LET’S GET PERSONAL | Waiting till marriage, getting married young, & kids?!

Hello it’s Allison I hope you’re having
a super happy thing so far today I’m so excited to just sit down and film a
little Q&A with you guys so recently I put a little history up on my Instagram
make sure you’re following me if you’re not already asking just what do you want
to know do you have any questions for me I’ve been going through a lot of changes
recently from graduating college a few months ago to getting engaged and
starting a new job at Disney so I just wanted to get personal and answer your
questions so without further ado I’m gonna pull them up and we’re gonna get
right to it I think a few of them are gonna get pretty juicy so okay we’ll
start on a more light no you know keep it pretty easy ease into it the first
question is what’s your favorite Park and I’m assuming they’re trying about
Disney World because I work for Disney and I am a self-proclaimed and most
people will call me Eve does new lover just be crazy and um so my favorite part
hands down is animal kingdom I love animal kingdom I love animals I
just love the vibe of it it’s so different than anything else and when
you’re on that Safari it just takes you to a whole other place it’s just so
incredible so that’s seven of my favorite part but I do love magic you
min and then nostalgia and magic and it’s definitely my favorite part to take
photographs at so I like them all for different reasons middle of Epcot for
the food because I mean come on they have the best food and the festivals are
so fun and then there’s Hollywood studios which
is definitely my least favorite at this point but Star Wars Lee I’m just coming
soon and I am so stinkin looking forward to that
so I love them all but you know Kingdom is the true winner okay number two I
love this question someone asked how do you stay consistent to the word while
being among the world the world so what they mean by this is like how do you
keep your faith well you know we live in this crazy world and I’ve gotten a few
questions like this and basically a big reason is just surrounding yourself with
good people who have the same kind of values as you do that definitely helps
me because I mean the people who you spend your time with really affect who
you are and who you become so I’m really just surrounding yourself with good
people who like I said believe the same things and just have the same faith as
you will really make a huge difference and that’s probably the biggest reason
or the biggest way I stay positive and keep my faith in this world but another
way it’s just through worship and just doing devotionals and just making that a
priority every day so that I can just have those constant reminders number
three do you live with your fiance before being married no I am in our
apartment right now though we’re not married yet but I come over all the time
because the apartments near my work it’s near just me so I come so much but no we
do not live together we are singing ourselves for marriage which wasn’t
other things so yeah it’s been a long seven years you guys so no long freaking
seven years but we’re almost there I’m so excited
um and then I’ll move in so after the wedding I’ll losing
and a lot of people asked when the winning is to but it’s a surprise I
wanted to meet such a surprise you’ll just pop up on Instagram definitely
follow me and you’ll see so I just wanted to keep it as for it so that it’s
so soon guys seriously so yeah thank myself for
marriage and VIN yeah yeah the wedding soon little recap but yeah that was
really important to me it was actually really important to Brandon as well to
save ourselves for marriage growing up I actually wasn’t really taught that I
wasn’t taught to save myself for marriage
so I started dating him when I was 15 and he kind of taught me that which is
so unbelievable and amazing um and that’s really helped our relationship I
feel like help us just get to know each other more and just make it easier when
we were long-distance and stuff so I’m really thankful for that but I mean he
was raised in a more traditional Christian household so he was taught
that kind of thing and he was able to teach me that which was really amazing
and it if you are wanting to save yourself for marriage you have to be
with someone who also wants to do that as well because in one of you and the
relationship doesn’t it’s gonna be almost impossible so when you’re looking
for a mate to make sure you have that talk and you’re on the same page because
I’d be that would be impossible if we weren’t on the same page okay another
question what camera do you use to film and how do you edit YouTube videos love
YouTube questions so I film what they can in a BD which is super popular for
each verse and it’s an awesome camera um it has really good track focus which
basically means like it can focus on it’s not like if I put
something if I put my hand close to the camera then I’ll focus on it see and
then you know it’ll auto focus at me once I pull my hand away so stuff like
that like that’s that what makes it that’s what makes it a great camera also
has a viewfinder so I can see this all right now and make sure I don’t like it
look like a crazy person well I’m filming this video so yeah and
then I have few different lenses it’s just depending on what I’m doing and I
have a fifty millimeter I have and ten to eighteen millimeter and I think I
have another one but I never use it so yeah and then to edit I use Final Cut
Pro so originally I used Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro which is part of the
Adobe Creative Suite and I used this in college a lot but after I graduated I
was like nope I’m switching to a Final Cut Pro because it is so much better in
my opinion my thing is with I edit my videos with a MacBook Pro and the Adobe
Premiere Pro would quit on me all the time it would just fail because it was
stressing out my computer too much so also you for Adobe Premiere Pro you have
to pay monthly for the program for the software and with Final Cut Pro it’s
just a one-time payment so it’s about 200 or 300 dollars so it’s a big payment
but you only have to pay at once but with the Premiere Pro I was constantly
paying a starting amount of money each month and it was wait it was way more
expensive so very happy with Final Cut Pro someone asked what my favorite bible
verse is such a good question it’s hard to choose a favorite because there are
so many great ones but I have to go with my classic first Corinthians 16:14
let all I do be in love that is just my favorite verse it’s just so simple
and I feel like it encompasses a lot of how I want to live my life so definitely
my favorite I also really love first Corinthians 13 4 through 7 which just
talks more about love it’s this verse is gonna be these verses are gonna be part
of our wedding for sure it’s love is patient love is kind love does not envy
it’s just such big reminders and I feel like love truly is the core of my face
and really I just think it’s such a great reminder and so simple but really
just refreshing to me whenever I hear those Bible verses next question do you
have a peel box you know I do not but I probably will get one this year so I
will let y’all know if I do um okay next question do you personally reach out to
brands or do they approach you so both mostly they may talk to me but
occasionally if I do see a product or something that I really really like and
want and or I’m just like a super big fan of a company I will reach out to
them usually they’ve never invited me so this is fine no hard feelings but like
that’s just the reality of it but every once in a while they do like for my 22nd
birthday for example that 10 I had the stout 10th the beautiful like TP 10th
for my glamping trip I wish out to then to see if I could get
it done for my birthday and they wanted to work for me which is so amazing but
usually the brand’s reach out to me I don’t have time to be jealous with all
the friends but it is a really neat thing to be able to work with brands and
I’m super okay next question do you watch any
sports absolutely not I am NOT a fan of sports but Brandon my fiance he loves
watching sports so I will watch sports with him and like I went to the
University of Florida football is huge there in basketball so if I’m at the
game I really enjoy it if I’m if I’m able to physically be there I think it’s
really fun and I love the energy and there’s like electricity through the air
cuz everyone’s so hype so I do like it if I’m in person but I will never just
turn on ESPN and sit there and watch it okay next question do you have any
advice about trying to find a godly relationship oh this is tricky I wish
there was like a secret like oh all the good guys are hidden so no sounds up but
I would say to really just focus on being the best view that you can be and
just build yourself up and try to you know be ready for the kind of person
that you’re looking for so I think once you start doing that and start praying
for the type of guy you want and really I always hear this which is so cool I
never did this but um if you wreck I’ve heard that if you write down like all
the qualities that you want in a future has been and you pray for it like I’ve
heard multiple girls saying that they did that and then like they’re perfectly
I shut up so I think and I’ve been just being
consistent in prayer and trusting and God’s plan for your life and your love
life well really prevail and he will reward
you with the amazing future heavy okay so what was your greatest fear going
into college and how did you overcome it so before I went to college I was super
scared that every single person went to parties and frat houses and all that and
I was worried I would have zero friends because I don’t like to do that I like
to you know go to the movies I like to do
crafts and like sit in my room at night listen to music like I like to do chill
things I like to go to farmers markets you know not to go to parties and so I
was worried that I would be the only college person in the whole University
of Florida who didn’t want to do that but that was so not true I just that was
my biggest fear but I overcame it by just sticking to me I’m just doing what
I want to do and then I feel like just sticking to myself like sticking to what
I believed in what I wanted that attracted other people and other friends
who were like-minded so really that’s how I overcame it was just to not cave
in and go to parties because I felt like I needed to make friends I just stuck to
me and then everything fell into place my question before my favorite question
is how soon do you think you want kids guys I love kids so much I am so excited
to be a mom I pray every day I can become a mom like thoughts just I’m just
so excited um but we do want to wait a couple years at least um just so that we
can travel somewhere I know you can travel with kids but you know we want to
travel a lot so I don’t know it’s definitely more tricky with kids so we
wanted to stock off a few places offer bucket lists and then just have some
time living together out by ourselves and then probably have kids in two years
or so so not too far away but if we did get pregnant and like a gear I wouldn’t
be mad I would be so stinkin happy that would be like that yes thing all my life
so yeah and we also want to adopt oh my phone’s off
we’re good we’re good we also want to adopt kids so yeah I’m not sure when
well as often when we’ll have like biological kids I don’t know
well adopt first I don’t know I don’t have all that but I do love kids and
so yes yes yes we definitely want you if you can’t tell Brandon feels the exact
same way tip you love skits so we’re on the same page next session are you doing
any DIY projects before your wedding yes I am I’m not going crazy easily I have
some people holding me because I absolutely would love to do DIYs and I’d
love to do more I plan to do more this month but um doing DIY is super
time-consuming at least the ones that I like to Tube but yes we are doing some
um so mine are phasing about not as much as I would have anticipated that I would
do but definitely and I’m going to be making a video of a few DIY wedding
decoration ideas so I’ll be posting that soon I have lots of wedding videos
planned that will be coming out within the next few months explosion how do you
and your fiance resolve arguments great question
so how we’ve been dating for a long time so at this point we pretty much have
each other figured out and how we react when we have any kind of argument and
unfortunately I don’t react very well he reacts amazingly very mature but I am
getting better and I’m being more communicative which is really good but
um like when I was in high school and stuff when I when I was upset with
Brandon or anything with anyone really I am
total science treatment silent treatment kind of person if I’m upset with you I
don’t want and I don’t want to talk to you at all I want to lock my door and
just like give you a silent treatment until until I have to do it up you know
but that is not a good way to resolve any kind of argument with anyone so
thankfully I’ve grown out of that and I’ve matured so whenever we had an
argument we really just have to sit down and talk it out um we can’t if we’re in
an argument we do not leave each other and we do not we do not leave to go
somewhere else we do not give each other the silent street sign that tree
anymore we sit down like grown adults and express how we’re feeling
it’s not always easy but you know it’s it’s much more efficient to resolve an
argument if you are clear with one another and you just explain how you
feel and sometimes you won’t feel like super happy at the end but at least that
person knows what upset you and and moving forward they’ll be able to keep
that in mind so that’s kind of what we do we you just have to talk it out and
try to understand one another and put each other in the other person’s shoes
and since everyone is different people Brennan might not always understand why
why I feel a certain way and I might not understand why he feels a certain way
but you know I kinda have to accept that and just just realize that they’re
different so you need to be considerate of their feelings as well okay next
question someone asked are you Hispanic so not really I don’t think so
okay my grandma my grandma she is from Cuba so she is a hundred percent Cuban
and then she married an American so my mom is 50% Cuban and then my mom married
an American my dad it’s so that makes to you 25% Cuban so I’m a quarter Cuban I
don’t think that’s enough to cook because I don’t know no I don’t think so
but my granddad some Cuba I’m core to keep it okay do you think Disney will be
your forever job I don’t know I mean I love working for
Disney I absolutely love love love where he producing I love the company loved
people love the magic but I want to be a mom like I said I think all my life I’ll
work for Disney in some capacity so maybe not full-time maybe not I don’t
know who knows I’d love to be like on the moms blood panel one day or
something like that I don’t know I think in some capacity I’ll always for them
because they’re right there and they’re so amazing and I’ve worked for Disney
since I was 17 so kind of like a huge part of my life so we’ll see but it’s
not like I don’t know it’s not like my dream job to be CEO of Disney or
anything so I don’t really have a desire to climb up the corporate ladder of
Disney the Walt Disney Company so who knows okay to our questions I’ll wrap it
up I’ll then to do one of these female cuz they’re really fun so someone asked
do you think oh wait there are only one more question sorry okay remember 18
question number 18 FFF respectable are you scared of being
engaged at such a young age absolutely not not at all not even a
little bit but I guess it’s different for me because I have been like branding
for almost seven years so we do know each other so well and you’ve been
together through we’ve grown up together so I truly know like everything about
him so I think but we’re not married um so I’m not scared and we and we’ve
known this was coming for so long like we knew you wanted to marry each other
for years so it was just a matter of time and I
just didn’t want to be engaged in college I didn’t get married in college
cuz it’s a college as college and I wanted to focus on my classes and
volleyball but um yeah I’m not scared at all um it just makes sense for us to get
married we love each other we want to be with each other all the time he’s my
best friend so there’s just like so many reasons why
I’m not scared but but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being
engaged I am aged as long as you feel like you’re truly in a healthy
relationship that will last and you know you’ve asked each other the hard
questions I highly recommend a premarital counseling if you’re in a
relationship and you wanna get married but you just want to make sure that
you’re ready for that premarital counseling
I highly suggest it you can reach out to a church or something to get involved in
that I thought will really just help answer your questions and solidify your
decision to get married so come on Sara super excited but yeah that’s all the
questions thank you guys so much for asking them I love sitting down and
trying with you all if you have any more questions you can leave them in the
comments and I’ll try to answer them there but until next time I will see you
soon and have a beautiful day bye

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