“Live Talk Thursday” 11/15/18 “NashVegas Night Out”

What’s up y’all? We got some comments already what the heck is going on It is live talk Thursday, and we are live from the Cool Springs Mall in Franklin, Tennessee And I’ve told you whatever I was going to do this that I never knew Where I was going to do it from so tonight is one of those special Exception occasions because we are out celebrating the marriage that’s about to happen between Bronson our future son-in-law and Breanna our daughter So we are out for like the bachelor bachelorette night, and we’re all going to meet up later on this evening And we’re just hanging out and chilling and having a good time I’m gonna cue up my phone here so I can see what y’all are saying and I’m doing this solo tonight because everybody else is Actually out and about doing their thing so we’re gonna go downtown here and we’re gonna meet up with everybody and Have a good time because we are within days of The wedding the wedding is about to go down. What’s up, Jesse? How you doing? My man? Hey, I wanted that y’all know. I know you want some stuff Tuesday on live talk Tuesday on Facebook We’re getting we’re a little bit late on the shipments because the wedding is how to us just just stretch man We are stretched. So I’m working on that right now. What’s up James? How you doing, man? We are going to be getting your shirts out and all the stuff that you guys won gee, man I am in the mall parking lot at Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, Tennessee That’s where I am. Check it out man. I got my shirt on for tonight. It says nashvegas It’s probably mirrored tonight because I got the phone flipped around cuz i’m reading comments. What’s up fish? What’s up, RJ? I’m doing this all on my own solo here tonight. I mean, I got a couple of my boys with me here I don’t know if you can see there’s Grady single air spill You heard me talking about my man Phil ride out with Senate off-road comm we got him in the back we got braids and Brady’s still single by the way, so Young ladies out there interested and you know a fine young man with an awesome new Dodge Challenger He is your man. So I am here hanging out in the parking lot I’m in my wife’s Camry and we are just chilling and I know I look super red but I don’t know why this light in here is just like Making me look red. But hey when I started this I said look guys I have no idea where I’m gonna be doing this from and Tonight’s one of those nights and I couldn’t skip it. I couldn’t skip it because y’all are just Faithful and loyal and I knew you would be here Brady’s car is nice. Patrick said your car’s nice. Oh, thank you Patrick Hey, Jesse, yes Like what’s up Brady? What’s up? Yeah, nope, the cameras fine I mean you just never know where you’re gonna do this live talk stuff from and that’s what makes it so cool is it’s personal and That’s we’re doing here. So we’re gonna answer some questions. We’re gonna hang out. Hey come get me a Murfreesboro g-man. We’re going downtown Meet us downtown on Broadway brother. It’s gonna be a good time and we got a little competition We’ve got this thing The ladies set it up and we got to get bronson Our future son-in-law getting like a kiss from two different girls on each cheek And I don’t know like kissing a camel. I don’t know what all it is I don’t know like I don’t even know where to find a camel but anyhow We got like all kind of stuff on there and the ladies set it up so that we’re gonna lose like the Guys are gonna lose this contest the girls have a list of stuff to do and the guys have a list of stuff to do and we’re doing pretty good on our list so far and the guys went downtown to finish up the rest of their list because we’re meeting up at midnight and then whoever has list done and Has all stuff and gets most gets the points. So it’s kind of like a game everything in our house is a competition I’m gonna tell you that right now it’s aggressive It’s competitive and you’ve got to be Pretty fit enough pretty starting to be in our house because ain’t Brady. It’s yeah Yeah, it’s tough a dog-eat-dog world. There. It is, man It’s tough man ice storm in western, Virginia, West Virginia ATV calf. I hear you There’s ice storms everywhere ain’t Pennsylvania all over the place matter of fact We got some people that were coming in for the wedding and they the plane was canceled, you know, their flight was canceled so hopefully didn’t get here tomorrow, but the good news is Last few days that sucked weather’s been horrible. It’s been cold 37 degrees raining and but next couple days couldn’t be 60 degrees and We’re having a crew we’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s gonna be 60 61 62 degrees So it’ll be awesome, North Carolina here Busco beach riders, what’s up? Yes, we got Rick’s in your cabin. Good deal. Hey, man, I heard from Rick earlier I heard y’all have a little condensation on the floor I’m gonna have to swing down by and spray foam underneath the cabin for him. So what take care of that? This is my favorite YouTube channel. Thank you very much James. Appreciate it We got man you guys are just flying up on the comments. Here you go, my man Hugo Hernandez, you’re coming to the wedding brother you should soon believe it ain’t When are you coming down? You coming down Friday Saturday? Well, I mean you gotta get here Friday stuff goes down Saturday I got all kind of messages popping up on my phone. Sorry about that I’m just trying to make make things work here Good luck with the weather for sure. Yeah, man, it’s gonna be Nice for Brie’s wedding. I’m gonna try and go live. There was a camel on 309 and PA today in the snowstorm Well, I wish I’d have known that we got a picture with it we got Six to ten inches of snow here in Vermont West Virginia December 7th, can’t wait. Is this LA PD on location? Well, Not quite PD. It’s more redneck Central and location, but we are on location. And as I said, I got my nashvegas Hashtag an ash biggest Shirt on so I got this from cool. Hashtag gear calm. So check it out There’s all kind of cool stuff on there and we got some cool off-road stuff on there That you can check out so cool. Hashtag gears got all your good stuff all your good hashtags, and we’re gonna have They’re gonna have some political stuff coming up so be sure and tune in for some of that because you all might enjoy some of that as the the race heats up in politics What we got here take a pic at Antipodes is a good idea That’s a good idea. Yeah Hey this my favorite YouTube channel. Yeah, and good luck with the wedding Massachusetts, hey, we’ve got some folks coming down Rick’s motorsport electrics mud con. What is up, buddy? How you doing? You tuned in on Facebook and on YouTube you demand? While I not got the things I won last Thursday Jason, what did you win because everything went out So we’re gonna have to check that out Jason. If you didn’t get it, you should be getting it any day The only thing we didn’t send out is the stuff that people won Tuesday. We did not send that out yet. But last Thursday Everything went out. So as a matter of fact, I think I remember signing an autograph court To Jason on one of those things Mud con all the time, bro. You got it. Appreciate your support Jason you won the gloves. Yes, they did go out I think you got I forget what size you got but they went out you should see those any day Brian Fisher for president 2020 I hear you Eric. I love it. Love the enthusiasm. I don’t know if I could handle be a president man they all hate the president don’t matter who you are or You haven’t won nuttin mud cone dude. You win every Tuesday and Thursday you get to tune in and see me I mean, we’re friends we get to hang out I thought did you not win something luck on I thought you want something Fisher 2020 makan? Yeah, you’re awesome Thank You, Donny. Appreciate it Massachusetts Yeah, yeah come on out come on out we are here in Nashville Busco, I don’t even know who owns busco anymore. I haven’t even been there for years. Ohio bill. What’s up, my man? Got the shirt. Thanks, bro. It’s awesome Who got the shirt diddly? Got the shirt sweet got my autograph and stickers nice Sweet Fischer 2020 y’all want me to run for president is there water? Still in the console not in the RAM no more Tyler Sucked it out from him and his dumbass brother Brady. Let my son hang what? You you were in on that. I don’t even want to hear I wasn’t down that track No, they’ve wanted to borrow my truck to go me and I’ll tell you what, that was the others idea He wanted to take the truck and he said hey, should we put should we crack open the summer and get Brady in school? Yeah, he said hey should we crack open the sunroof? So we did it was up to him to close it? He didn’t that was him Yeah, well Either way Brady was in on it. I mean brothers till the end right? So I mean it was their fault That’s all I’m saying wasn’t my fault We got we got a lot of stuff rolling up here is boun there yet bone is not here yet No, I know of it. No, you know what bone is here? Bone is here. He went over to Lynchburg Earlier, so he’s over there to Jack Daniels facility doing a tour. Of course, you know, that’s what bone does so Two wheel Tyler All-male two wheel Tyler. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna let Tyler Like fill y’all in because I’m not gonna spoil his surprise but he’s got a special surprise for you Oh two wheel Tyler You always leave things as you found them, that’s exactly right Steven You got that right brother shut up, son sucking up to him still Brady’s fault Who said that? Oh, yeah driver man, two, five two triple zero man. Y’all got some long names bug con There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Donny Bell you need to go to bus. Busco. Damn it. I hear you man. I hear you Shout out from Kansas. What’s up James? Appreciate you coming here from Kansas. Yeah, man I hope y’all I don’t know who all got snowed who don’t have snow, but I know everybody’s gettin devastated from From the snow man Seahawks or Packers. I’d like to see Hawks Yeah, my brother is a big Packers fan. So I got to go for the Seahawks So got my black fly jersey Monday love it. Thank you. You bet that rivalry going on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, man. I’m missing it bone is in the house. Yeah World-class outfitters bill wise what is up? My brother? Sorry, you can’t come to the wedding man But you know, I mean, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I mean you can’t come I mean we invited you you could have came but you you know had other things going on I understand that I know how it is I mean we got some people right now that Can’t come because the weather got them shut down in Pennsylvania and all these other places is damn cold. I hear you mug con I hear you. You still have the Maverick trail? Yes, I do. I got as a matter of fact, I got a camo one I got a red one and I got a heater in the camo one with a cap So we’re gonna ride out whenever it gets cold and starts snowing. I left fill drive it today Guess who has to drive the open cab one? Yep, Brady. Yeah, nothing for him Who is that looking in the back window of the car? That’s Phil ride out. That’s Phil from send it offroad Armani See, he’s the one that sends out the shirt to you when you guys win some shirts get on there and win some shirts Yeah, send it offroad calm right? Here’s the man. He’s handles all of our apparel get on there get some shirts Oh and this hat check us out this hat. Oh, look it out right there brand new branding on I just got it tonight Phil brought it for me sweetheart earn it around because like if I put it straight you can’t see me because then it shadows light so Check out Phil send it offroad calm and the cool thing about it is is Phil is supporting all these off-road groups and so you can go on there and get hats and shirts and apparel and stickers and Mugs and shop classes and all kind of cool stuff from all these different off-road clubs. It’s not just Fisher’s ATV world It’s not just mud man. It’s all kind of people Bri. Wait. Are you coming hog hunting? I don’t know. That’s up to you. And I is that Hugo? Yeah, here we go. Maybe I might bring Brady He’s a he’s a gun hog, though. He’ll shoot everything up. Yeah Keith we got no snow in Nashville. That’s why I love Nashville I’ve been here six years and have not shoveled once. I’ve not run a plow I mean when we moved here I got rid of shovel Shovel, what a shovel. Well, whatever. It’s never it. Don’t snow enough for us to shovel. Don’t let him lie to you I mean if it if it snows he hasn’t had to shovel anything since we were born. All right Oh my gosh, give me a break. I’m talking to the kid that left a sunroof open ear response. That was Tyler What are you talking about? With him, I don’t want to hear it brothers. You just did it together say Phil’s web site Send it offroad calm you can get everything you need their hats shirts hoodies Just stickers coffee mugs. Oh man, Phil brought me an awesome coffee mug It’s got a cool shot on it picture and it has a Fisher’s ATV world logo So we got some Fisher’s coffee mugs on there get the 15 ounce. Is that do we have them on there? Yeah Your coffee drinker and you’re putting your stuff in there and you’re mixing around it’s spilling out get the 15 ounce It’s the only way to go if you’re a serious coffee drinker, you don’t mess around with the 11 else No, no you bring on the 15 ounce. Yeah, and I’m telling you what those things are awesome I’m gonna have them on the next time we do it from our makeshift studio. So I will have the coffee mugs on there They are they are beautiful. I like them. They’re nice and white got the Fisher logo on them rod and dirty. What’s up? Listen, we need to give away some of those new designs. Yeah, we do What are we giving away shirts and we’ll give us shirts or even get rid of new coffees Whatever we could wait. You guys tell me what do you want shirts or coffee mugs this week? I don’t have the coffee mug to show you but it’s pretty sweet You want shirts or coffee mugs? What are we giving away? So Phil said he’s gonna give some cool stuff away Can you trail ride year-round in Tennessee even on Snowmobile trails we don’t have snowmobile trail Three coffee mug we don’t have snow a shirt shirt shirt shirt Mugs rotten dirty said mugs mug con said a shirt we got Patrick Robbins coffee mug Shirts shirts overpowering the mugs right now Circular power into mugs. I’m John you drive them through Nashville next Monday. I don’t know if I’ll be home next Monday, buddy Hit me up before you come through if you’re on Facebook private message me Hugo Hernandez mugs Hey Hugo, you’ll see them when you come to the wedding. They’re awesome. I’m telling you what I got I got to do a video for you guys cuz it is the most like Amazing sexy thing you’ll ever see. I’ll make this hot chocolate in that mug. I’ll put a little cream Right on top a little caramel. Drizzle it all over it. I’m telling you Starbucks don’t have nothing on me. It’s delicious So I’m gonna do up a video on that you guys will just lose your mind. I’m telling you It’s delicious then I do it right in a the Keurig machine and I get like the just kind of that we got it’s it’s Mmm, I forget but anyhow, I’ll show you whenever I do the video. It’s awesome. It looks delicious, but I don’t win mud con geez Well, maybe you’ll win what you tell me your name? What are you a 3x? We got shirts shirts shirts coffee mug Okay, I’ll tell you how we’re gonna do this because the other week I was telling people I was gonna leave the Email on their comment and everything else. I had a cup people send in their stuff trying to Jack some free shirts Even though they didn’t win. So here’s what we’re gonna do Ask Phil to make some shirts for me g-man. Well, just call him. Give me a call Give him a call if you got an off road group business anything like that Phil is the guy to call I’m telling you right now like unbelievable products quality Amazing. He made all the stuff like that The girls are wearing for the wedding tomorrow and getting ready and in the bride suite and all that. He made all that stuff He does like coffee mugs stickers. He does all kind of cool stuff So and he also a lot of people don’t know this. He’s also one of the only printers one of the only apparel companies this licensed by NASCAR to print NASCAR shirts and apparel So, who do you print stuff for Larson? We pretty much everybody in NASCAR If you go to direct drive parallel comm you can see all that stuff that is our sites as well as well as our – our race we’re calm so that With sended off-road calms at three sites We have go there visit that you’re buying from send it offroad if you’re buying from any of those would love to see you over There see there you go. He does it for NASCAR He does a Fisher’s ATV world mud, man, who’s some of the other offer of groups? We’ve got mo moto trail riders out of st. Louis, Missouri got off camber crew down in Arkansas. Dirty deeds ATV out of Florida Midwest recreational riders we’ve we’ve got More come and we’re working with group day after day and a few guys want to get on the site, please Give me a call. We’ll work with you. We’ll get you set up and get you on there as well. Yeah, and I think Bobby Jo with East Coast side-by-side need to be adventures. Yes. They’re not on here. Now. They’re gonna be going home We’re working with them right now getting their designs done. They’ll be going live probably in the next week two weeks tops see I’m telling you Phil’s the man and I’m telling you what we used to deal with a lot of peril companies and we would have to order you know twenty thirty thousand dollars at a shot and Phil changes all that because he prints it he Warehouses that he ships it he takes care of all that stuff so he does it all and I Mean you get a percentage of the sales on the kickback you I mean you don’t you have to do nothing like I can be on the road and people can order stuff shirts hats all that stuff and Phil takes care of sending it out. I mean that is like the ultimate Because we’re trying to cut back on time and you know all that stuff So he does a really good job on that and we got mugs mugs mugs. All right, so Let me see here. Robert Sanborn. All right, Robert. Here’s the deal send your information give us your name address and Send that in go to fishers ATV WorldCom go to our website go to the contact page and then send us an email and We’ll get you a mug. All right? Kenneth Sanders. Okay, so I’m gonna remember remember that Brady put that right there Saunders Sanders, however, you say that right there right there a mug. We’re sending Kenneth a mug Kenneth. You want a mug? Or as I say Robert which one did I say Robert or Kenton? Okay, Robert and Kenneth you both get them up Send me an email Fisher site a TV world go to the contact page Send me an email Kenneth and Robert you both won mugs. Can I said monks? Well, it’s okay. So cool I mean they’re typing quick. I mean hey You know what, I mean I can’t Ashlynn rocks. Oh, yeah. We might be at Ashland sometime before long You’re my hero. I’m glad I could be here here. Oh nice. Who’s it? Who’s your who’s your hero? Brady You’re somebody I don’t know. I just took I took responsibility for it. How about some more fisher riding jersey? Yeah, I know Uh actually feels looking into having some rotten Jersey mate. We don’t know yet We’re trying to find a place to make them. Those things are expensive. That’s the problem the helmet Yeah, I don’t have a helmet on me tonight. I mean we’re at like 74 People I told them on Facebook. They’re a night. They hit 300 were giving away The new fly helmet old Brandon said mugs just left Ashland. Yep. Good place. Good people, Dewayne What’s up, how you doing, man? Kenneth said thanks. Yep. Send us an email Kenneth. We’ll get you hooked up Where are y’all going? We’re going downtown Nashville and Broadway we’re gonna be hitting up Aldean’s bar. We’re hitting up Luke Bryan’s bar. We’re going to hit me up Florida Georgia line’s bar probably Will be hitting old red Blake Shelton’s place Kid Rock’s bar. We’re definitely going to be going there so we’re gonna go down and hang out with Bronson a little bit and get a little bit of pre-wedding jitters off and You know probably get him hammered. I’m the DD so I’m not gonna be getting her up on the pipe tonight So I’m gonna be driving some people home. So Tyler is also DD ended up. He already drove some people downtown so we are Dedes this evening and we’re gonna see if we can’t get Bronson a little bit hammered midget wrestling was cancelled. I’m sorry to say that was last night and it was canceled it brought a tear to our Yes. Yes. I was here. That’s it. Yep Yep Y’all gonna get torn down well, maybe I mean you never know I mean I’m not but I mean Brady might he’s 20 No, he ain’t no. No, he’s driving them. No, he’s not gettin tore up either So we’re we’re Dodge is doing good that says mainly while I’m not drinking. Yeah, George Jones That is an excellent rooftop that NER g-man. I know you’ve been there you live in Murfreesboro. Yep, George Jones is good We get there when we go down. You can see the Nissan Stadium right there it all looks cool and the Titans are playing over there Talladega I’ve not been the top trails, but I’ve been to Talladega I was thinking about going there Sometime so let me know how it is if it’s worth the trip. How big is it? How many miles is it worth the trip you all have fun? You bet muck on I’ll tell you what muck on I feel sorry for you I’m gonna give you a shirt tonight cuz you’ve been tuning in every show for the last four weeks since we’ve been doing this mud con you want a shirt so MUC con send me your address and your size and We’ll get you a shirt so mug con. Congratulations. You’re a winner Yep hats on backwards and that’s really see you can see my face cuz if I turn it the other way I don’t think you can see my face. I don’t think you can see it this way. I mean you can see the logo that Sweet logo right there. That’s but see my face is all shadowed and shaded you can’t really see it’s hard to see him. Yeah It’s hard to see me, but we are We’re getting a hat all backwards here getting in drinking mode Well, not really. I’m gonna be drinking water take him to coyote ugly grass. Tyler. Just cut my hair last night So that’s got my hair all ready for the wedding. I got my tux. I’m ready to go I’m ready to walk Briana down the aisle. It’s gonna be a good time. We’re looking forward to it. It’s gonna be awesome It’s a little bit of Tyler asked me last night. He said hey man as a father How do you feel and I said in one hand? I’m excited and the other hand I’m ready to throw up so, I mean I’m kind of on the fence right now, but you know it is Whatever. I mean it is what it is, but he’s a really good dude, so I got to be thankful for that at least he’s not a jerk or a NASA nugget or All that stuff. So, you know, you gotta just thank the Lord for that just be like, oh Thank you for sending no you don’t want an ass nugget as a son-in-law and tell you right now He never would have got past. Can I marry your daughter? I’d have been like what? No, you can’t marry my daughter You’re an idiot, but this guy’s cool. So thanks blonde TV. Appreciate it, man Purple tux nope. Nope, I didn’t go Purple Rain. I went black James Bond James Bond style got the boat on Oh, I look like something right out of James Bond. So I’m looking forward mm. Y’all. I’ll show you all some pictures and stuff We’re gonna go live probably. Hopefully we go live on YouTube and Facebook. We’ll See what we can do there. How’s the coffee on? I’m doing pretty good. Pretty good I got some good medicine the doctor the other day really hooked me up and He felt my pain My son-in-law is still afraid of me. Yeah, that’s the way it should be. Yep ass nugget. You’re doing it, right? Yep. Yep doctor hooked me up and I told him what I said, man my daughters getting married and it was like a week away and I was like I got to give a speech and he said I got you so he gave me some good stuff Gave me like I did these breathing tests I did all kind of stuff and he said if that doesn’t work, here’s some coughs syrup with codeine take this and Some of these I’m sorry. I thought there was a drive-by out there. I thought we were about to witness something right here on YouTube Beatdown This man just got a free candy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s like man something’s going down Now we’re gonna have you all on YouTube live and it’s gonna be right there. It’d be awesome What we got here have a 16 year old daughter Simultaneously looking forward to Dreading. Oh, wow. Yeah, you don’t yeah. You don’t want to look forward to the wedding day man. It’s it’s rough I say I’m better Thank You Todd. I appreciate it. My man. See that band back. There’s a creeper van No windows. He’s looking for little kids free candy again. You can’t trust nobody like that. No way Yeah, man, Mike off is going I’m doing pretty good I got a little bit there yet, but I’m doing really really good waiting for the wedding. Speech We are probably gonna do live on the wedding. Speech I would say that’s gonna happen the daddy-daughter dance the wedding speech It’s all going down and I had a chance to go out with Briana for lunch the other day and I’ll tell you we had a really good lunch and we had a chance to talk and just kind of before all the chaos started and the last time that I get to go to lunch with her is like My little girl not married and all that stuff. So it was pretty cool we had a good talk and I talked to her about a lot of stuff about marriage and You know relationships and all that kind of stuff and I and I and I’ll tell you straight up You know if you guys been married long enough you know that whole thing when somebody says Don’t go to bed angry cuz I’m gonna tell you right now. I’ve already going to bed pissed three nights in a row and In and the one reason my wife Melissa, and I have been together for 30 years Little probably 31 now is because when we get in a fight, we don’t we don’t even fight honestly I mean maybe once a year we have a disagreement, but we don’t argue. We don’t go at each other We don’t talk to each other. I just walk away because I don’t want to say something I don’t mean so I try to explain that to Bronson and Briana because sometimes they get like ah So I told Bronson I said look at it this way son I said if there’s a pot of boiling hot water, would you stick your fingers in it? He said no I said that’s the same way with a relationship when your woman is mad That’s a pot of boiling hot water. Don’t stick your fingers in it Don’t talk to her walk away wait for everything to cool down Then you come back together and you discuss it because if you try and talk about it when you’re both mad. That’s how domestic Disputes happen, so we don’t want to under that so I gave I gave a lot of good marriage knowledge and I’m sure a lot of you guys have some good knowledge too and You know I mean being married is you know in the beginning especially it takes like three four years to get the Foundation and get everything squared away, but man, I’ll tell you what Well, I mean, I don’t know man, I mean hey Look neckbeard. This is what I’m gonna say. She gets great benefits by marrying a veteran. So but you know what I’m saying? She don’t have right now. So why not? You know, but anyhow, did you get a tux from 511? Yeah, man I wish I wish to that would be nice. I would like that Yeah, man, you guys don’t poke the bear I hear you yeah, that’s some good advice right there Yeah, yeah man use it riding dirty whatever Yeah, it’s what you make it. Yeah, I mean Yeah, man, I mean Y’all got some good points you just you know, I mean our family’s really tight So, you know this whole wedding thing is like who has everybody all worked up, but it’s all good, man we’re we’re just gonna ride it out and look forward to it and It’s gonna be over before you know, it next thing, you know, it’s called me Monday Next Thursday, I’ll be doing on another YouTube live talk and it will all be over and we’ll be talking about Oh, yeah, how the wedding go? It went awesome, but we’re gonna try and go live from the wedding and Let me see here and see will she ride off in a maverick? No, I wish I wish Yeah, 26 merit 26 years being married to Ronald Cheryl Congratulations. That is awesome. I’m telling you what you get 25 26 in you know, what marriage is all about and you know What makes it work? And you know, it’s it’s just it’s being one team. Yeah, I Don’t know if I’m coming through okay, cuz I just lost my reception on that phone so hopefully hopefully I’m still coming through to y’all but We’re gonna give away a couple more shirts here. And then we’re gonna jump off And we’re gonna head downtown and we are gonna do a little bit of Celebrating yeah, we’re gonna do some celebrating with Bronson. We’re gonna get I was that commandeer got me off track. I was just like Figuring out what y’all are saying? And see alright Yeah, yeah. Yeah broke up a little bit I got the spinny wheel cuz I got another phone here that I can read the comments on I got this phone here and I’m getting comments on there, but man they go so daggone quick It’s only like a couple of them and then the next thing you know, they’re gone So I got one here that I can fish through and I can see them all So the I lost you for a little bit. I got the spinning wheel, but we appreciate you all tuning in and We are gonna do I’ll tell you what riding dirty 9:01 Shoot me your address shirt size Fisher’s ATV world.com go to the contact page and shoot that to me ridin dirty and I will send you a shirt I appreciate your support brother. Appreciate it a lot. You guys are awesome. You do a great job Shirt or hat Patrick said let’s see t-shirt T-stat said shirt. I saw it said t-shirt e stats in shirt That’s what happens when the comments are moving so quick and see Ya g-man. I’ll come get you. I hear you man. Have fun. Meet my wife in downtown Nashville. She down there Scott Is she down there? Cuz we’re goin down there. We’re goin down there tonight, man. Be safe tonight Thank You Todd Appreciate it Congrats. Yep mud cone. Don’t forget to send me your address and shirt size and Let’s see Red Solo Cup. Oh, yeah for sure extra large shirt sticker for my can-am trail shenanigans double X We got double X in the house keeping it real. What’s up? All right, guys, I’m gonna bounce off of here. We’re gonna head downtown and Daniel Simmons hit me up brother go to the website Fisher’s ATV. Well calm and Nice g-man nice Nice, I hear you man. Hey your make some good money. And you know, I mean you better get her while she’s young I don’t know a two older too Too many old ladies downtown making good money as strippers. But hey, you never know man. If they drink enough beer, they’ll look good So anyhow, who did I talk to you back there about a shirt Daniel Simmons was that you? Did I say Daniel? Who was I think I did I think it was Daniel Simmons Sent me an email brother Fisher’s ATV WorldCom. Go to the contact page. Send me your Name address shirt size all that cool stuff. All right, guys, we are gonna roll we got to go downtown and we got some celebrating to do Bronson is gonna get married and we got to make sure he remembers this and We got to make sure he remembers this. See you soon Hugo. We got to make sure Bronson remembers this on Saturday He was walking down the aisle. He’s like, oh man, I’m still hungover. It’s gonna be a good one. Bronson’s wearing his dress blues He is a marine and he’s got a couple fellow Marines in the wedding Brady’s in the wedding Tyler’s in the wedding And of course, I’m the FO be father of the bride I’ll be welcome Bri down the aisle. So we will definitely see you this weekend tune in it’s going to be an awesome wedding Thanks a lot for tuning in everybody I appreciate your time, and I will see you next Thursday right here on live. Talk Thursday on YouTube

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  1. Thank you Brian Fisher and family for taking the time to visit with your fans . I am sure its hard to juggle all these things around while trying to make sure your daughter has the perfect day.

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