Live Rescue: Purple Face (Season 1) | A&E

Reports of a 70 year old male
bent over and then slumped down to the ground. He’s purple and does not
appear to be breathing. – We’re pulling up on scene now. – If this is an arrest, let’s
get a LUCAS on him really quick and try to get him in the truck. He’s awake. He’s sitting up. He’s purple. – He’s normally this color? – Yes. Yes. – How are you? – How do you feel? – The bed’s not too good? Kind of hard, isn’t it? – OK. Your wife said you’ve been
working outside today. – You think you might have
overdid it a little bit? – Yeah? Do you think we can sit you up? – Here we go. – Ready? – Have you been drinking any? – OK. I could smell a
little bit on you. – A pitcher of beer? Been outside working all day,
then had a pitcher of beer? – OK. – Relax that arm for me. – Think we may be working
out what happened to you. – I don’t know. Oh, bless you. How do you feel
sitting up, sweetie? – A little dizzy.
– A little dizzy. – Color came back. – Color came back, didn’t it? – 1, 2, 3. – Wee. – Get them feet untangled. There we go. – And just sit
right straight back. – There we go. – We got here, he was awake. Color wasn’t very good. He was very sweaty,
and his vital signs weren’t all that great. We see something going
on with his heart. We’re going to check it
out a little bit better when I get inside. Get him right up to the
hospital, get him checked out. I’m kind of a little bit
worried about your heart. You’ve got an
irregular heart rhythm. Have you ever had what they
call bradycardia before? – OK. I’m going to take
this arm from you, and I’m going to
start an IV on you in case I need to
give you any medicine. – How young are you, sweetie? – I’m 82. – Well, you look fantastic. – [laughs] – You’ll model for us? – Oh, you’re something else. – You’re feisty too, aren’t you? – You’ve got a sense
of humor, for sure. – [laughs] So you’ve never been told you
have a bundle branch block? – OK. So you’ve got some
heart stuff going on. It’s a delay in the electrical
conduction in your heart, which makes me wonder if you might
have had a heart attack you didn’t know about. And again, that’s why we want
you to go get checked out, because when we got to you,
you didn’t look very good. – You look a lot
better now though. Pulling into the hospital now. – Never been in an ambulance? – Well, you’ve done something
right in 82 years then, haven’t you? – Oh, yeah. – OK. – Oh, yeah? – Oh, yeah. – So we got him up
here to the hospital to get him checked
out, but overall, he was just a really cool
dude, real down to Earth, had a great sense of humor. I wish I could pick up
10 more of him every day.

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