LIVE Wining with Dan & Meg! 50k Celebration & Giveaway

I love it sly says okay we’re like yay
we’re alive again Oh your body oh wait good evening
YouTube I have my wig on for a little while it gets you hot in about five
minutes yeah yeah oh thank you so much everybody for Dan hitting 50k we’re
really appreciative of that uh yes the TIG the TIG will be opening
this up in a minute this actually was a gift from William boat believe it or not
when he came in he gave oh yeah when he came down he rented my Corvette and he
brought this oh yeah mousetrap you sweetheart
thank you yes and everyone wants the clock yeah where is it where is the
precious clock the precious clutch the precious the precious just so you know
this is plastic yeah it’s not it’s not made from a real caliper guys no it’s
it’s plastic but this was handmade by Fred so right when the channels Fred
Fred Danny Elliott made this he actually hand-painted it it was originally black
it so like he printed out this thing and all his stuff he changed out the bolts
he made it look legit it’s pretty pimp yes thank you very much we hit 50,000
390 oh sorry uh so I have to apologize we ordered food tonight and so we
ordered from like uber and we’re trying to our favorite restaurants to kind of
celebrate and the food was supposedly delivered at like 7:15 and all of a
sudden they were like I like 7:10 like Oh your order can’t be completed
we’re canceling your order like what the shit so so we had no dinner so he
scrambled and we’re like okay let’s order some other food so food just just
arrived so forgive me we’re gonna actually be eating dinner doing
I mean well at least having some of the food he’s coming up
Moses coming up well you guys are bringing some of the food I’ll bring
some of the food in a minute first of the line oh yes we will crack up and
well I got a fish no I want to finish this one man was pre-gaming with like I
was pre-gaming with some swill yeah like if I’m gonna drink wine calories and
there’s a take coming I mean big anello yes so we will we will now uncork the
tig oh man yeah howdy everyone everybody’s excited I win saying hi
hottie from Oregon yay Oregon those of those people who really know me or like
texting me and shit stop it can’t text during live stream that’s not fair alright alright I actually have some
kind of charities that he does Oh in Oh Kerry are we gonna take are we
gonna talk about how fryer exhaust flamberge I’m having trouble with money
yeah Kerry I put a bit of a surprise in Saturday’s video so uh you’ll like it
look for that yeah just you know the video is already epic I have to say
Saturday’s video is like I’m not I’m not gonna toot my own horn too much but I
kinda wanna pop my color because I feel like Saturdays video might be my best
video so much hetero man love not that there’s anything wrong with all types of
man love but a lot of hetero man love in Saturday’s video yes anyway this is my
wine opener Ferrari special wine opener Oh what someone’s at our door okay
people are interrupting us oh this day very odd that sounds out a car so I’m
gonna uncork this sucker maybe they forgot summer food lose it holy shit
dude you guys will not believe this you’re not gonna believe this
holy shit okay oh my god this is crazy no mo don’t go down the stairs don’t go
down his stairs no this is epic oh my god you need to grab some wine glasses
oh my god you guys will not believe who just showed up dude this is crazy
all the Krisha excellent oh yeah it’s got a synthetic cork it’s a bitch to get you won’t believe this dude look at those freaking out all right now I’m
getting hot okay okay yeah yeah we gotta crack open the TIG you guys need to get
some it’s the best sorry I’ve been ignoring the comments oh yeah there we
go it’s entourage yes all right yeah yeah
yeah yeah all right no Moses being quite excitable don’t hurt the
Ferrari Cottenham as we’ve learned the Ferrari is extremely coveted everybody
wants the wrong I have Fred send me everywhere I’m not too bad
tell you yep drinking and driving yes we were at a restaurant Taverna to
Bergen to hernia we went to her boys yeah yeah yeah was it no no that was
Perry’s we were with the boys you know like carry it right we went to
that one newest place that’s over by us all the new ones and a rock rose Oh with
the mines the mines no when we were when we when Kari and Ryan were visiting and
doing they’re drifting school at Kota we went to we’ve been to that place for
brunch to those berries no a second bar yeah a second daughter second bar no way
talking about where we went with them you never mind
I don’t remember whatever Carrie where do we go when you were here I can’t
remember we move in sorry Oh Tim’s there drive real fast you can get here I will
say this last glass of TIG for you if you want to come on if you’re going to
so I otherwise have been drinking where is the friary it’s not in the loft
of our house yeah can you guys read that no there’s no way hey guys if you guys
want to ask you door Richard questions to just shout
them out because I’m very happy to not answer inane questions about my life
be careful Marcos YouTube will block you if you spam too much someone give me
Dan’s last name I mean it wouldn’t be hard to figure out but you don’t people
don’t need to send stuff to our house normal cars Dan Enzo Ferrari here we go
William bow ass Richard is the Dino worth the money the Dino the Dino color
oh the roasted inna row sadena oh yeah absolutely do you make it love that oh
it’s it’s you have premium for the orange there is two there’s two
oh there’s two no there’s two rows of Dino’s for sale right now they’re both
over $200,000 because of the color not because that are going up because of
color well I’ve been watch it it’s so rare you know and I guess you know
there’s a dude that Dan’s been consulting with right now who’s looking
for a 355 in a special color and they’re willing to pay money for the color then
their artist said on yeah it was an art blue an art which I wasn’t looking for
orange I just wanted a bright color one gray he showed it to me it was like holy
shit like it’s I’ve only seen prior to your car I’ve only seen it once
yeah I actually was on a speciality sorry I’m Austin has a speciality that
later ended up into work and that’s the only other cars I’ve ever seen it on
yeah in person in person I think yeah it might be just those who
do there’s a handful of four five eights out there I guess that that happened
yeah there was just now there was – yeah spiders they had a 2 4 5 8 spiders and I
was like holy shit in there both well over 200 think one was like 215 and I
was like 220 yeah wasn’t I been I was laughing cuz I’m like yours you got
apparently a good deal yeah not one but two rosso corsa
Ferraris outside here yeah Oh
the Testarossa and Testarossa is here tonight not here you guys he wasn’t
crispy yeah but but yours is loved mine’s not that loud until you really
get up still are the 360 values going up yes there you go guys super himself he
keeps his pulse oh yeah I’ve been I’ve been watching the 360 market is
absolutely going up we can’t show you guys a Testarossa right now you know
this is not mobile yeah I can’t I can’t like disconnect my laptop and I mean I
guess we could like an extension cord we’ll carry it down yeah
yeah I’d have to start like a second live stream the last time we tried to
broadcast my garage it didn’t work I want the rest of my Dino with the f40
more oh yeah that thing was cool well I guess if anything’s got an f40 motor in
it then you can just buy the car rip the motor out and the motor is worth more
than the rest of it if it’s from an f40 I just saw an article as you put there
for your car you review a couple of cars now you know everything yeah no I just
like any part of those iconic ones I know is we can’t teach if it’s the motor
Tim did you decide are you gonna fly over here real quick just answer in the
comments and I’ll hopefully see it you should come over I’m safe like it if you
come I’m saving the last drop of the tick for it just for you Tim tell Dan to
get the YouTube app and live stream on his phone he has done that part like the
country and it Sam but I would have to like stop this one
do another one like you know yes Jim if you can’t Andy says I need to buy that
silver gated 360 oh yeah he was looking at a twin-turbo 36 for a while huh yes
okay yeah hey and the most of you are being so naughty
most important thing you remember is the 360 is the only model that you have
enough room for cooking that it does the 430 and the 4/3 man maybe the 430 okay I
love you I love you Oh tim is working unlike all of us well
come here in your uniform yeah well hi Roy Luna hi from Sweden
how does Tim reply if he’s working that’s what I’m I mean he’s you can
stream on your yes guys we won’t work I know I know you’ll work on streaming to
other look like I am fully aware I have done many live streams on the phone the
problem is I can’t like transfer this live stream to my phone I’d have to
start my second live stream I I guess if you guys really want when I’m done with
this I could start a second live stream and walk outside and show you the cars
for two minutes so someone asked if you’re buying a four five eighths too fucking good
oh yeah hi James thank you for always taking care of dan when he runs through
natural yeah yeah I was laughing because so prior to last year I had never been
to Nashville I’ve now been there six times like five of those I swung by
James’s house I know yes we’ll do some change James James mark yourself safe
from the tornado yeah that was messed up yeah that was pretty jacked up dude I
was looking at the picture yeah that was that was bad
James James it said he feels guilty that he hasn’t come down to Austin yet so oh
you know you can’t participate you’re guilty activity thanks for taking care
of Dan oh by the way everybody who keeps like oh thank you William thank you
thank you we already give us the table oh wait he’s your
yeah thank you money of us we’re drinking your wine right and fighting
ever everyone who has been coveting the clock the maker of the clock is on the
livestream now yeah Fred which oh by the way Fred it’s coming down to Austin and
join us on live tanks oh good for the drive things yeah take that I don’t know
man Oh blushing to get like 20 super fans were eight thirty we’ll announce the clock
owner that’s fair who else can we give a warm welcome to let’s see
okay so questions for the four five eight owners the Testarossa owner
Maserati owner 360 owner yes no and I like I am a mini owner and it’s not just
any mini is the John Cooper whoa John condition mm-hmm so right it is twin
turbo or is it single turbo I think it’s single it’s something I’d actually don’t
know well crack the news on or sure own who for have a unless I can sell this
roan I don’t know I don’t know what I would pronounce this is your own or sure
wrong yeah oh he’s been working John Cooper the mini actually is pretty quick
Oh sounding kick my ass on the track when it’s driven by a pro when it was
driven by the professional racecar driver yes my mini my misery very
expensive car are you watching the Dukes of Hazzard when he picked out your
corpus oh man it must be Jeff is that yeah no it wasn’t you
it was Kevin many Testarossa questions oh I know the test roses are mostly red
and I was wondering if the Testarossa owner okay we’re not talking about
politics we’re not doing that we’re just not guys
no no religion no politics no no politics no religion no age or weight I
am currently would you rather have a four five eight or a turbo four eight
eight and a four five eight which I don’t know what that means naturally
aspirated or in turbo four eight eight well I mean I love the sound at the fork
might be more than I like the son of four eight but I will say after helping
out David in his 488 yeah that was that was the first time I actually really
enjoyed the 480 because the the stock exhaust the Frey is crap it’s crap
Dan’s only is faithful to cars as opportunities um so let’s see bateau 88
and the four five so here in five minutes of change arena Oh totally
so the pretty slightly better but the f8 they finally fucking fix it oh sorry
oh right this is a family-friendly channel of me according to life
appellant was awesome f8 was I would take an f8 over anything right now
well Fred yeah yeah someone asks a good question well we’re right no no someone
that’s a good question about what car would you guys want to buy and that is
not available in the US oh they’re whores that are available in the US
yeah tons o like luxury was no like a right hand drive something or no well
for example like that you have the right hand so back in the day the Porsche 95
was not in the u.s. at all and they like imported them and so because certain
cars don’t meet US standards yeah but then can you even drive them here well
you can import them right the value of the clock just doubled because Oh Monza sp1 there you go yeah Jeff Bowen
said what’s up Mons sp1 it’s it’s a it’s a freighter
it’s a FRA that has like no roof it’s like a true roadster and there’s none of
them in the US they can’t oh it’s the new one it doesn’t meet US standards or
weather safety doesn’t wish you yeah well it’s got like this funny little
hairs stand why I don’t want yeh cars I got a windchill protect your apathy you
can buy in the US but you can’t drive them on the road they’re not wrote legal
someone is asking and so are 3 Enzo Enzo or 360 and Enzo is one of the million
dollar yeah right it’s got a lot of 360 parts at the same time Rex imports
they’re like weird like Eastern European bar they’re called Oh she’ll come to me
in a minute I know he did this yeah he’s that way
ten of them oh yeah yeah so they’re old enough like you know some Japanese cars
get old enough they can import them yeah oh so like be a little uh a z1 alright
what’s a Holden ute oh those are badass nice that was yeah venture great mention
the Holden Utes are it’s like oh it’s the heat you eat it’s Australian
Australian yeah Holden is oh my keys up pinkies out we
should be like dumping what mileage interval into a major a mini doesn’t
need a major yeah I’m not aware of a major in a mini maybe maybe one of the
original like the retro ones blondes and brunettes I don’t care
Arlette no I mean it’s just like okay so bigger oh that’s it the figure oh thank
you cute name of a card that Australian only came in for colour
figaro of course being the name of protagonist flora Barber of Seville
green blue brown and I think white we back on the Japanese that was no hero
Rex was so here was the Rex imported some Rex important so they had 13 of
them at the last cars of coffee and they’re all from Rex 13 no no Rex
brought in a bunch of them but like a bunch of figaro owner is like
collaborate like hey let’s go invade cars and copy what is the best value
exhaust for the four five eight that’s line is love value value yeah yeah god
yes it’s like only $3,750 like there’s hardly any Ferrari tax on that like
normally you installed it in a day you know what’s owed by the way I want to
say something when I installed thee si exhaust my car and I saw is all that I
later realized I didn’t have to and I’m a governess you know you learned lessons
right I’m learning all these lessons so that you guys is just sawing off parts
of his Ferrari well thank you well true but it turns out if you
disconnect the exhaust from the if you disconnect the count converters from the
headers it gives you enough room you have enough room to build it too yeah
okay what has been your favorite car you have
reviewed so far the McLaren fuck you so I’ve used your thing about the Ferrari
gates the Lamborghini people until the McLaren life people until a Corvette
owner so true yeah I mean the McLaren guys I have to say that was the first
McLaren where I legit was like oh this is fun like because the problem is I
drove the 12c I’ve driven the 12 seen the 570 the 720 all of those those cars what you put on what do you speak
Spanish dude yeah I’m pretty dangerous okay but what wait no I would not put a
limiting walk on a perf of eight I think you look terrible it’s like it’s like a
half I don’t even know what that because hold on like they have wide but it’s
like it’s like with offenders like flare out yes by the way we have Testarossa
luggage oh that’s not yeah I don’t I personally here’s the phone with the
Liberty log kits they look terrible like if you’re if you’re gonna do a
wide-body do a proper sorrow so luggage is so cute oh now it’s worth more money
because meg is holding it no it looks like a little like makeup we have a
makeup case or something I will say yes you’re right five Sony s’s are going
down with value and you here’s a problem they are good value for the money except
the whole maintenance thing which ones are 570 McLaren because you can’t really
maintain yeah you can get them cheap but it’s like you can’t get parts you can’t
maintain them yourself very easily there’s no like there’s no third-party
suppliers it’s just it’s a to knew of a market
so give it give it ten years and I think MacLaren’s will be good but right now
it’s like I think it’s funny when the austin owners are trailering their car
yes to get oil changes yeah oh shit who does my birthday why do you know my
birthday mm-hmm that’s kind of creepy I mean it is what it is what you’re you’re
a celebrity now so like you’ve got a Waikiki page you
know nobody somebody make Dan a wiki page uh go ahead I don’t think there is
one go get it if you want to do it if oh yeah we will take Tim’s ambling yes so
you know if Rory will service a nova tech I don’t even know what that
sentence means they might it’s uh it’s weird it might be an authorized dealer
to forgive all Frank is very weird about selling anything that’s not first haha
sorry Dan wait we have another yeah of silence for
the end of the ticket Ella oh dude look you have a lot of hair I’m
sad take is gone why is the muscular guy oh thank you is the muscular guy why is
the muscular guy holding a Ferrari clock instead of a I don’t know what that Oh
Sean thank you very much you so what’s the average yearly maintenance on your
360 I guess they need cost right why’s it out so the features like between
5,000 and 7,000 8,000 a 8,000 on the high side you know for a
major is this cheaper than the 3.5 oh yeah you need an engine actually pulling
in access the belts and everything by taking out the seats and taking up a
firewall you know behind it there’s a problem the 360 is it’s hard to predict
because there’s a lot of weird little things that can go wrong well there’s
the other things like like if you buy 360 it’s already sorted you don’t have
to change out the heat exchanger you don’t have to change out the motor
mounts you don’t change the Transpo you have to do this and that right but if
it’s if not been sorted there’s a lot of little
stupid things that like that that should if you don’t have the records yeah
against why it’s very very important to find a right somebody’s making your YT
page right now look at that white page after the stream yeah second part of the
video is dropping on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Central Time Oh
one minute until be announced if you wanna clock that pad right I’ll just
make you one problem like it would stop this woman the garage also put in the
garage once Thank You Targa Florio Florio I pronounced that right
like I know Gloria how about that Gloria for Ortiz and Paul writes reliable yeah
absolutely mm-hmm yeah I mean he’ll I would even
say the 360s in hell a three five five three five thousand three 48 are
reliable they just take maintenance yeah like I don’t I don’t I don’t really hear
about anyone having Ferraris being like oh I’m stranded on the side of the road
right actually the 360 was Ferraris first reliable daily driver
yeah healing they spent effort in that yeah they did more of it on the 430 and
they kind of like perfected he said y’all inspired me to change out my motor
mount saved me a ton we’re more save me tons some guy named Steve hey Steve
thanks that that’s pretty cool changeable no it’s pretty cool whatever
car what did you change him out on that 360 that’s cool well done yes Steve tell
us your car what type of car you changed a lot of a lot of hearing stuff like
that it’s so cool like that was by the way just Oh California California’s the
girls funny funny quick story when I started no expectation people we’re
gonna get inspired to work on cars it was literally like oh hey I want to
change or I’m gonna work in my car and there’s nothing there oh thank you chuck
there was zero like zero documentation anywhere in the internet on the 430
other than like fried chat and frankly fright yet well go F themselves so it’s
just like no YouTube videos no nothing and I’m like well shit if I’m gonna do
this I might as well document and then people are like oh yeah 9/11 czar
awesome the clock oh yeah yeah where we keep drawing out the clock so you pick
the clock okay okay I don’t know it’s just clock is slow it’s like 33 31 all
right listen o clock winner all right everyone ready so there’s uh
467 eligible people so there’s 434 people who signed up for the email list
and there’s 33 members so actually just just as a tip if you want to get two
entries into the contest for heat you’re at future reference for future contests
if you’re a part of the email list or if you bought merch you automatically get
put on my email list and then my words I’m wearing yes Modelling Mertz do is
eligible and if you’re a member of the channels if you if you subscribe to this
channel as a member then you get a second entry if you sign up for the
email list and are a member so hey I got two chances you do yes without further
ado without further ado i actually yeah I’m gonna be totally honest here I
actually pre-selected the winner by choosing a random person because I
didn’t want to do it live just in case like some screwed up
so the winners name where are you do it randomly yeah I saw you records through
their data and stuff when they enter this yeah so I looked it up and it looks
like they’re in the the Oakland area so I’m gonna email Jeff Jones and if he
doesn’t respond to me within a day or two then I’ll pick someone else yeah
there you go that car by the way he’s not on this
damn live oh okay okay that reminds me yeah all right so all of there’s more
chances to win yes yes so but earlier today I don’t know so if you remember I
have a cool friend who lives in from Florida who makes that black stuff who
that black stuff yes and he actually said during my life he wants me to give
away a couple of these to any of you who are alive so I’ll tell you what uh
humming choose them for their random we can choose a couple winners okay and he
specifically said he wants you to choose a winner
a pathetic joke like in the moment yeah so Craig Craig contacts me and says hey
I want you to give away some of that black stuff during the video which by
the way if you want to buy any of this stuff the black stuff that like that
black stuff his name’s Craig he’s awesome I met him he was actually in my
video when I met too harsh okay that guy said the guy says Meg I’m a fellow
reefer that the guy gets one now oh the guy he got the guy
do you want some of that luck yes obviously he wants some of that black
stuff if you do if you want some of that black stuff good guy oh you got email
email in another that guy go email dan at normal guy super with your
email address name phone number actual address and I will afford it to Craig
and he will ship you some of that black stuff mousetrap is getting a bottle of
that black stuff cuz I I feel like mousetrap and I have developed a
relationship over several wives rings there you go oh dude don’t do that don’t
don’t don’t don’t don’t post my address don’t be doing that that’s not cool
yeah no guys do not post our address that way that would be a very easy way
for us do not be your friend yeah I don’t I don’t like that like I
understand it’s really easy to figure out where I live please don’t guys we
don’t have like faultless cluttered like we had a t-shirt shop on my front
doorstep one day that’s not cool like the person who did it was
well-intentioned I think they live here in a neighborhood I do their kind of a
neighbor that’s cool but like but don’t do that
like that’s not it makes us feel uncomfortable well and it makes me want
to like make sure my shotgun is loaded which they coincidentally are they are
but Oh Tommy pick me Meg no we can’t do it for money
guys I don’t care yeah no it’s gonna be totally random Oh
so mousetrap email me Dan at normal guys have got to come with your name address
phone number and all that stuff and it’ll send you some of that black stuff
if you want some of it hey can i scroll and pick somebody just okay
all right Jeff I’m like holding the clock all right but like scroll up or
something here my kids brother James keeps going okay I know I love you too brother alright
I’m gonna pick somebody and I’m just gonna hold my finger there look close my
eyes and on a point and you’re gonna be the winner loser quick post up real
quick like type something like me me me me okay all right here we go we go one
two eyes closed my finger on I was on originally Travis carpenter which we
know we know Travis Travis do you what do you want sir would you like some on
the screen then the tail on the donkey babe those catfish pick the last one
okay yes it is going to pick the last winner that’s all of us you yes that
black stuff yes if you want some of that black stuff catfish email me dan f no I
got a super car dot-com sorry black shit happen ah yeah it’s like a black
restoration stuff okay it’s really actually it works
yeah very very well I was impressed just look at the uh you know the for exactly
they do silicone yeah don’t feel like you have to fix one mounted like you
know wait until you see a coupon pick someone this is not going to start okay I’m just going to reach forward and it’s your email me with your name
address email you know okay we’re done picking guys
oh is that black stuff for paint or plastic trim it’s for plastic I think I
yes okay Robert rubber rubber player plastic and some metal yeah you could do
some metal I don’t think I want to put them not like okay pain to the car real
a bottle guys yeah well I think of the new gt500 I want to drive one okay this
guy is what I mean oh yeah yeah I got a band this guy oh we always have to ban
at least one person every livestream veterans like okay we’re done picking um
by the way I’m contemplating oh this is good huh notice them actually it’s a
cheater why it’s a cool a queer show but it’s it’s like 20 bucks we’re gonna have
to like show it oh yeah we should show what we’re
drinking a potion oh oh wait there we go there we go like work shot we have that
every time we go to hosts house oh yes it is good it’s very it’s the one with
the silken or the plunge with Meg gets option in five minutes there’s no for
like $10,000 okay that’s a real question about actual cars so what ifs to what is
the best upgrades doing late on his 360 seat belt gotta hide this person sorry
oh thank you red beard do airplane ears with he’s actually chill right now real
okay yeah the F was F 429 oh god that’s for you Jeff Oh Jeff Bowen on here and
and Kelly Hays who’s not here and not online they set me up kind of like cold
wings behind my back wall but did you get mighty fine burgers no what no no I
hope that wasn’t her no that was not me that was a double ganger yes
anyway go back to the story okay so 360 mods Stu go high 360 mods will really
couldn’t finish that quick story with Jeff and Kelly that was a question
Jeff alright answer the question Yuri but that’s alright
on the butt of the joke all right um I’d say my best part is probably the horn
because I have that is pretty cool 308 I have a 308
metal metal the real can be saw that harm betting you’re on you have to get
it from a red now you have to get your ex car oh so you got like eBay dinner
yeah Oh because the newer ones the FIA mmm the fiamma yeah are all plastic they
switched the pointy nice also Denton use and you like regrettably they’re all
Craig are you watching Craig nobody is watching the guy who owns the debt boxed
uh feels like that was fun slash NGS black if you want to buy some that stuff
yes please buy it for Danville dude it’s legit it totally well review
the video of the Ferrari Forester if you want proof yeah we’re gonna fry Forester
sag wagon yeah it looks really good it looks really nice I have to say do you
ever put nitrous on the four five eight no no there is no nitrous represented
here I’m unarmed honest to god the first mate doesn’t
need more horsepower it’s fast scares the shit out of me it’s plenty fast like
okay with so many supercar with the McLaren for example when I drove it and
the four five eight is comparable in terms of how fast they can get is
watching okay okay okay like I can’t imagine why you would put nitrous on a
car that accelerates like a McLaren you don’t need to you don’t know what are
you it’s really drag racing all the time actually
personally I hate my cars you’ve got a drag race that are gonna beat the
McLaren like what’s this like Daddy Warbucks drag racing going on you make a
purpose-built drag cars Oh Fred T’s free all okay fun question for dance do
what name usually female do you have for your cars my spiders name is Rita really
I’ll be honest I don’t actually name like Thank You raspberry a few regulars
racing that’s why we answer Fred specially answer red beers question but
names if I did you call it the D moment but Dino is a natural name for it do you
have a name of course what is it of course car yeah my car I just never read
beers racing does we can be have a lifetime warranty on their parts like
FCP or I hate to say I don’t know actually you got to reach out to they
can be yeah call Daniel pass he’ll tell you can anybody just call them you okay
Miller what Miller Lite is a fully acceptable like alternative to wine –
yeah is it say it again Travis says stews idiot what where candy no can I
share my experience with negotiating able to purchase supercars is this going
to be content for future videos possibly it becomes a mail I mean yeah as the
situation presents it’s like the negotiation stuff generally I don’t want
to film because people aren’t cool with that like especially if it’s in person
which is actually kind of unusual now most of negotiations come over the phone
so imagine how awkward it be if you’re buying a car from Sony you stick a big
bugger in their face yeah like not that doesn’t lend itself
well to YouTube so when people hire me as a consultant and they want me to like
film the whole thing the actual purchasing part I don’t really feel
comfortable oh good night Jeff oh that’s why I thought it might be cool to share
in live episode well it’s not like on oh yeah it’s not like Pawn Stars you know
work you can’t see the you know negotiations I mean it should be just
just yeah you want you try to get the best to
party but if you don’t want to show that not as the guys my concern is when
someone’s paying me to help them get the best deal I don’t want to introduce the
camera because it could affect the deal so my goal is not to film it my goal is
to get the best deal so when people are like hey I’m giving you money to make
sure I get the best deal I’m not gonna compromise that deal with like who
you’re the camera okay if I had advertised an automobile or anything for
that matter and someone shows up with a camera to film the back and forth and be
like Kerry Wood I would I get a CA Corbett if I get the chance in like
three years I probably will yeah three years from
now there’ll be a CA on Toro and Dan will be like yeah don’t break the clock
it’s not yours anymore gonna clog not someone asked I found it Oh for a guard
Oh eat Gary with Superleggera wheels and 30,000 miles clean title for $60,000
that sounds really G umber one modification that you get fix the things
who does not catch on fire guard yeah like three five five yes really to make
sure that you do that up do that upgrade an eagle in the Gallardo okay that that
those model years I actually haven’t heard about that one hmm
well I certainly haven’t heard about any of it okay okay a gear with super did I
get excited life Apollo’s talk about you it was kind of cool I thought it was
cool the only problem is with that sort of shout out is so like I’m not
diminishing how cool just to be fair a shout out from Palos
doesn’t help that much so I picked up probably an extra two to three hundred
subscribers from that verse is like when Strad man gave me a shout-out pick tup
like fifteen hundred subscribers so it’s it’s like like I said I am very honored
that that Aaron would do that and that was really cool and Thank You Aaron if
you happen to ever see this but it’s not that helpful for the channel as it as
much as like a really big channel and give me a shout-out and what my personal
opinion is to be nothing but great no I am I’m careful no I’m saying like it’s
not as helpful as you think okay okay yeah that’s what I’m saying like it’s
not like it’s like it’s not like my channel is like oh my god Aaron give me
a shout-out it was like it was like see I don’t think someone’s saying call of
duty and I think the problem with that is like people first of all I don’t want
to be associated with them that’s a little bit negative slant I got to put
it more diplomatically I would say that I don’t election yes go ahead
I think people who really really enjoy dde might not relate as well to dance
content Billy dude dude Richard is asking what DD is even I know that now
because I have to live around this weird profession but ya know I think I think
dde viewers are like used to like like every episode is a heart attack and the
cops pull you over and this and this channel would be very disappointing in
that regard here’s the thing I think Diddy II has 13
it and they’ve done a really good job on it
I think they present an alternate reality for super car ownership that’s
not what 99.9% of people’s experience like their reality is we buy a bunch of
cars we mess them up we do dumb shit and then Prius videos I first yeah and sorry
Moses is sexually assaulting Richard but I know nah dude like like I’ve been researching
you people recently you people ya know car people in Lake okay so life of palos
gave Dan a shout out the only YouTube channel he gave me to shout out to
companies and so third time yeah so I went and I subscribed to his channel and
then as I started to try and review like what is happening it was like it was an
episode of like Real Housewives of car vloggers yes I was like is this a thing
yeah it was like so-and-so is suing who and and who who who committed what crime
today and what happened here yeah yeah it was bad well for a while
there it was like oh my god I would love to help Sam crack fix his Ferrari every
time he does a video I’m like well there’s like there’s like 20 people that
do that now there’s like Sam crack goon squad you know everyone’s buying totaled
Ferraris it’s like oh my god what do you mean you people I’m trying to like
educate myself because now I’m a YouTube wife and super scooters wrong i lo so I
was you one full disclosure I love Rob Freddie I think he is awesome so we’re
getting fur ready wait is that the guy with the hair no no no he’s a guy in New
York who the red on comfort here oh okay yeah I knew who that was what is that
Shawn post Shawn post welcome to supporter did he
he got a joint right now Oh announces when people become a supporter Wow
now he’s a member wow that’s kind of cool is that 34 yeah
34 members know what’s I thought in the coming fight yeah we haven’t finished talking about
let me see what up swine flu yeah agent bird flu oh here we go it is it has to
be asked what’s your thought something that was wrong one where is it what my
thought on Greta Rosa we actually talked about doing a collab but it was like uh
here’s my thing about co.labs I’m not gonna do a remote collab it doesn’t make
sense to me like no one wants to watch me do a Skype with some other person
like I think it’s stupid that thing yeah have you seen on somebody else’s channel
I know cuz I don’t want you to it’s like no like it’s like when one car guy talks
to another car guy over FaceTime and they’ve been calling that a
collaboration yeah like know if I’m gonna do a collab
it’s gonna be in person like we’re gonna do her was me yeah yeah that’s me that
was or what I meant James from strap man those were in person things I’m not
gonna like call up and let it cost me wish me come on yes and by the way the
guys with millions of subscribers aren’t like oh I hope somebody with a much
smaller channel calls me up so I can collab with them someone’s asking do I
ever do donuts in the perfect bait no because the tires are too damn expensive
I would love to if someone wants to sponsor my tires you want to change
hey I’ll tell you what you want to buy me some Pirelli PZero
I will go do some donuts and they call the second right now I’ll be fucking
awesome actually the cars which I agree that a
trip to Europe might be fun for the two of us we have done Europe a couple of
times but being in some other English normal guys garage well done
tears apart a Ferrari in somewhere in England is not a trip to Europe for me
yeah yes Sam Craig and rich rebuilds these to
be remote collabs and they were hilarious
yeah I know congratulation guys thank you thank you yeah I would love to come to Sweden Andy
I can sit you there for your Subaru okay who is this person what I’m gonna like
get rid of this person they’re like pretty weird shedding yeah yeah I don’t
weird things on these yeah that’s that’s you hit the nail on the head
but thank you red beards raising so problem with co.labs is when you only
have 50,000 subscribers and you’re trying to get a collab with sona’s got
like one point something million subscribers are two million subscribers
if I’m not providing them value they’re not interested like what’s in it for
them right like they’re they’re busy people doing an actual business like
they’re trying to make money they’re try and do their job and it’s like hey hey
hey James Stratman hey guess what take some time out of your busy day yeah and
uh give me a shout-out oh yeah I know I met you like twice yeah and no one’s
gonna give a shit that I said hi to you but uh can you say hi to me it’s really
cool right like it just doesn’t make any sense
so yes Aaron Carlos is helpful with with his channel because he’s doing the news
but that’s the problem is it’s the news it’s like very like of the moment
someone says Richard is also a legend and I have to agree yeah pretty much ya
know yeah like this way so you start getting features to your front door so
great friend asked if I’ve talked to art lately I’m assuming you’re talking about
uh San Antonio of the edgy um yeah I actually like like that’s a week old
days ago you might have been doing that when I was they’ve got all sorts of
stuff going on or Nia I want to help them and then
I’ve talked about the idea of me installing one of their kits on a 430
so that might happen in the future call chrisfix do a collab and make him show
in space he’s not going to show his face I actually met Chris picks he wouldn’t
show me you say you know what that’s a smart man because he gets all the
benefits of being a baby all their nominee anonymity well that’s why I’m
talking and good one right there it’s racing have a good 300 and someone named
someone pronounced H Patrick Troughton I can’t shave intro I need to SGU ug well
the first two years I say silly idea so Delia so here Leah Elliott Elliott so
try to say my name where are we riding motorcycles it’s a good thing on it cuz
we’d all be dead yeah sign it out okay Oh guys no first G
is AQ o qu really it’s a cool idea it’s a wheel yeah squealing I want a
stinger GT Travis don’t get the stinger no it’s nothing cool Travis will you get
a Ferrari I’m from Colorado Springs actually I will be in Colorado Springs
Oh Dan does know that only I will be in class what we’re both gonna be a cover
speak we’re both gonna be in Colorado Springs no no it’s not a vacation I
won’t be working but so there’s a Ferrari Club of America event at the
Broadmoor the 10th through the 13th and I will be in color Springs that whole
week because I’m going to visit my brother I’m actually gonna go hang out
with Aaron Paulo’s I’m gonna do do a collab with Heidi and Freddie’s garage
it’s fun it is gonna be fun I will be doing none of that car stuff I
will probably just luxuriating myself somewhere in and
around Colorado Springs have any insight on why three of my fans are going for
more than 360s I think three well most of three 5s aren’t more than 360s there
are some special scenario yeah yeah like really clean clean low mileage yeah but
: 3 v 5s are in vogue right now they’re starting to go back up so that’s that’s
why yes okay well how long it well we’re about an hour should we getting close to
wrapping up hey how’s everybody feeling yeah everybody wants to drink all night
long yeah we’re all question hey wait Tim are you still on here
because we can’t work well well yeah you never know people keep asking what cool cars you
guys zones before Ferraris Dan owned a lot of muscle cars
I don’t well Nova Cutlass Chevelle couple of Mustangs one Mustang Cobra
that met a very untimely end what cars did you guys own before Ferraris that’s
a sediment from the line it’s not gonna hurt you okay I’m wondering what parts you guys on the
four Ferraris I’m embarrassed why Hugh Corvette
Miata Miata explore explore explore Corvette Corvette Ferrari oh man
interesting mazi oh yeah well but that was after the first Ferrari after his
last Corvette was pretty cool dude I will say the Kermit is like a handful
and he’s too much the zo6 is too much it’s too much torque yeah
it’s just it just wants to like try and kill you it’s not up rubber to hold to
keep it on the ground yeah at 100,000 subscribers I should
give away at 348 I can’t really give those away though
I’m happy I think I think you’d understand come on yes yeah we’re like Godzilla probably do it we’re
like we’re like 400 fold less than how much I make to be able to 4 to 348 to
give them away wait wait hold this if you go on a
personal mission and get Dan 1 million plus subscribe yes ok I’ll give away
I’ll tell you what if you want to get me a million subscribers I won’t give away
a 348 we’re gonna wait better than a 3 for subscribers yeah he has been holding
just clock this entire life actually you know you want actually Fred gave me all
the directions so I think so let me ask you this if you were to buy this clock
right here how much would you pay how much would you guys pay for said Ferrari
clock since everybody keeps trying to buy it yeah because they’re ones like I
want to buy I oughta buy it and I want to see if it’s even reasonable you know
to do it does take one double a battery to run the clock just FYI
backside for $55 well I’ll tell you what the cardinality it’s worth more than
that okay so maybe you want $89.99 so that’s the problem I’m not gonna make a
clock yeah they cost $50 just to buy the damn parts Oh labor oh yeah yeah
one eighty nine ninety nine hundred bucks I say 250 that’s the first reason
150 to 200 back at 150 there’s 1 million dollars one yeah I’m trying to do that
because they cost about 50 bucks to buy in the labor to make them and then you
got shipping and then I should switch to another 20 bucks and just take a single
double a battery I’m just saying yeah it’s a verified Ferrari right absolutely
not actually no it’s not I’m not at all the armament if somebody can get Dan a
sponsorship for Miller Lite so I’ll put up half the
money for that 348 give I actually emailed them oh really
yeah all they can do is say no I even them they gave me a phone number I
called it they went to voicemail Oh chance come on
super that’s why it’s not no it’s not Miller time right now
okay but there’s no wine list oh okay okay okay it’s cool yeah nothing you’ll
notice that we will quickly stop whining with anything if Dan gets a Miller and I
don’t like beer but except Miller love how much for a repeat customer I mean I
have discounts I work that out later individual case basis thoughts is there
such thing as a 575 huh yeah 575 Marit Marit Marit all um 12-cylinder where do
you sit in it somebody was saying 575 I didn’t see that I don’t know working neg
work at Magath what I don’t know it works all day long I work hard for the
money like hard for the money you know I will just my hair my hair Megan for that
so I guess okay I’m not gonna add to it ridiculous on the internet though guys
because I actually do have a real what do you have okay my very first car ever
I bought for five hundred dollars from an entire teacher
it was a 1975 Cadillac Sedan Deville red with white interior birth into kind of
deep white interior what like what I love white leather white
leather interior the car was so badass it was a 454 man that had like powered
or if you turned on more than three things you lost the power steering 55,000 to 55,000 miles on it back in the
day when things would roll over after a hundred thousand miles so yeah I got had
the other cars I’ve had I’ve had Subarus I’ve had I had a Mustang
really Fox Body Mustang lol 92 bought brand-new with seven miles on it dude I cried the day not spend or henchmen it
was a it was a hatchback was a hatchback the notchback so it was beautiful I love
that it was a Calypso green Clemson green well I don’t know what that is but
I love green it was like basically on the telly
yeah although that one Ferrari that comes in like that forest green that
where our three colors ugly when I was in college Mazda rx-7 and rx 70 college
I was the shit that’s on Fast and Furious shit did you dump it before the
apex seals went out I dumped it when I lost half when I lost one of the rotors
yeah there you go sealed on me yeah I’m sure the apex seals went out yeah two
rotors you can take off so you can take a 90 degree turn at 45 miles an hour it
was wonderful that you can do that in mini
row just saying so much credit Cooper Edition minis rule or John whatever his
name is not good yeah John John whatever told us Eric so much better than the
Argosy house yeah yeah it was a it was terrible the rx-7 was the most
well-balanced car I’ve ever driven it was
I have to admit was probably one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned i driving
wise I mean yes it wasn’t fast fast but it was fast for the car that it was and
I really really appreciate it I had a lot of great memories and yes that many
is easy to parallel park you know don’t you alright say what we’ll wide it down in
four minutes okay sweet okay so ask your questions get them in now you got
anything to say wine room write it down wine it down yeah I work all day guys
think of shit like we’re gonna continue this non show family at the domain thank
you very much who’s that who me saying thanks to Louie fun Reds is a fraud is
it for us for all I’m officer oz like a Shiraz dan do I enjoy gated manuals yeah
yeah they’re like he needed me a CC for loser review coming anytime soon we can
make that happen we know get on GDC for losers I will be driving the form of a
to Colorado in September my brother is not buying Tyco and unfortunately his
life situation changed and so ty can kind of disappear Shh I will not be
driving in the four five eight Clara Springs
I will decidedly be flying I will be picking up Megan dan will be picking me
up there on the Colorado Springs Airport in a four five eight do I have any
videos my terminator no unfortunately the Terminator what my Oh for Cobra oh
it’s called a terminator yeah okay um I do have some pics your other with a tree
in it no he doesn’t have one or two picture that was the one I got total
before I do have some old videos of like the Chevelle and stuff actually I’m a
channel damn doesn’t lead to review the CA de actually yes one of my friends who
was on here earlier is buying a c8 and once he gets it I think I’ll probably
count there with a four five eight will do kind of like a drag
crazy thing Corvette guys lose their wine oh my god yes and then everyone’s
really it’s so much better to throw it so much better and so much cheaper you
so much cheaper yeah yeah first-gen Erickson no one no okay
I hate when people like hey I have this idea here’s how you get a million
subscribers do this no like like I’m in this weird niche I can’t do so here’s a
problem at the rx-7 if I do an rx-7 no one’s gonna watch on my channel okay
and so dan when okay super us how do super is fair on your channel yeah I did
I did a super video when they were hot shit no one no one watched it it was the
worst video I did like six months it was so bad I have to like here’s the thing I
have to stick to super cars or close to super cars or or cars that aspire to be
super cool yeah yeah so the car event video did pretty good but like I don’t
know why exactly yeah I haven’t figured out like that one did better better than
normal I think you almost have to do this eh just cuz we can access I have
yeah exactly I have to do this see yeah yeah cuz it’s so like everyone’s like oh
we’re gonna work their money Andy we would love into a Fairmont video thank
you the Fairmont versus the four five eight
in a quarter-mile the farewell is sad The Fairmont would win
what’s the reason why the Fairmont doesn’t go that fast is wait no I’m
sorry I mean it’s not an original family the
fairway you know with Andrew Dice Clay yes inside of one car garage okay Andy
to tear down a 302 blindfolded you probably could yeah yeah he’s actually
cutting Commission right now he uh Scribbins arm well screwed up yeah
like Annie took a giant what is it a grinder to his arm an angle grinder
kicked back and hit his arm everybody say a prayer for Andrew he Stan who’s
art has like this big freaking pirate like stitches in it now yes and he says
he doesn’t like to tear into engines which seems weird because that’s what he
does like it’s here in two engines well when you start talking like that bottom
end I don’t even know what that means okay thank you thank you Richard
how old is Moses he is 10 and a half months old he’s nearly 11 months old he
was born in early May oh yeah yeah you’re right okay okay okay love you we
do love you guys we should probably do live stream wait
we can’t do it Mon Fridays because everybody’s not having fun on Fridays we
have to go Susie I’m an old person and so I wish we did him on Fridays because
then I wasn’t worried about you know being responsible and getting to bed
certain time but you know yes so thank you all of you thank you guys thank you
for participating 15,000 survivor thank you to read for donating the Ferrari of
course you did Thank You Spencer thank you for its Craig also known as Florida
man getting away the dice though oh thank you dr. Faulkner fuck Brazil yes
well if you want to come for the crappy resolution after-party where you can see
the cars out where he’s gonna use his phone
Oh to do that and you promise you’re in about crappy resolution may be choppy
yeah it’s very bad okay I’m two minutes I’m gonna shut down this livestream now
go up my phone okay and I’ll do a second livestream you will walk outside and you
can see Richards Testarossa which just major yep and you got a major so I’ll
just do like a two minute livestream okay so of the Testarossa yes yes the
mic stuff that like stuff that my stuff need to email me if you want that you’re
a name winner y’all that black stuff like so then you
need to email damn go and see it at normal guy down at normal guys supercar
yes and it’s only for cars only you can’t drink it no he does you know
because it will kill you yes then I probably end up and and you know that
somebody probably did it and somebody wrote him a letter so yeah don’t do it guys I’m gonna shut that livestream I’ll
go to my phone and we’ll see in a few minutes those of you that want to see
their cars go go do that they are indeed outside all right we’re winding down
good night guys thank you so much let’s not break wine glasses okay all right
good night bye pace

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  1. Congrats on 50k dude! Sorry I missed the livestream. Pregrame-ing is super important. Sending hetero-man-love…

  2. What's the obsession with telling you to do collabs with people when you've said a million times why it doesn't work the way they think it does?

  3. Congrats on the 50K thats a lot of grinding to get that many subs… you're on your way 100k right around the corner…

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