Life in the Fast Lane ft. Saweetie | MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever

– Hey what’s up? It’s Saweetie and this is my
greatest party story ever. So, I was like 14 years old
at my best friend’s house. We were really bored
and we were just trying to find something going
on so we decided to borrow her sister’s car. So we both didn’t have our license, but between us both I
was the better driver. I knew how to drive since
I was in fifth grade. My dad is originally from the country, so they drove like tractors out there and I guess it’s normal for
people to you know drive early. So, he would take little
10 year old me out driving. I used to drive around parking lots and even on the freeway sometime. I’m the original baby driver. So, anyway it’s like 12am, we get dressed in like super tight jeans, you know the ones without
no pockets on them to make our butts look big. Super small tank tops you
know like minimal clothing. The belly is out, the arms are out. It’s the middle of the
winter time so it’s cold, but we’re just trying to look cute. We were like the most fly 14
year olds you’ve ever seen. But, also probably the coldest. We got the keys from her sister. All my girls they used to sneak out, you know you got to play music loud, you put the pillows underneath the covers, the whole sha-bang, that exactly what we did. We get out and we got the car, and we took off into the night. I’m driving, obviously because I’m an amazing
driver as I already said. Kadesha’s sisters’ car was kind
of like you know old school, like bucket hooptie. It was cute but you know it
wasn’t the most expensive thing. So we had two problems. We were almost out of gas, turned that thing on
and it said ‘E’ already, so no gas in the car and we had no money. Plus we needed to find
out where the boys was at. So we decided to go pick
up another friend of ours. She wasn’t really our friend, more so of an acquaintance
and she was a rich girl that knew all the boys. You know? So we swing by her crib, she hops in, we pull off. I literally look at the gas tank, I’m like “oh my gosh we’re on E.” I look at my friend “oh
my gosh we’re on E.” Girl we been knew we was on ‘E’. She sitting in the backseat she can obvioulsy see
that if we didn’t get gas we wasn’t going nowhere. So she immediately offered some money, which was the plan. So problem one is solved. Now we got to go find the boys. So I had just moved from
the Bay Area of Sacramento and I didn’t really know anybody. And our friend she was super nice, really pretty, but she wasn’t leading us to the boys like we thought she was going to do. The guys kept swerving her. Like she’d be calling them
and they’d be dodging her. And we literally just
trying to cheer her on, we’re like “okay girl just call him back, maybe he’s doing something.” Like we were really just
trying to kick it that night. So we got cute, we got the gas, but now we have nowhere to go. So we’re driving around
Natomas, Sacramento, kind of same thing by each other, just trying to find something to do. We finally find a house
party that’s popping. It’s a garage party in the hood. If you’re from Sacramento
you know the garage parties you know, over there is super fun. Me and my best friend love to dance so we’re just having a really good time. When you dancing with a guy
and he gives up or he falls or he does something
where he can’t keep up, it’s called breaking him. So, you know we dancing if we break a guy, we’re like “oh yeah you broke him.” So we at the party, didn’t really find anybody that
was interested in you know, none of them guys was my type. So we’re driving around again, I’m starting to get
irritated because you know plan A was executed. We cute, we got gas, but nowhere to go. No boys to meet up with. So I’m just kind of over the night by now. We stop at a red light and a
cop car pulls up beside us. I’m 14, she 14, we 14. No licenses and we’re just scared sitting at the stop light next to a cop car. I don’t know what got into me, but for some reason I
put my foot on the gas and I run the red light. I mean I don’t know. Maybe it was the pressure. But all of my good driving
skills go out the window and I kind of just crack. I feel like God was just
on our side that night, ’cause the cop must’ve
been eating a donut, must’ve just got a call or something because he didn’t pull me over. But now my heart is beating so fast, Kadesha’s cussing me out, she’s like losing her mind. We’re yelling at each other. – “What the (bleep)! Why you run the red light?” – And I’m just like “Bitch you
don’t even know how to drive” “Don’t talk to me that way!” And she’s like, “Bitch I can you just ran my
sister’s in front of the cops. Pull over, get the fuck out, I’m driving.” So then I’m like okay girl whatever drive. It’s your sister car so if
you mess it up that’s on you. So I pull over, hop out, and Kadesha gets into the front seat. And we’re trying to get
the car back to the house before her sister notices it’s gone. Homegirl in the backseat is
just you know at this point I feel like she feels awkward. So we drop her ass off at the house, and we start to head back to Kadesha’s. Kadesha and I are still
screaming at each other. She’s still pissed off about the red light even though nothing happened. And I’m pissed because she’s actually not doing a bad job at driving. So we’re literally about
to get back to the crib, at the intersection
turning onto the street where the apartments are, this girl runs into a pole. And her sister runs out and
is like what the (bleep) . Now I’m hella pissed ’cause it’s just like girl you just cussed me out
for running a red light, but now you just run into a pole, wrecked your sister’s car, and now she just caught us. Ha, that’s what you get. And that’s why you don’t tell
Saweetie she can’t drive. – If you want to see more stories, more videos like this, make sure you click the link right here and subscribe to MTV.

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  3. Lol great story. I pulled the same.stuff when I was barely 15 in my car that I wasn't allowed to drive anywhere but our road til I was 16 and all was well til we passes my mother in town cause she got off work.early and Hurd my system bumping lol we was all dressed like u was to lol disaster but least we didn't wreck my car lol they took my keys but I had a spare that I kept and we snuck out all the time after they d pass out. I'd let coast in neutral down the hill til they couldn't hear and never got caught again lol

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