Let’s Play FUN SHOW HAND for Android: Gameplay Video

Hi guys! Janel Torkington of Appszoom here
today with a gambling game called Fun Show Hand – incredibly popular in Asia, and it’s
pretty well made. I’ve just been playing around with it a little this morning, so let me show
you how it works. You’ve only got a couple options here, and
the most appealing is to just tap PLAY. Let’s go for it. The design is kind of cool, it
looks like little paper cutouts kind of hanging against a theatre backdrop. We’ll start with
just “newbie,” that’s me. And you play with real people here. Fun Show
Hand looks like pretty standard Texas Hold ‘Em poker. You can choose how much you wanna
buy in with. I’ll play it safe and buy in pretty low this round. The system looks for real people. And here
are actual other users – I have to wait for their first hand to be over for me to be able
to play. You can see it works just like your standard game of Texas Hold ‘Em. There’s a
dealer in the center and each player gets two cards. Okay, I’ve got an eight here. Okay,
an eight is good enough that I’m gonna stay in for a bit, I’ll call. A Queen, okay. And
these other cards – are… hmm, okay, nobody else has a great hand… I’ll check. The nice thing about playing poker on an online
game is that nobody can see you – you don’t have any tells. My cards are not so good.
Neither are theirs! We’ll call. Folded! Okay. Oh sweet!! I have to flip one card. Okay,
I’ve got a pair. We’re gonna bet. Raise 50%. Bet! Oh yeah. I got a pair – I won!! Sweet!! Okay, there’s some interstitial ads here,
which is kind of interrupting. Start the next round. Hell yeah! Alright,
I’m already winning, guys. It’s a gooood morning. I’ve got a six – what happens if I choose
“Show Hand”? I guess it just plays it out like it is. One pair one pair – oh, I won
again! That’s some beginner’s luck. Alright! Sweet. Okay, I don’t know that that’s a strategy
you wanna take all the time, but that’s pretty cool. What happens if I tap it? Oh, then I
can — ahh, you can see of course what your other card is, but nobody else can. A five.
We’ll check, we’ll stay in. I wanna see how this plays out. I kinda like poker, guys. Somebody else raised? I’ll call. That’s alright.
I’ll stay in. A three. That’s kind of crappy. I think I might get outta here. Let’s fold.
And then we can watch the rest play out. Well, cool. You just can keep playing this for as long
as you like, basically. And then there are some other game modes to explore. So let’s
see if – okay, there’s another ad here. That happens sometimes when you end a round. Let’s
see if I can go back to the menu. Yes. I want to go back to the menu. So you could
obviously play through the whole round. Tired of ads? Okay, so I can pay to get rid of ads.
No, I don’t want to do that. So you can also look up how to play, in case you’re not sure,
and how to get coins and gems – standard double in-game currency. The coins you can win in-game
and the gems I assume you can pay for. They do different things, give different upgrades.
How to Play: just gives you the rules of poker in case you’re not sure. As you see, it functions pretty standard.
Let’s see what we can buy in the shop. Diamonds and coins themselves, items and frames. What
are items? Double experience, commission free. Okay. What’s that do? Well, okay, I don’t
really want that. And Frames? Is it to make…? Ohhh! Okay,
so I can frame my character like holidays. That’s pretty cool, actually. I can put panties
on my head. That’s nice. What’s upgrade? Titles or coins. Let’s see
titles. I can upgrade my win bonus, if I had a lot of coins. Ahh, I’m getting there. You
know, I did pretty good at that beginning part. Quests! So I guess these quests change daily?
I see. So, if you lose a lot or you win a lot or you play a whole lot then you can get
bonuses. What’s Friends? Oh, okay, I can invite my
friends and then I’ll get gems, which I can then spend on those cool little frames, or
on some other things. And I’ve got a little code to invite there, makes sense. Rankings, so I can see where I am in relation
to the rest of the world. Looks like this game is popular in China. I’m not quite there
yet. Dang, these people are seriously good at this game. I’m gonna have to play for a
while in order to beat them. And the Chest maybe is a daily bonus? Ready!
Yes, I want it. Well check it out, I get free coins. Do I like this game? Yeah, I do like this
game. Oh, it wants me to rate it. Well. I’m currently doing the video review so I’m not
gonna rate it right now, but you can, if you enjoy this game. And then if I tap on More
Games? I see. There’s some different bonuses that I can get. Okay, Fun Show Hand is a really solid poker
app. It’s pretty fun. It’s got a bunch of mechanisms in it to encourage you to want
to play a whole lot more. The dual in-app currency of the coins and the gems is a tried
and proven method. I like that you play with real people. Let’s make the buy-in a lot higher. Sweet! Here we go. Crank it up! I’m ready to gamble this morning. Baby needs
a new pair of shoes. It works really smoothly. The graphics are
great. If you’re into gambling apps, if you like playing poker, this is a really good
bet (ha, did you get that one?). It works super well. Oh, I have a pair. We’re definitely
raising. Raise the roof here. Raise it! Oh, players are out huh? Oh hey, one of those
guys I can see his face. Like I said, it’s really solid. I can highly recommend this
app if you’re into poker apps. Oh my god, I have three of a kind. We are
raising the roof here, people. Bam! Show hand! Alright! Oh, this is all mine. Yes! I’m a brilliant poker player. No, I don’t want the ad. Fun Show Hand is
totally, totally recommended for fans of this kind of genre. Look, I upgraded! No, I don’t
wanna watch a video. It’s a little bit interfering, like all the different ads and things, but
I understand, the devs have to make money somehow. It’s just a really well done app.
Pretty legitimately fun to play. So recommended. If you download it, please let me know how
you like it. For more app review videos as well as Let’s Play videos and How-tos, don’t
forget to subscribe to our channel. If you wanna play me in Fun Show Hand, let me know
and come challenge me. I’m totally up for playing poker with you all. Let’s Play FUN SHOW HAND for Android: Gameplay
Video Review by Janel Torkington for APPSZOOM

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