look particularly unfinished or unbelievable
yeah not bad did I show you the speakers I mean I’ve shown them for quite a while
now but I mean they’re very straightforward but they look good I
think I’m glad they didn’t put a sticker on this and make it all bright yellow
and red and green and blue and everything there’s a a red bushing piece
behind there but you know it doesn’t stand out too much such a weird set to
make but a happy scene right really really happy scene I hope that a lot of
folks will be able to get some enjoyment out of this and especially some
inspiration as well just to to bring more more life and joy into your
minifigs ‘iz lives you know for whatever theme that you personally prefer it’s an
interesting way to get some strange minifigs plus a couple of familiar
characters more familiar characters and what they did is done well all the stuff
is done well I forgot to mention that you know these are bars so you could
have some of your superheroes you know hanging on to those and they are clear
so you could probably come up with some poses that’ll make it look like you know
look like they’re flying around or doing acrobatics and such wonderdog
Wow Wow who’d a thunk an actual wonder dog figure but that’s it for my look at
this set so thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this and even if you’re
not interested in purchasing the set hope it gives you a little bit of
inspiration to try some stuff just for the fun
of your figures in whatever you do with Lego thanks for watching and I will talk
to you again soon you

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