Legoland Windsor Haunted House Monster Party Ride Review Walkthrough POV June 2019

Featuring the most spook-tacular party trick ever Its a new ride at Legoland Windsor. today we’re going to be showing you what happens in the haunted house ride. Basically the room just spins around like that. It goes up. It goes down. Try not to get sick on it The handle bars which come down like this. It goes like this ‘Owh my neck! Where there is three heads three bodies and three legs
and you get to spin it and see which one you land on. They have 76 people on the ride at a
time. And they have groups. There is one one this side and one on that side. And when you come up the steps, you can see all the pictures. Then we go into the disco ball and we had to join into the Monster Boogie before you go into the actual ride. Yeah like this dod dod …Featuring the most spook-tacular party
trick ever There is no greater party in town. Night time! My favorite. Best time for the Bat Boogie! You must all join inAll bats, hats, spoons and wings on the door and take your seats please. That’s it All phones and cameras away please. The ride spins from that side to that side. I loved it! Tthat was SO GOOD!! That was so good! Bye! No I forgot to say something.And I like the way the torch is designed Bye! Bye! email: [email protected] website: instagram: @mattelder_uk

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