Lego Party Ideas

Here are a few fun ideas for a Lego Themed
Party. I got these silicone lego molds to try, I’ll
put links to tools and supplies in the description box below. These are great to make DIY gummies, soap,
crayons, and more. I decided to make some treats with the molds
first. This is my method of melting candy melts and
keeping them warm-put them in the bags and put them in a heating pad sandwich on high. Cut off the tip of the bag and fill up the
mold. Make sure to get in the nooks and crannies
to help avoid air bubbles. Once the molds are filled up, you’ll need
to tap them for a while to work out any air bubbles that may be trapped. Once they are all cooled, they pop out easily
and make adorable cupcake toppers or party favors! Next up, I’m going to make some lego sidewalk
chalk. Careful not to inhale any plaster of paris,
mix some in a cup or bowl with tempera paint and water. It can thicken quickly, but be sure not too
add too much liquid. This first batch was too thin and took a long
time to dry. The problem with making sidewalk chalk like
this is that you really only get pastels, it’s hard to get vibrant colors. You’ll see here that I didn’t wait long
enough for them to finish drying and most of the little details stayed inside of the
mold. I did a 2nd batch without color. I made sure not to add too much liquid and
was more patient. If they are cold to the touch, they’re not
ready yet. With this batch I decided they’d be fun
for kids to paint, again with the tempera paint. Take a Sharpie and write their names on them. Make sure to do this early in your party and
have a fan on them so they can be dry when the kids are ready to take them home. They would be really cute as fridge magnets
if you had some magnets and hot glue ready. Since the plaster of paris is porous, it soaks
up the paint a bit so I also tried sealing some before painting-that should help them
dry faster at the party. But this is a step you would want to do ahead
of time. Last but not least, Grab a bucket of legos
and write down some fun ideas on pieces of paper and play “Pictionary” with Legos. See if they can guess what you’re building! Leave me a comment of some more fun ideas
for a lego party and hit that thumbs up button if you liked these ideas! Please subscribe if you want to see more fun
craft and cooking videos. Also, I have a whole playlist of other party
ideas that you can check out posted in the description box down below. Thanks, and have a great day!

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  1. If you could get to my gluten free desert request I have a party in 2 weeks I would love to make a gluten free desert for my
    Self, thankyou!

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