Let’s Go to Dinner! | Dinosaurs for kids | Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Apatosaurus

Hello guys, I’m Kiwan! Today I’m gonna go
and meet some Dinosaur friends! Let’s get started! This one has a very strong jaw and some really large and sharp teeth It has two very large and strong legs with sharp claws and a giant tail to support its body But look how tiny those arms are! Now let’s color this dinosaur! Let’s color most of its body with green And from his jaw to the stomach, light green! Now it’s Glitter time!
Glue for Glitter! Green Glitter! Light Green Glitter! Hello, what’s your name? Hello, I’m Tyrannosaurus Rex! Call me T-rex! Well, I’m starving! Have you seen any of my friends? I have a dinner date I’m gonna go hunt them down Guys~ Where are you~? Guys, where are you? I think we may have found another one Now those two may look like eyes But, no! They are nostrils! Funny they’re on top of its head, right? and also a really really long neck to go with Now let’s color it! It’s violet from its nose to tail! Glue for Glitter! Violet Glitter! Hello, what’s your name? Hello, I’m Apatosaurs! Have you seen any of my friends? I’m supposed to have dinner with them right now Oh! Here comes one Here you are! Apatosaurus T-rex what’s up?
Where are the others? I didn’t see anyone
You know how slow those herbivores are Velociraptor is a carnivore actually… Come on! Here is another one of our dinosaur friends! Considering the size of its head,
compared to the size of its tail and body, This one looks rather small But seems quite feisty
if you look at those claws and sharp set of teeth It has a blue colored body With gold color in the front Now let’s put some glitter for its texture Sky blue glitter Gold glitter Hello, what’s your name? Hello, I’m Velociraptor! I’m so hungry!
Where are they? Where are they? Velociraptor!
We’ve been looking all over for you! T-Rex! Apatosaurs! What’s up? Nothing much,
been waiting for you to get dinner All right, Let’s go then! Uh, Triceratops isn’t here yet Oh, god! Triceratops! Well, we may have found the last guy
that’s joining us today Its mouth looks almost like the beak of a parrot’s! And it has one, two, three giant horns! They’re absolutely threatening and a frill to go with that! Such an interesting look! Now let’s color it orange! And yellow! And the horns and claws are silver! Glue for Glitter! Orange glitter! And silver glitter for the horns! Wow, hello, what’s your name? Hello, I’m Triceratops! Have you seen any of my friends? I’m a little late to meet them But I guess I’m the first one here! I don’t think that’s the case, Triceratops… Triceratops, why are you so late? Hello, my dear friends! Yeah, hello to you, too! Let’s go eat! Quick! T-rex is about to lose it! Sorry about that, let’s go! Good evening everyone!
What would you all like to have? A big fat chunky steak for me! Oh steak sounds nice!
But a smaller one for me, please! I’ll have a garden salad
extra extra extra large one, please! Same for me with extra crouton, please! Okay steak for the carnivores,
salad for the herbivores! Coming right up! Thank you for watching guys! If you want to see more of us,
please like this video! And subscribe to our Channel. Bye!

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