LIVE Glow at home DIY Black light painting party with The Art Sherpa Vlog

[opening music] [Hello my friends, the time of day is here…] Cinnamon: Hey! I’m Cinnamon Cooney. I’m your Art Sherpa, and today I am in crazy makeup. What is all of this fun nonsense about? You see some interesting paintings here. Well, if you’re following on Facebook or Periscope or Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed there’s been some UV art going on. Some blacklight art party in the studio happening. I’ve been designing and creating and testing And now I’m kind of ready to take this amazing project live. So the idea is it’s so fun to paint in UV light, and it’s really easy to do at home, and the materials are actually easy to get. I have this whole broadcast today, this whole live broadcast today, is about showing you guys what you can buy. What you need to have to get ready, for the blacklight party. We’re gonna have our first one on the twentieth. For the CAC animal hashtag event and we might have a second one over the weekend, and then of course we’re gonna do fire cat. So let me explain the materials to you. and you’ll see in a minute why all of this John: We’re broadcasting….. Cinnamon: Are we not broadcasting?
John: We seem to have some broadcasting problems. I’m not sure if we’re- we’re- we’re in black, but we don’t seem to be picking up online. Cinnamon: Hmm. John: So, we’re gonna see if we can stop and then try this again, so hold on just a second. Let’s see if- Hold on. Let me refresh over here and see if… Oh no. We’re good. We seem to be live.
Cinnamon: We are? John: Yeah, we are. It seems that- There’s seems to be some problems. If you’re plugged in when we first go live. I’m gonna turn my mic up a little here. If you’re plugged in, if you’re standing by when we first go live, sometimes it doesn’t refresh, and you have to refresh the screen Cinnamon: Ohhh…
John: In order for it to pull the live back up. Cinnamon: Are we hearing from anybody? John: We are. I’m refreshing the screen right now. There are a bunch of people in chat, but for some reason when I refreshed- There it goes. Cinnamon: There it goes.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: So this is a new Beta feature from YouTube that we’re using. John: No, we’re not currently using that right now.
Cinnamon: We’re not?
John: We’re still using the standard broadcast. Cinnamon: Then I don’t know what we’re doing. See the wall. Between dear hubby and I is, uh, is confusing. As long as everyone’s getting to comment. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So I’m gonna talk about how you might have a blacklight art party at home really easily. Um, you know. Just right there in your house, with yourself, with your friends, with your kids. With just anyone you want to have it with. And the first thing that I’m gonna show you here is this awesome lamp. So, this is just any lamp. I got this, um, really at discount. At Home Depot. I also got this fluorescent UV bulb. Which is, it’s actually on right now. And you want to get the fluorescent bulbs. You don’t want to get- Party City has a lot of great blacklight supplies, but we didn’t like their bulbs. We tested it. Really, Depot and Lowe’s are the best place, to get those really good fluorescent bulbs. John: And yeah, just to be clear. It’s not just the fluorescent. It’s that you don’t want to use incandescent bulbs, and that’s that’s the standard light bulb that’s been sprayed or painted with a blacklight filter. And those just don’t put out nearly as much light as the actual fluorescent bulbs, and that’s like the curly-q one right there on the table that you see. That’s an actual fluorescent blacklight, and those put out quite a bit of light. Three of those in a room and it puts out quite a bit.
Cinnamon: And actually just one near your easel. Now I did a cool thing with this. I’m gonna show it here. We just got also at Home Depot, the Rustoleum fluorescent paint. And we embellished our easel here. You can see that with a bunch of colors. We embellished our lamp. I also kind of went at our brushes, which are just the Daler and Rowney Simply Simmons brushes, which were super economical. And I spray painted this. I found a lot of times in the store, you’d think something would definitely glow in blacklight. Ok, if you were in Periscope with me, um, you would see my will it glow? Cause there was a lot of stuff that did not glow. So, what we found was, in paint and in product, if it says fluorescent, or glow in the dark, or neon you’ve got a pretty great chance it’s gonna glow. Neon sometimes will not glow. Mostly your yellow green and pink will, and sometimes your orange. But then the other colors will not be as glowy. Um, definitely none of the brights. If it’s labeled bright, or just looks neon, it does not necessarily glow. So that was sort of an interesting thing we came to. The other thing we learned is there’s just a ton of products out there, for every budget in blacklight. And I’m gonna talk about some of them. So, initially I went to Jerry’s Artarama, like you do, and I got the Matisse Derivan version of paint. And I also got some Lukas. Ok. I got some of this Lukas paint right here. Now I really love the Lukas. Lukas had a glow in the dark paint I was bananas about. If you can get it and order it online, this stuff is so cool, and it glows whether or not the blacklight is on. Also, I had some old Artist Loft neon paints, that I purchased, oh, about a year and a half ago. Interesting thing about these is the Artist Loft loses its glow, cause these were dimmer than they should be. Things I found I really- Like I got this new one. It’s bright as all get out. So as long as it’s new and it’s fresh, the glow seems to be good. The big discovery was this Artist Loft set, at Michael’s. Purple is your hardest color to get in neon. The violet, blue, and purple, and white. Those are gonna be your harder colors to get. This set all did a pretty great glow. Was two ninety nine. Two ninety nine! I was like that’s totally reasonable. The other company that I found had a lot of great glow was this Americana. Now, all of the craft paints had a glow version, and it was really just down to if it said neon or glow in the dark, for sure it was gonna glow. The glow in the dark sometimes all just glows green, though, interestingly enough. It does not show the color. The fluorescent is about a hundred percent of the time gonna work for ya, so that’s interesting. And these were like, fifty nine cents a bottle. Martha is also in the game, Miss Martha Stewart was also in the game. She had some great glow products. And here is where if you just have to have purple. I’m a person- I- I’m gonna switch cameras on you, John. John: It’s trying to! It won’t switch!
Cinnamon: It won’t switch. John: Hold on.
Cinnamon: I’ll wait til it switches.
John: There it goes. Cinnamon: Ok, is it switched, cause it’s not switched here. John: Oh, you’re right. It is. I see what you’re saying. Hold on. [Cinnamon laughs]
John: For some reason, it didn’t- The switcher’s showing it- there ya go. Cinnamon: Ok. Hey! So, I don’t know about you. I have to have purple in my life. It’s like, I need purple. Purple’s essential. I need some purple in everything I do. You- Unless you got to the specialty paint companies, that specialize in UV paint for movies and theme parks, by the way, they want a crazy amount of money, and this is even compared to Golden, for the paint. Um… Air brush. Go to the air brush section of your art store and they will have a whole line of truly fluorescent paints in violets, pinks, teals. All the crazy colors. It will be highly fluid, cause it’s gotta be able to shoot through an air brush gun. But if you understand it’s gonna come out like water or ink, you can just work with it. And that’s fantastic. That was a great place to get. A color that I want you- Thank you, John. A color that I want you guys to try to and get is a white fluorescent. If you can get it, get it. You’re gonna be able to get yellow. You’re gonna be able to get green. You’re gonna be able to pink, and you’re gonna be able to get blue and orange. Pretty much everywhere. It’s gonna be a little more of a hustle to get your reds and to get a teal. It’s gonna be really hard to get the purple, but if you can find the white. And it’s going to have to also, like, tell you that it’s fluorescent white. That’s the white you want, is this crazy reflective white. John: So, it seems that there’s an overwhelming response for purple. Cinnamon: Yes.
John: Purple seems to be a very fond fluorescent color Cinnamon: Yeah. It just- I’m just saying, like the purple, the best purple, and you’re gonna see it when we- we’re gonna turn the black lights on so you can see why all of this is happening at some point. Other interesting thing. If you want a sippy sippy that glows, Q Tonic. You need real quinine, in your tonic water, and it’ll make any of your sippy sippy’s glow. And I’ll pour some when we switch over. I found this at Target. And it’s the real deal. You can go to your local anything. You can put this in apple juice, if, you know, it’s not a night time sippy sippy. It’ll just mix into anything where you can use tonic water and it turns it into a glow drink. Very cool, I thought. The other products are the Daler and Rowney inks. Down here. They have such a glow on them. They are so amazing. And then the other thing you would be surprised by, and what I really learned, was these fabric paints. By Tulip are amazing. Not all the Tulip products. But the glow in the dark was really good and they had some neons that were really fantastic. And that gave me some dimensionality to my paintings that I really liked. And the other product by them was their spray inks for fabric painting. And yeah, you can use those fabric paints on your canvas. They’re just an acrylic paint with a higher flexibility. That’s all it is, is they have a higher flexibility for clothes, so you can actually use these on canvases. And maybe they’re not the most archival. But at the point we’re doing UV black light painting it isn’t archival anyways. You got about a couple years of glow. In your glow. And by then you’re probably gonna be like not into it. [child: Mommy?] Cinnamon: Uh-huh? John: Uh. We have some new questions. We have- [child: daddy?] John: Hold on just a minute.
Cinnamon: Yeah. Got a little visitor. Cause that happens in my home. And… [child: Can I play my monster truck….] Cinnamon: No. We gotta go.
John: Go outside.
Cinnamon: John, you’re gonna have to escort him out. [both laughing] Cinnamon: That’s just where we’re at! Sometimes, uh, sitting forgets to sit. [laughs] And we have a new, uh, truck. for all the shorts that, um, for all the shots that we had to get getting ready for school, so. He’s very excited about that truck. He’s into his truck. John had to walk him back up front with the sitter, and so, he’ll be back. He’s back. Actually, you know what. We can switch to glow. You wanna switch me over? You ready guys? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I know, you’re freaking out right now. See, so now all this makes sense and you’re like, “What happened to your hair?! And all of you is so glowy!” Yeah, and all of a sudden you’re seeing this on the paintings back here, aren’t you? Isn’t that awesome? John: So, I’m back over here. Cinnamon: Alright. So do we have any questions about glow parties? John: There are some questions.
Cinnamon: Excellent.
John: When are you gonna paint? Cinnamon: Today I’m not painting. Today I’m telling you uh, how- What you need to paint with me. It is going to happen Thursday. And we are going to do a jelly, jelly, jelly. And that’s how you’re also going to find out your hashtag keyword for the hashtag event that’s going on. John: I see. Cinnamon: See my glow drink? My drink glow. John: Your drink is aglow. Cinnamon: There’s your glow sippy sippy, all solved for ya. John: See what else we have down there on the table? Cinnamon: See these?
John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: We’re gonna be working this out. But I wanna make sure that you guys have a chance. I am putting the instructable up. It will be up. And that will also have some of these instructions and some of these tips. And behind me you can kind of see I’ve got this. We took a floor lamp and converted it.
John: Yup. Cinnamon: To UV light. And that was super easy. And now I can show you some of the awesomeness of the glow. So see? That purple? In- In the UV, it totally goes. We’re gonna grab some of this. John: We have people.
Cinnamon: Look at this crazy pink in UV. John: We have some folks coming in, saying hello now. Cinnamon: Hi! John: We have, uh, let’s see here. From South Africa- Cape Town in South Africa. Cinnamon: Cape Town?
John: The Netherlands. Cinnamon: Cape Town? I don’t know how hard it’s gonna be to get fluorescent paint in Cape Town, but they should have it in spray paint. They should have these spray paints in fluorescent. Like, around, because they have to use those for construction and things. So, you can kind of see, this is that Lukas glow in the dark paint that we were talkin about. This will glow without the backlight, at night, so you can do a bunch of really cool effects with this. I think this is really cool, but you know, of course Martha, Miss Martha Stewart got in on the action and made some general glow paints herself. And I tested them, and they’re good. I think Americana, and these Americana’s were really quite good. Oh. Also I tested the Master’s Touch. Look at these. They have a purple as- A purple as well. And it has a slight glow. It’ll work for what we’ve got coming up. You can see that the base colors really have the glow. And then the purple does not have as much glow, but it has just enough bioluminescence to be worthwhile. And now you can kind of see how this lamp is glowy from where we painted it. and the easel is glowy from where we painted it. John: We have so many people in here saying hello. We almost have to stop.
Cinnamon: Oh, let’s do some hello’s. John: Say hello to some of you. I’m gonna scroll back up here. I thought I saw that Piet’s brother was here. Cinnamon: Really?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That’s- That would be very cool.
John: Official Panda. Cinnamon: Huh?
John: The Official Panda. Cinnamon: Hi, Piet. Pete. John: Pete?
Cinnamon: It’s Pete.
John: It’s Pete. Cinnamon: Cause you know you’re on YouTube and you [?] names.
John: We can’t pronounce anything. Cinnamon: And then you say it wrong. John: I say it wrong and then everyone comes in here. There’s- No, you say it this way! [Cinnamon laughs] John: But, Emmy the Mastermind’s in here, I saw her in there. Cinnamon: Emmy!
John: Art Junky is in here. Cinnamon: Yeah, the bulbs are not pricey. They’re under like six dollars. John: Yeah. No, the bulbs are very inexpensive, and I saw something very interesting. The Jackson Family Art came in to say, they wanted to say thank you to you, because they went out and started their website today, and you’re the- and you believing in them is the reason why they started their business. Cinnamon: Oh my- That makes me- I know I’m all in crazy clown makeup right now, but that makes me feel really good. Thank you. Thank you. And I do. And I’m here for you if you need it. John: And- And- And, guys, it’s- I love and appreciate all the attention up here. Just, and uh, keep- I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the scroll of comments so if I don’t get to everyone, I try to as we go through.
Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. John: And, uh… It is pronounced Pete. Cinnamon: Pete.
John: Pete. Cinnamon: Pete.
John: So. The- You can continue on with showing off all of the wonderful stuff. I just wanted to make sure we said hello to everyone. Cinnamon: Ok. So you’ll notice that this face here, that I have back here, changed out quite a lot. This is going- This is gonna be a clue to an upcoming kind of Avatar experience that we’re all gonna have. Cause I’m gonna take you guys to Pandora. I also really wanna show off We’re gonna be seeing these guys. Over the weekend. We’re gonna be seeing the kitties. The glow kitties are gonna come out, and we’re gonna learn how to do glow kitties. We’re gonna do jelly, jelly, jellies. John: And a lot of this is just getting ready for the next few days. Cinnamon: Yeah. I just want you guys to know, cause sometimes it’s. When I went in to look at neon paints and fluorescent and brights, it- You know what? It was very difficult to know what would work what was effective, what had good coverage. I mean the honest truth was that I found the Derivan paints and the Americana craft paints. Same quality for giving me glow. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Yeah, there was- There was not a big cost difference. But then I learned that this Lukas, totally bananas amazing, but you know, Martha will get you through. Right? And- Oh wait, look. Now look at my brushes. So I have on the instructable how I got these spray painted without ruining the bristles. You know, so you can have that too. And I just have to say, from my experience, I know not everybody can be on Periscope with me. Everytime I’m on there. Um, it’s really just a sneak peak into my studio between YouTube broadcasts, like I’m like designing or working stuff out or goofing with my friends. Um, but what I’ve found, cause I’ve been painting for like a week with this blacklight stuff, is that I have found an even newer more exciting love of art. It is so much fun to paint in blacklight. It’s like being a kid again. So, yeah. Kids are really loving this. Um… John: There’s a lot of love for the Avatar painting out there. Cinnamon: Yeah. No, we’re gonna- We’re gonna go to Pandora. John: Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s, uh… definitely, uh… Cinnamon: Yeah, it’s gonna be- We’re gonna start doing some two paintings. We paint the base painting one day. Come back the next day and glow it up. John: Yup, and we have people saying hello from Australia, and Illinois. And even from Pandora. Cinnamon: Oh, I am really excited to hear from- What are the charges to contact us from Pandora? John: I don’t know. It’s all- It’s all, you know. Cinnamon: Is that like Gallifrey? Are those like Gallifrey rates? John: I think that as long as you have a connection to the net, you’re ok. Cinnamon: [laughing] Sorry. John: Let’s see here. The, uh… Cinnamon: Is that deep space nine rates? I mean like, how do those rates all apply? [John chuckles] Cinnamon: I can do that all day. [laughs] Talk about charges from different Sci-Fi locations. John: So the sippy sippy looks good. Cinnamon: Yeah, isn’t that very cool. And look. This is even healthy for you. I just have qu- the tonic water in here. It’s super healthy. John: Somehow drinking glowing liquid… Cinnamon: Yeah. Yeah. There’s a Pinterest pin about this that threadbanger covered about how you can now have the magic of the galaxy in your glass. There is no real galaxy drink. It just is this. Quinine. That’s- That’s- But it’s still fun. John: It looks good. Cinnamon: Yeah, it looks good. It tastes good. It’s really good. The real deal tastes good. Just straight up. And it is a lot of fun, and who doesn’t want to drink something that glows and that’s actually still good for them? And see I used- I got this glow spray from Party City. John: Party City, yeah.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: And that worked out well.
Cinnamon: Yeah. And you can get- I found this stuff. I went to Hobby Lobby, I went to JoAnn’s, I went to Michael’s, I went to Jerry’s Artarama, and I went online and that’s where I found all these different products. And they were just easy to get. You’re gonna be able to get yellow, pink, green, orange. For sure. Try to find white. Fluorescent white. Regular white just doesn’t work. John: Yup. Cinnamon: You know, and- or get glow paint. Get one of Martha’s glow paints. Just sort of work that out. And if you need purple. and I mean, seriously, guys, these are And this has blue and purple, but you can see here that the blue and purple do not quite have the glow that the other paints have. They still look really nice on the painting.
John: And they contrast well. Against the others. Cinnamon: And they really contrast well. John: Yeah. You get- And they do glow a bit. You know. They definitely are showing up more than… Cinnamon: Yeah. Here’s another thing you’re not ready for. Our camera’s pretty cool. We have a pretty cool camera. It does not see what I’m seeing with my eyes. It’s so much more than you can even, like, all of this is so much more than you think. And I got glow nails for you guys. Glow nails! John: That will, uh… We’ll definitely try some more makeup. So we can catch more of the Cinnamon happiness emoting across. I know it’s a- It’s a little dark in the final broadcast, but it is a blacklight. So. Cinnamon: I think they all know I’m a sweetie pie. I think they know. And so definitely if you can get these little fabric paints. Um. With a spray. They’re gonna be useful for like, aquatic pieces. Galaxy pieces. We’re gonna- There is gonna be a regular glow party. That’s why we’re going to all the trouble of how to have a glow party. We’re doing it regularly. John: Yup. Cinnamon: We’re gonna get our glow on often. Cause it’s fun! John: And someone asked who the creepy voice behind the camera was. And yes, this is her husband. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: I’m pushing the buttons. Operating the screen Trying to help facilitate a smooth and error free broadcast. Of which I do not guarantee. [Cinnamon laughs] John: But I- And someone asked if I painted. I have painted in the past. I don’t actively paint. I actively push buttons while other people paint. Cinnamon: He actively pursues art projects. He actively does pursue art projects, just not traditional painting, is not his thing.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Hopefully we’ll see some of the puppets. Hopefully we’ll see some of the art projects as we go through. Now we have to come up with a blacklight puppet so that’s awesome. And hopefully you guys are excited about this glow party thing. John: Kim actually just said that, uh, Lukas has white paint. Cinnamon: Yes, the Lukas does. There it is.
John: There it is. The Lukas paint. Cinnamon: Lukas. And Lukas is worth getting. I really was impressed. The one paint that I was impressed with. Was the Lukas. Like, where I was like wow, that’s seems to be a step above. But, I mean, hey. Here’s Artist Loft. And you can kind of see what I mean on this older Artist Loft. It just- See where it lost it’s glow? John: Mm. Yeah.
Cinnamon: This is about a year and a half old. John: Interesting.
Cinnamon: And it lost it’s glow. John: The fluorescence, yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah. So these are aren’t gonna be around forever. John: Well, have you pulled- Have you tried it out of the tube? Cinnamon: Hmm? John: Have you tried squeezing it out of the tube to see?
Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Same thing? Cinnamon: Yeah, that was the whole week of testing. And as for Periscope, and here’s what- Um… Periscope is wonderful and I’m enjoying it, and I like hopping on there and just getting my little phone, and testing things out. It is not instead of YouTube. YouTube is always our first and primary place. It’s just a weird supplement to YouTube, where I’m like, I gotta design it anyways. I gotta paint it anyways. So I just throw my phone up and work it out. And it you know, it gives me some good insight as to, you know, sometimes stuff isn’t working. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: You guys only see the stuff up here that works. You don’t see the stuff that isn’t working. And it happens. Ooh. Are you guys excited? I’m excited about this blacklight painting. John: Guys, that does look good.
Cinnamon: This is coming up. We’re doing this one. This was a win. Not everything I do is a win. This was a win. I love this one. And it’s super easy. John: And, you know, there’s also, we have a new feature here, from YouTube, that we can take advantage of. Which is YouTube Live Now. So, it’s very similar to Periscope, only it happens here on YouTube. And will pull us directly in, so we’ll be experimenting with that here. Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. We’re definitely gonna- We like the live because you guys can ask questions. Because we can be more agile to what’s happening in the broadcast. You digging my new hat design? John: Yep. It definitely is all glowy. Cinnamon: That was a lot of fun to do. [laughs] [continues laughing] Crazy. And I’ll be doing more- I- Again, clown to pay for art school. So, I will be experimenting with this face paint a little more. I did a little bit because I need to see if I’m allergic to make up. [chuckles] Before I fully commit to it. John: There’s a lot of love for the Paris painting out there. Cinnamon: Oh yeah, the Paris painting.
John: It’s on the table there. Cinnamon: The glow tower. The glow Eiffel Tower is happening. And I- Here, I’ll show it again, cause I just love it. John: It mixed down really well. It looks really good. Cinnamon: This one is pretty both in regular light, and in the blacklight. It worked in both. So I was excited about this one. Canvas wise guys, just your regular canvases. You can get a black canvas, and I initially thought we would be doing black canvases, because, you know. To pop against, the, um… blacklight.
John: I- I think there’s some velvet coming. Cinnamon: There is some velvet coming cause who can resist that?
John: Oh, I gotta have some velvet. Cinnamon: I promised some velvet.
John: Maybe a m- Cinnamon: I promised some velvet to the husband.
John: Maybe a matador painting. Cinnamon: You know, weirdly, I have one of those designed. Remember from spit paints? [both laugh] Cinnamon: I do. I- It’s a little kid clown running from a bull. [laughs] I don’t- It’s cute.
John: I think it would work. Cinnamon: It reminds me of 1960’s art. John: So we have a- Now to keep, uh- Just to remind everyone. This is, uh, this broadcast is live, and it is- We have it available on demand, immediately after the broadcast. And if you’re having trouble keeping up, or you need to rewind to catch anything, this is also DVR enabled. So.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: You can rewind. Fast forward. Catch up, and see where we’re at. Cinnamon: So, just convert your lamps. Really, all you gotta do is take the light shade off and convert your lamps. Um… And it’s actually easier to paint in blacklight. It doesn’t hurt your eyes. It’s not hard. It’s not hard on you. The materials are not expensive. So, it’s just really what you’re doing on your canvas. So, I mean, if you can jelly jelly with me tomorrow, then jelly jelly with me tomorrow. And I think we’re gonna, um, we’re not entirely sure of our time. We’re gonna post it. We’re working on our scheduling. [sings] Our scheduling. I just like to dance in blacklight. Our scheduling. [both laugh] John: So, we’re gonna have some paintings that are coming up in the next couple days though. Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. Yeah. John: So which one are we doing first? Cinnamon: Jelly jelly. And I’ve got two jellies…. I’ve got these two jelly jellies, and right now, um, the lighter jelly jelly is trending on Pinterest, so probably gonna be this jelly jelly. Some version of this jelly jelly.
John: That jelly jelly. Yeah. Cinnamon: And then… Um, we’ve got firecat, which I posted on the Facebook page.
John: Yup. And then- [mic goes out] John: Oh! You just lost your mic there. This is where I’ve gotta have like, you know, some bars where I can just go, you know, while we, No, it makes it just go pop. So it’s ok. See, I can go to I can go to broadcast. When this is happening. I’m just- I’m just playing with you. We have- You’re still not plugged in. Hold on. There we go. There we go. Now we got.
Cinnamon: These glow cats. And then fire cat, which is not a glow cat, even- I’ve been letting everyone on Periscope, just [?] these things. Um, that is going to be over the weekend. And then next week we’ll start getting into some of the other themes. We’re gonna get into the Eiffel Tower. We’re gonna start breaking into some of the other requests that have been going on. So what I really love about this is you guys can request it now, and I can design it on Periscope or wherever I am. Maybe now it’s YouTube Live. And then we can get it up as a lesson really quickly and we can be just kind of almost doing this journey together. And of course gotta go Avatar, right? We gotta go to Pandora. John: Definitely have to have an Avatar.
Cinnamon: The minute I saw this I was like, “We’re going to Pandora!” It was actually somebody had said Avatar on the Periscope and I was like Ahh!
John: Ooooh… That’d be fun.
Cinnamon: I am so painting that!
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And I’m so gonna show you how to paint that. John: That works. I think they’re ready to see it. Cinnamon: Alright. So that’s what this is. Do you guys, before we go, do you have any questions on what you need for the blacklight party? John: If we have any questions we’re gonna- We’ll take a sippy sippy break while you’re- While we’re waiting for some questions to come in. Everyone- Cinnamon: Sippy sippy sippy! To graveyard girl, wherever she is. I bet she’d like a blacklight party in the studio.
John: Yeah. Everybody-
Cinnamon: She seems like she’s up for it.
John: Everybody! is up for a blacklight painting.
Cinnamon: She’s probably like, I gotta do your makeup, Sherpa. [laughs] John: So, uh… While we’re sippy sippying and preparing for, uh, our next series of questions the, uh, the- what time are we going to broadcast tomorrow? Cinnamon: I am not sure of the time because we have all of that registration craziness. John: So we’ll say in the evening. So that we can catch everyone. We’ll have a blacklight party at night. Is that sound right? Cinnamon: Um, do you wanna do an evening broadcast? John: Well, we’ll see if we come back there. What is your necklace made out of? That’s a question that just came in. That’s- We got that at the party store, didn’t we? Cinnamon: Mm-hmm.
John: And it’s cloth. Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s just cloth. I got this at Party City. Ninety nine cents. John: Yeah. We went to the glow section and raided it for a lot of this stuff. Cinnamon: And happily, about 95% of the stuff that we bought that was supposed to glow, did glow. John: Yeah. Now, As a tip, what you may want to do is go to some place like Bed, Bath and Beyond and pick up one of their Um, travel blacklights. They’re designed for finding all of the unclean places of your hotel room. So, if you, uh if you get one of those and bring it around with you, it helps you find those fluorescent im- those fluorescent… Cinnamon: Don’t use it in a hotel room. It’ll completely unsettle you for life. You’ll just be ruined for restaurants and hotels forever. Some things you don’t want to know. Cause that which has been seen can not be unseen. John: Now, um, Cinnamon: See, it’s just a party. John: Now, the necklace was premade, right? Cinnamon: Yes.
John: We didn’t touch any paint on it. That’s just how it came. Cinnamon: That is how this sucker came. And, now, the uh…. some of the starter kits, let’s go over real quick to make sure. Did they have anything at Hobby Lobby for you? Cinnamon: Yes.
John: And they had stuff at Michael’s? Cinnamon: Yes.
John: Did they have it at Walmart? Cinnamon: Yes.
John: Ok, so we can go to Walmart, Michael’s- Cinnamon: Less at Walmart. John: So they can pretty much go anywhere to get some fluorescent paint. Cinnamon: You can get these kinds at Walmart. Walmart’s craft paints for some reason did not have the neon in acrylic, but they had a tremendous amount of it in tempera.
John: In tempera. Ok. Cinnamon: Weird. Which paints like guasch, actually. So, does not paint like acrylic. Paints like guasch. Um… But, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, and Michael’s, and Jerry’s just had a ton. And honestly, I mean these Americana neons super glowy. Super glowy. Super good. Was at both locations. Um… This one you can’t- There’s glitter versions. If it says neon or fluorescent, you’re good. If it says glow in the dark, it will glow under blacklight, sometimes it will glow all green. But these are glow in the dark, and you can see that they’re still sort of showing the colors. Not as much as maybe the other paints.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: But they’ll at least give you something that you can play with. And honestly you’re gonna find that it’s so fun to be goofing around and glowing that you’re not gonna mind. You’re not gonna care. You’re just gonna be like this is- I just- I literally have been having friends over to just destress and goof off. It is super life changing. Two ninety nine. Michaels.
John: Yep. Very affordable. Cinnamon: Very affordable.
John: Good way to start this. Cinnamon: Yeah, it’s a good way. And then you know you can keep- Ooh, like. This one I think is a glitter one. There’s just so many. This is neon pink glamour dust by DecoArt. DecoArt had a full line of these. Martha. They’re all in it. I saw- And again, Artist Loft. They’re all in this glow thing. This neon thing is just like [whispers] everywhere. So, benefits to us, is we get to have some- I’m gonna do the secret shout out to secret, and Maricha. And Bernadette. And Clyde. And Chuck. And Claire. That’s the admin team for the Creative Arts Collaboration on YouTube.
John: Indeed. So- Cinnamon: Who’s bringing you this weekends hashtag event. John: So for tomorrow we’ll set up, we’ll put some times up, and we’re gonna plan on tomorrow evening. And probably, we’ll probably do evenings during the week. And then on the weekend we’ll try to have some afternoon shows. And then next week we’ll see how things come together for our summer shows.
Cinnamon: Yeah. We’re gonna move towards having like a consistant schedule. So that it’s plannable. I might even get some… Blacklight contacts so I have facial expression.
John: Mm-hmm. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Hmm…. Hmmm…. John: So, I think we Cinnamon: We’re good?
John: We’re good. Cinnamon: I wanna see you guys at the easel tomorrow, for some jelly jelly jellies. John: For some- Is that, is jelly is that like an action? Verb? Noun? Cinnamon: To jelly? John: To jelly. Is it? Cinnamon: To jelly? Oh yeah. You gotta jelly jelly. When you paint it you’ll see. When you’re painting it, you’re gonna see. You’re gonna be sitting there with me going jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly. You just sing and laugh and have a good time. Nothing is as fun as UV light for some weird, strange reason. I don’t know. But I don’t even need to know why. I just need to know it’s good, and it is good.
John: Hmm. Cinnamon: It’s goood! And I’m gonna see you at the easel tomorrow. Ba-bye. What was our attendance, my dear?

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  1. Looking cool Cinnamon!  Will see if I am able to join in tomorrow. Depends on how tired I am LOL But I will try! Won't paint though, only watch! 🙂

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