Life Update- A Marriage, a Baby, & 2 Dogs! Where have I Been for 7 Years?!

Hey everybody it’s Sara from The Style Blog.
I’m back again. I know I promised a life update video so that’s what this video is going to
be. I know I’ve been gone a long time. A lot’s happened in my life. I know a lot’s happened
in your lives since I’ve talked to you guys last so let me know what’s up in your lives
too because I’d love to hear from you & connect with you guys. I feel like the last time I
saw you guys I posted a life update video and I was still really grieving my brother’s
passing, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to the video on my channel. He passed
in the 2011 Joplin tornado. So that was very heartbreaking to me obviously and it took
me a long time to learn how to function after that. I thought I could come back to YouTube
to make videos, but it was just so heartbreaking to me because he’s the one who got me started
on YouTube videos and I just couldn’t do it without being completely grief stricken so
I obviously have been gone a long time. I feel like I’m ready to be back, and I’ve had
so many changes in my life since then. So last time you guys saw me I was just finishing
my Bachelor’s degree. Actually I think I just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration
from the University of Arkansas in financial management/investments and retail marketing.
That is the biggest mouthful ever! So I graduated a semester early. I adopted Lydia. I think
I showed you guys Lydia last time. She’s my best bud & I love her so much. So that next
spring, Easter of 2012, my now-husband, then-boyfriend, Grant proposed to me. Obviously I said yes.
So then we got married later that year, and I will post some wedding pictures. We got
married in August of 2012, and then we lived in Joplin for a couple of years. I worked
with the Will Norton Miracle Field then, and that was the best experience because we got
to work with Rotary and Keller Williams to build this special needs baseball field in
Joplin called the Will Norton Miracle Field, and it was such a blessing to the community
& also our family, but that’s obviously not the point of it. It was so, almost, healing
in a way to go out there & see Will’s name all over the place & these kids having so
much fun. So any kid could participate in the baseball games: blind, deaf, autistic,
cerebral palsy, wheelchair-ridden, any special need. We would find a way for them to be able
to participate in this baseball game. No one wins, no one loses. They had so much fun.
Each game an adult or another child “buddies.” You partner up with a player and kind of go
through the game with them & run the bases with them &all sorts of things & help them
with stuff they need help on & if they don’t, just be their friend for the day. That was
so much fun. I didn’t miss a game when we lived in Joplin. It was the best experience.
I had so, so much fun, and I know the kids did too. I was on their board for awhile.
I was the treasurer. That was such a blessing in my life, and I have the best memories from
that time. So right after Grant & I got married we adopted another dog Reagan who is our 150-pound
Newfoundland. A “gentle giant” is what they call Newfoundlands, and she really is. She’s
the sweetest dog ever & she’s huge & I love her so much, and she’s been such a blessing
in our lives too. So we love our 2 dogs. We love taking them on trips hiking, and we took
a huge Airstream trip down to Florida & then one to Colorado. We took them on these trails
& it was so much fun. That was one of the best memories since you guys have seen me.
I love that time so much. So, in 2014 we moved to Kansas City for my husband’s schooling,
and while we were there, I kept thinking, “I want to do something different with my
life.” I have the best memories, ok not the best memories, but I have amazing memories
of these nurses who took care of my family when we were in the hospital after the tornado.
My dad was super hurt & had to have multiple surgeries. He had so many broken bones, and
these nurses who took care of him and also took care of our family, because we were hurting
so badly at that time, just left this lasting impact on me. I knew in my heart that I wanted
to be able to give back to people in the way that those nurses gave to us so I decided:
Oh my gosh, I’m going to become a nurse! So I attended Mid America Nazarene University
in Olathe, Kansas. It’s just around Kansas City. It’s a suburb of Kansas City. I got
my Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and then I knew that I wanted to do ICU nursing because
I wanted to impact the sickest people who needed not just nursing care, but also emotional
care the most. I applied to ICU. I started in ICU at a top hospital in Kansas City right
after I graduated, and then I worked there until I had my daughter. So Grant & I said,
“Hey, we’ve been married 5 years. We’ve been together like 9 years. So it’s time to have
kids.” So we tried & ta-da! I was pregnant. We found out we were having a girl, & we were
so excited, and I gave birth to her in July of 2018. Since then I have been a full-time
mommy. So I really missed you guys so much, and I missed this community so I decided:
why have I not made videos? I feel like I’m ready to come back & I feel like my grief
almost about my brother Will & his connection with YouTube & me just only being able to
see him from YouTube has transformed into a gratitude almost for me. I’m so glad that
he introduced me to this community. Now we have our own little Style Blog community.
You all are so supportive & loving. I’ve missed you guys so much. Now when I think of YouTube
I just think that I made so many cool memories with Will because of YouTube so I want to
keep making memories with you guys with YouTube also. So it’s not like a grief thing for me
anymore. It’s more like I’m just incredibly grateful. I’m incredibly grateful for the
time I got to spend with Will & YouTube & this community, & for each one of you who’s ever
watched my videos. I don’t know. I pray for you guys every day. Those people who watch
my videos & support me, thank You God for all of them because you guys are amazing & you’ve
been a huge part of this healing process for me & I just want to thank you from the bottom
of my heart. I want these videos to be a blessing to your life & also a blessing to my life.
I hope I’m a positive channel you can go to to just be yourself & to have fun & laugh.
I just can’t tell you enough. I know I’ve said this like 100 times, I am so so so grateful
for all of you. I encourage you to come connect with me in the comments here or on Instagram
or Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is. If you made it through this whole video, thank
you, and I will see you guys again soon. I hope to connect with you all, and thank you
again, & I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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  1. It’s so good to hear about what you’ve been up to. It sounds like you’ve made a huge impact on people’s lives and to do it in Will’s memory, is just so beautiful. I’m so glad your back, I first found your channel when I was looking for hair videos and I just loved your honesty. Keep going. You have loyal subscribers xx

  2. we are so happy for you to be back. you have no idea how much we love you and support you. Never stop making videos you are such an inspiration 💕

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  6. I remembered hearing about what happened to your brother. I am really sorry for your loss and wherever Will is, he is thinking of you always.

  7. I’m so glad you’re back! When I watched you before I was in high school and didn’t have my plan figured out. Now I’ve worked in ICU for 2 years and I’m going to nursing school! So crazy to hear you say you did that! That’s amazing!! Your family is beautiful! Congratulations! What’s your daughters name? 😍

  8. I'm so so happy you are back! You where the first YouTuber I ever watched. You really got me in to YouTube, other YouTubers & into make-up. My first video was a make-up or hair tutorial of you! 😀 I missed you so much and I really was thinking about you this year.. and watched your video's back & It made me feel so nostalgic, haha! 😁 Happy you are well ✨ Can't wait for more of you! 💛

  9. So nice to have you share. It must have been hard to say all that you did. I appreciate it that you did. Keep smiling and remember that you are blessed. Latina

  10. Oh my gosh I just love you. I am currently back in school for my nursing degree. I have been working in the hospital setting for a long time and it just felt like time. It's wonderful to see you back

  11. Omg?! You’re back! I’ve missed you uploading videos. I’ve continued to follow in hopes that you would still upload and you did! So happy for you 😊

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    Love from Denmark

  13. You’re wedding pics are gorgeous.. it’s so nice to see how you keep Wills memory alive ❤️ and oh wow big dog lol they are sooo cute too! And you’re a mommy! And you’re a nurse now!! You’re are doing wonderful things ❤️

  14. I know that your brother would be proud of you for finding peace and happiness and getting back to a point where you can come back to YouTube. I'm excited to see whatever content you're going to be making now that you're a mom!

  15. Oh my god!!!! 😮😮😮😮 I was in high school when I started watching you. I remember saving every dollar to buy all the stuff you would recommend lol . Now I'm 25 still taking the gummy vitamins you recommended.

  16. it’s so nice to see how much healing you’ve gone through during your break off youtube. 💛 in the past seven years i went to and graduated from high school, went to college and dropped out, and now am finally standing on my two feet after thinking that my life was over. it’s funny that once i started believing in myself, the more grateful and appreciative I feel for life grows. 🙌🏾

  17. I may not know you but I bet Will your brother wants you to make more videos! his spirit is with you! you are making a difference on YouTube community! I need to start putting up videos.

  18. I would love a daily routine video! What’s your daughters name? Crazy to think I was 13 or 14 when you last posted! Now I’m married and expecting my own daughter!

  19. I never unsubscribed because I knew you'd be back one day! Since then, I've graduated from college, university, got a boyfriend, bought myself a dog, and a car! now I'm back in school which has been a dream of mine to do for the past 10 years – to earn my masters degree 🙂

  20. this video was a very uplifting to me. I remember watching your grief after your brother died and seeing so many positive things happen in your life since then gives me hope for a brighter future. thank you ♥️

  21. So pleased for you and your beautiful family, Sara! Sounds like you are really doing something in your life that makes a difference – definitely meant to be! I've been watching your channel from the UK since like 2010, I even remember winning one of your old giveaways! It's so funny, I live in the UK in a random town and at work we had a new girl start with us from JOPLIN and you were literally the first person I thought of and we had a chat about you and the tornadoes and it just felt like SUCH a small world! SO glad you are back, and can't wait to see what you do with this channel!

  22. I' m so happy for you lovely!!! Welcome back!!! I've been meaning to ask you if you still take the gummy vitamins or have you taken pre natal vitamins before ttc? I've been trying for more than an year with no luck, and I am pretty upset about it. I can' t believe you are back. Every once in a while I used to rewatch your old videos… are you really going to post every week it seems surreal. You look stunning and you have such a big heart, you are such a big inspiration to me !!!

  23. omg i was just looking through my old playlists from a couple of years ago and your room tour video stuck out to me! it was so nice to watch it again after a couple of years haha and i’m seeing that you uploaded yesterday? idk why this is crazy to me lol but i’m glad your back!

  24. I am so happy to hear from you. We understand and sympathize with grieving the lost of your brother. Through you we heard his story and we appreciate you even more. Congratulations on becoming a mother! On your future videos know that we love you, try not to sound nervous, you are family to us. 😘❤️

  25. It’s so crazy, I used to watch your videos when I was 16 and now I’m 25. I just randomly thought of you a few days ago, then I saw a new video of yours in my subscription box for the first time in so many years!! 😊

  26. I am so happy that you are back on YouTube. Congratulations on getting married. What is your husband name ? Is there a wedding video ?

  27. So Glad you’re back! I have thought of you often over the years I always loved your videos. I am so excited you decided to come back!

  28. I'm so glad that you're back I've never waited for anyone in my life as much as I have waited for your videos and life updates. I found your instagram too but didn't send a request coz I think it is for your close friends and family.
    Its really good to see you happy!♥️

  29. Omg…I saw the video you did about your brother years ago and have always thought of you but was not able to find tour channel again(because i didnt have an account then). Your story touched me, and I always thought of your mom and how she KNEW what happened with will. I just now found you again. And am soooo happy you are doing well. I hope your family is doing well again! One love

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  33. You probably will not see this but I’ll just leave this here.

    It’s so crazy to hear from you. I was sooo jealous of your room back then. Damn I was so little. I actually started thinking that the videos that you made were just my imagination or something but that room kind of poped up every once in a while in my mind so today I wrote “room tour 2012” in yt search and your room your was the first one. So then all the memories came back and just wow.. I was such a fan back then and was so sad when the sad thing happened to you. You look so happy and joyful now. I’m very happy for you and proud of how much you’ve done since then! ❤️❤️

  34. I often thought and prayed for your family over years and I’m so so happy you have popped back up in my subscription box. You have done such amazing things in your life and inspire me to be a better person! ❤️

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