Let’s Play – Mario Party 8 Goomba’s Boardwalk Part 1

cheese! alright so lets um birdo! lets play! mario were gonna do level whatever what an odd selection nice there you go whoa ryan coming out on top

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  1. everything about these videos is exactly how i play mario party lmao. playing a family game with like minded friends yelling vulgar obscenities at the hilarious rng haha

  2. Ryan embodies my opinions on Wii games so hard in these let's plays. Shit never worked for my ass alone.

    His hate of Nintendo also seems to burn as brightly as mine.

  3. Re-watching this after the massive 50 turn let's play with Meg, Gavin, Lindsay, and Michael. Shout out to Gavin still getting screwed at the worst times.

  4. This could only be improved if we could see them flailing around with wiimotes on the motion control sections

  5. It still bothers me to this day how the top left goomba on the side of the game screen has a bit of its eye brushed out.

  6. It makes it difficult to see who is on who's team because it makes more sense for Wario and Waluigi to be on the same team and Birdo and Yoshi on the same team

  7. Isle Delfino, Super Mario Sunshine,, can't remember how to spell their name…
    But I played the heck out of Super Mario Sunshine as a kid so you can count on me to tell you about anything in it.
    Except names. I have enough of those to remember outside of games.

  8. Man this is the crew I miss 🙁 I miss ray and gavin and hearing ryan yell at gavin its 2019 and I want the old crew back 🙁

  9. Is Ryan the voice of Professor Port? I never knew Professor Port plays video games! Is Michael the voice of Sun Wukong? If you seen RWBY and notice their voices tell me!

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