Live Rescue: Slow Down For What? (Season 1) | A&E

– We’re going code
3 with AMR 201. It seems like we have an
intoxicated person that may or may not be unconscious. Near a semi-truck
in the parking lot. – There’s a man
laying right there, but they’re working around him. See him right there, Manny?
– I do. – OK. Oh, there he is. Make sure he doesn’t have any
weapons or anything on him. – What’s up, man. You got any weapons on you? I’m sorry. Hi, there. Hey, wake up, man? No. – What’s your name, sir? – We’re with the
fire department. Yeah, my name’s Manny. What’s your name
under fire you’re under fire what’s your
name what is your name. My name is Manny. Can we at least
get you sitting up? Is that good? Is that a good start? Hold on. It’s all right. It’s all right. Are you doing OK? I’m doing great. We’re here for you. I like hearing that. Let’s do this. Would you mind if we check
your blood pressure, your heart rate, all that stuff? OK, awesome. Who saw him laying here? Who found him? Do we know? So I think the game plan here is
we’ll see how his mentation is doing. We’ll see how he’s doing. If he wants to go
to the hospital, we’re more than
happy to take him. If not, if he’s alert
and oriented times four and wants to stay here and
there’s no drugs or alcohol, then we’ll let
him be on his way. We don’t. We don’t. That’s what we’re working on. You’re not under arrest. Not at the moment. And so my question is, do you– So we’re not worried
about him right now. OK. Do you need– Do you need– Here, listen. Sir, do you need
any medical help? Yeah, are you having any
medical issues right now? Do you want us to take
you to the hospital? So you want to take
us to the hospital? OK. Can you answer a couple
of questions for me, so that way, we know that
you’re sound of mind? You know the whole gamut. What year is it? OK. So what year is it? What year is it? That we can– – 1738. – 1738? That’s not the year. Close, right? No drugs or alcohol tonight? OK. All right. All right, man. Volleyball? All right. If you really feel like
something’s going on and you want to go, then we have
that ambulance here for you. This is what I’m comfortable in. My back is hurting, so. – It’s not assault, is it? – No, it’s not
assault. You’re good. So this is what we’ll do. Did we get a blood
pressure on him? – Yup. – Perfect. And what was his pressure? – 124, 90. – Am I– am I– – You’re doing great. Your blood pressure’s
better than mine. We don’t do that. At this point, we’re
going to let you stay here and you’re going to
talk to these officers and we’re going to
be on our way, OK? – This can be a little
bit frustrating. We’re trying to get information
to help the patient. Clearly, he’s not being as
compliant as we would like him to be. As he willingly
admitted, he was high. I mean, ABC’s, airway,
breathing, circulation. Everything’s intact,
so he seems to be OK.

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  1. "May or may not be unconscious." Glad you've got the latest news, there. SchrΓΆdinger's cat has nothing on you

  2. Anyone else think this the same guy that cops pulled him over and told them that they're gonna get another call and they did and they left

  3. Guess there isn’t many fires in Arizona so 911 dispatches the Firemen to do the ambulance work. πŸš’ πŸ”₯

  4. Slow down for what?

    That could be a great movie title for a movie about a race between a hare and a tortoise.

    But the race is Mexican.

    I drank a lot tonight.

  5. β€œI see why they got you captain. We gone play volleyball later” πŸ˜‚. He’s the captain of the volleyball team πŸ˜‚.

  6. This whole time I thought drip drip was a way of saying you looking fresh, I no longer have the drip drip.

  7. TDS is causing all of his problems. He also has the typical mind set of he is less than. A condescending individual indeed.

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