Christmas the sound of holiday bells sweet tinkling music smell of ginger bread stars, lights Christmas cards and the everlasting tree brings back to the memories of my Christmas So this Christmas instead of spending time with family. We took a holiday vacation to loyalty Island This was an ultimate holiday vacation as Royal Caribbean made it a stress less Christmas Morning It’s Day 6 and we are now heading towards 3rd island which is the Loyalty Island And we are going to visit a new place called Lifou So this is our third island from among the South Pacific and lets see what Lifou heads us for We’re at the dining room to whip some delicious breakfast from a wide variety of selections like scrambled eggs Fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon and fresh fruits. You can enjoy all of it along with the best view The tiny island that you see over there is Lifou the island is a part of Loyalty Island Today the ship has been anchored and after our breakfast, we followed the tender process and get to the island After a five-minute of boat ride we have finally reached the island The water here is a crystal-clear water and is a combination of different colors The island is famous for sheer cliffs, white sand beaches and fringing reefs Lifou’s local culture has been widely preserved allowing visitors to learn more about the people from generations If you are interested, you can take a village tour and meet the residents and try local delicacy Once you reach the island you have four main attractions a Catholic Church, a cave next to the church, Jinek Bay and Jokins Cliff To cover the complete island we can either rent a bike which is quite cheap or we can walk and we preferred to walk This church was built by Catholic missionaries in 1898 it is a wonderful example of missionary architecture a solid building with high ceiling with a single entrance and you can see windows at both sides Just beyond the church you will find some guides ready to take you inside a cave experience After the cave we walk back a little way to Jinek Bay The weather was beautiful which made the water shine throughout The island is famous for its reefs You can either swim in deep waters or on the side to enjoy the coral reefs and fish You need to pay $15 to snorkel and the money is contributed towards a good cause of preserving the reef The interesting fact that you’re not allowed to wear sunscreen while snorkelling as it apparently damages the coral reefs, but if you’re a water baby, it’s definitely worth a shot We spend some time at the markets and along the beach and Slowly made our way back to the tender boat and back to the ship There was this beautiful gesture from Royal Caribbean to bring Christmas gifts to the children living in the island It was now time for me to go back We are back in our ship and enjoying our Christmas cocktails We booked an outdoor cabana and enjoyed the rest of the evening watching my favourite movie Lion King Christmas is incomplete without a fabulous festive dinner We opted for a fine dining with a three-course meal For entree. I had Penne pasta For main I had mashed potato and lamb chops with burnt orange and for desert I had a chocolate cake and Rum Baba Rama Baba is a small cake saturated in syrup made with rum After a delicious Christmas dinner We went to Royal Theater to see a live performance of a band called ‘Springs Alive’ The act was performed by a couple and they played very well with the guitar, piano and violin Making it a perfect evening with lot of classics Thanks guys for watching this Christmas vlog I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give it a like and comment below if you would like to spend your special holidays in the midst of the sea Make sure you subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time. Byeeeee

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