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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY before today I’m gonna show you how to
make a boys baby shower centerpiece and setup here we go today I’m going to be making a little
mister or a little man baby shower centerpiece the one with the cute little
bow ties and mustache which is absolutely adorable I love this theme
and I have lots of painting to do so let’s get started the first thing I’m
going to do is paint this piece of wood with metallic silver spray paint
original price was $7.99 from Hobby Lobby but I used my 40% discount coupon
and it was about five bucks I’m going to be painting this off-camera I no longer
paint on camera because I think it’s unnecessary but if you want me to bring
painting back on camera let me know let me know what you think alright guys I’ll
be right back well away from I will plaque to dry I’m moving on to my paper
mache letters I chose paper mache letters because they are cheaper than
wood letters for this size these were $2.99 each and the wood ones
are usually $5.99 per letter and you should actually I encourage you to check
out all the paper mache products at Hobby Lobby or Michaels they are
incredibly cheap and so so nice so you should do that so I’m going to be
painting the letter B in navy blue this is deep blue or deep Navy and I’m going
to be painting the letter O half white and half Navy and then I’m going to also
be painting the Y with both colors this one is going to have stripes this one is
going to be 1/2 and 1/2 and this one is going to have polka dots
alright let’s do it I’m such a mess for the oh I’m going to
measure the height of this so I can make sure that I’m going to have you know
proportionate right when I do half in half so right here I almost have 8
inches so I’m gonna do it at 4 so right here is the middle okay so this half is
going to be Navy and this half is going to be white ok so I don’t trust myself
so I’m going to use some painters tape to cover some of that I should have done
this first but you know I like to wing it but now I’m scared to wing it so I’m
going to place some painters tape right here I’m going to let this half dry and then
I’m going to move on to my white for the Y I’m going to paint the entire letter
white and then I’m going to make the stripes in blue now I’m going to use a round foam brush
to make the polka dots on my letter B now I’m going to let the polka dots dry
and then I’m going to add some silver glitter to some of them now I’m going to
add painters tape to this area right here where the blue is so I can easily
and without any worries paint aside white okay so now we’re just gonna let it dry
moving on to my Y and I’m going to be using my painters tape to make my
stripes I’m actually going to use the tape to measure my stripes because I
want them the same width of the painters tape which is a little bit under one
inch this is going to be blue or spoke to here so I’m going to mark that so I want the top to be blue and I’m
going to cover the bottom of that which is going to stay white and then this is
going to be blue then I’m going to cover this part right here for my white and you kind of have to like vent a
little in order to get this straight because if you just go as he wants to go
originally or as he wants to go naturally he’s going to go up so you
kind of have to bend it so he can give you a straight line and here are my letters aren’t they’re
nice they’re so so cute loving them now I’m going to add a little glitter to
make them pop a bit I’m going to add some to some of the white polka dots I’m
also going to add some to this middle part right here and to the why I’m not
sure yet but I’m definitely going to add it because everything has to flow nicely
I’m going to use tacky glue to bond my glitter there’s no particular reason I’m
using this particular glue you can use whatever you have at home I’m gonna let it sit for a bit and I’m
going to move on to my letter O for the oh I’m going to use painters tape to
make sure that the line that I’m going to make with the glitter is going to be
smooth so I’m just going to place a little bit right here living a little
bit of the blue ex-post and then I’m going to do the same with the white I’m
gonna leave a little bit of the white exposed I’m also gonna let this sit for
a bit and I’m gonna move on to my wife I think I’m going to go with little white
glitter and then white and then glitter so every other white is going to be
glitter which means only two so that’s not bad
alright so I’m going to use my painters tape to make sure that it’s nice and
neat alright I’m gonna let this sit and I’m
gonna go back to my letter B I’m going to use this little piece of foam that I
got from a foam brush and I’m going to use it to dust off some of the glitter
that you see on the letter and here’s my letter B there’s some stubborn glitter
lingering around but that’s alright love the way it turned out now I’m going
to dust off D oh and the Y and then I’m going to show you how it looks and
here’s my plaque or ready to go I painted it metallic silver I was torn
between gold and silver but I’ve been using a lot of gold so I decided to go
with silver and I like it a lot now I’m going to go ahead and Center the letters
on the plaque make sure that when you Center your letters you’re not only
centering from the front you also need to Center it from these sides so when
you have a side view or someone is sitting on this side it’s in the middle
as well now I’m going to secure the letters with hot glue I’m going to add this bow to the letter
O but I’m going to also add a little bit of this ribbon right here in the middle
because he has talked about and it totally goes with it and then I’m going
to place it right here okay guys so I couldn’t find any mustaches mustaches
must how do you say baby mustache mustaches geez mustard I can say
mustaches mustache I can say mustache but I cannot say mustaches mustaches
yeah that’s what I said I think no okay guys so I couldn’t find any mustaches
thank you I couldn’t find any mustaches I liked
but I did find this cake toppers and I’m just going to cut this dick off and also
one thing I did not like them on the letters I didn’t I don’t know if you
guys to but I don’t I kind of like them past table scatters so I’m just going to
place them around the table and see how it goes for now I’m just gonna play
someone here I’m not gonna glue them down and this presumes our project okay
guys this is it this is my little man or little mr. baby shower centerpiece and I
absolutely you guys know it love it it is adorable and at the same time guys
this is so so elegant this is definitely a go-to centerpiece for my sophisticated
momma to be you can definitely use this at your reception for your baby shower
but make sure that you also paint the backside of the letters and can you
believe I only spent $20.00 in supplies I already
had the acrylic paint and that only cost about $1.99 each so you only want to be
spending between 20 to 25 dollars for this beautiful centerpiece I hope you
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alright guys until next time bye

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