Lisa Is in Love With a Nigerian Rapper | 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

I’m leaving in a few days to
meet the man that I have fallen in love with, Usman a.k.a. SojaBoy, for the
first time in person. He is my best
friend, my confidant. We complete each other. He is my baby love. We’ll do the Oreo cookie. OK. I’m cool. LISA: My friends are
very skeptical because he is from Nigeria, but I’m
very sure because our love is very real. So you have a
date yet to leave? I’m going to be leaving
in a couple of days. So what are y’all
going to do over there? Well, we will be married
over there in Nigeria. God, I hope so. About nine months
into the relationship, this man called me on video. And he said, baby love,
will you marry me? I was like, what
did you just say? He said, will you marry me? I said I’m accepting your
proposal under the stipulation that it’s temporary because
I want it to be in person. I know it’s crazy
to marry someone that I have not physically
met, but I have never felt like this in my life.

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  1. This DJ is using her for GC ,why these women dont understand this .. If he married her and she gets him AK1 that would boost his DJ business in America big time…. This guy is very fame is very popular in Nigeria.. Are women on Instagram Facebook Twitter you name it he could have young gorgeous… The sea they know which ones to pick for the lonely ones that are looking for love the elders…. This is going to be another Danielle and mohamed… Gonna get a heart broke.. And back to the state she goes all by herself.. Because this guy only is looking for one thing then that's GC.. Every night he thinks about her he probly says it's OK baby I want that green card and just like Michael he'll do anything to get it… Though Nigeria has a traveling band… Maybe doesn't know who knows but these women have to know these men just tolerate them for one reason and it's not a good reason you're being use played but I guess when you have something that young and that sexy all over you and your 53 I guess I just turns you on

  2. How can you be in love with and be ready marry someone that you never met in person?? Unlike mail order brides from back in the day who often didnt have a choice of who purchased them for marriage these folks are willingly seeking after and allowing themselves to get used smh

  3. That 52 year old should have no business messing with no 30 year old! She need to find guys her age and stay away from her son's age

  4. Why does every season of this show have an old granny chasing after a young black guy from Africa ? Is it a requirement to be an old horny grandma that sleeps with men half their age ???

  5. She is 52 and looks like a 65. She doenst taking care of herself. She think he is in love with Her. Come on. He has a good looking and can have all beautifull women.

  6. TLC have the same formula for every season to bring ratings. All the new couples mirror previous couples. Show is becoming more scripted and less documentary.

  7. Trust me, and i will make you an honest bet, but you have to pay up when i'm correct. This guy is a faker, he's conning you and i will bet you 1,000 bucks that once you get him into the states and he gets his green card, he's out. Full Stop!! The guys an artist and come on that should be a red flag to you right there. He wants to pursue his career in the states because he can only do so much in Nigeria. Lisa, don't be a fool. He's telling you exactly what you want to hear and then he'll dump your ass dear. Watch and see.

  8. This guy is totally using her for a green card. It is so obvious. So sad because she really has feelings for this scammer

  9. Wow you are delusional never will he marry you. He using you for a green card besides Nigeria is banned from US. Your so old wake up he don't want you just using you

  10. Yolanda this man is not British he a fake I believe he from another place why can't he buy a phone since he runs a restaurant he a fake listen to his accent that not British he ask for money he a scammer

  11. Poor boy! These old women again, going after, and polluting these young promising men who should enjoy their youthful age. Anyways, what is my own? They both know what they are looking for.

  12. Another Angela. They don't replace Darcy she is in every season with larger lips. Just because her surgery's are free does not mean she needs to distort herself. Like giving an alcoholic unlimited free drinks, a food addict free fast food. So tired of the same old crying drunk Darcy.

  13. When she told her friend she was going to have sex with him without a condom cause she had him checked for aides and other sexually transmitted diseases I was like🤢🤢🤢

  14. Omg he looks like a damn dork!! These poor old women thinking these young guys want them.. no honey he wants your money and a visa!!

  15. How about let’s all stop being so one sided about young black Nigerians wanting a greedcard, and let’s look at the old white women that go all they way over there to exploit them for sex.

  16. You just have to go back to past shows where there's an older american woman involved and a young Nigerian or Haitian or other third world countries and see the statistics. If someone can show me that one of these relationships have actually lasted, then obviously you've proved me wrong and i will apologize. I'm just going by the stats. This Nigerian guy is famous in his area as a rapper/entertainer and this woman is actually naive enough to think that he's faithful to her? Omg, please stop! The only way i'd believe that is if the guy's a Eunuch and even then i'd have my doubts.

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