Lego Birthday Party!

Tiago it’s your birthday! How do you feel?
Good. How old are you? 10. 10 years old. 10 big ones that’s double digits. Today is
Tiago’s birthday and each of us gets to say something nice and kind for his
birthday. I will start off. I love that Tiago loves nature. He will go out and
climb trees dig in dirt, dissect bugs, dissect dead animals.
He loves nature. He loves to work with his hands. I love watching him. Just
recently he climbed an açaí tree all the way to the top to pick some açaí. He
was about 10 meters up in the air at the top of this tree it was amazing. I like Tiago because he plays with me and he lets me play on his tablet and he lets me sleep with him. I love Tiago so much, so much. First of
all I love these bright blue eyes. Tiago is a super fast runner. He’s strong. He’s quick. He loves being outside and he works really hard in school. So, I’m
really proud of him and I love you much buddy. What do you have to say on your birthday? I’m really happy to be 10. What are you gonna do this year. You have
any big plans as a ten-year-old? No? Not right now. Just gonna go to school? Okay. He lets me play with his Legos. He plays with me at the park, and he’s funny. And he’s kind of cute with his bangs. We are going to Big Jump. It’s Tiago’s birthday today. I love him and he plays with me at the park. I love Tiago because he lets me play with him and he’s really fun to play with. He’s very competitive, which I like. And that’s what I love about Tiago. Have you been waiting for this day all year? All year. That’s such a long time to wait and now we’re getting ready to go have a blast! Daddy, Look! I liked all of the presents and I like
jumping with my friends and playing games. I really liked singing happy
birthday. All right Tiago, happy 10th birthday.
What did you like about your birthday here at Big Jump? I liked the presents and I liked
jumping with my friends and playing and I liked the birthday. I was playing so much that my voice is
like weird. You lost your voice from screaming and playing. That means you had a really
good birthday. Awesome. I guess you were enjoying yourself. I love you buddy.
Happy Birthday!

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