(Livecast) Married Life vs Single Life in the PH

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  1. The advantages of being single if you are over age 50 are not what they used to be in the Philippines…less demand for and choices for the older expat than there was 5 years ago. A change in Philippine culture:)

  2. I like to say is the relationship with a friend, lover or long-term GF/wife enhancing your life or is the net effect more drama and problems that cause you unhappiness?

  3. There is an advantage of getting married for the expat if you are going to live in the Philippines. The girl can't just decide to divorce you for another guy or financial reasons. On the other hand, the expat can get one in his own country.

  4. I wouldn't carry or smoke pot in the Philippines. You could go to jail for that for sure or make a very large financial payoff to the authorities.

  5. Now that pot is legal in some places the pot is much stronger on average and you can get different strains that will have a totally different effect on you depending on what you like or the occasion. Typically you can read about it or the store will tell you what to expect.

  6. Great vid. Really enjoyed. Happy and truly satisfying relationships are rare. But yes, they do exist. And when you are lucky enough or smart enough to be in one, it makes both of your lives sweet indeed!

  7. Reekay,
    Are you dating "Ms Vie" who has a fairly new channel? Gio gave her a shout out. Beautiful girl and really seems together. I'm guessing mid-twenties at most. Really seems down-to-earth. Not sure if she was married. If that's her…"Congratulations!"
    Merry Christmas from Dover, Pa USA.
    Her girls are absolutely adorable.

    As a former commercial pilot (Flight instructor), the standard saying is: "Why would I ever want to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft???"

  8. So, they think a WIDE nose is unattractive? Hmm. Wonder what the "family" thinks when a baby "pops out" and it's a product of a Filipina w/small lips, beautiful long hair, Morena skin, but it has a DOUBLE or TRIPLE WIDE nose, curly cue hair, big lips and is UBER-MORENA with a hint of the night, so not like its mommy at all? SOME of these ladies just do NOT think about what a disservice they do to their children, But they learn the hard way, and that's WAY WAY OKAY w/me!

  9. You’re really a good guy

    Reekay. When you say

    you will always uplift the

    woman in your life..

    that’s the way it should be

    There are expat vloggers
    who play
    practical jokes
    on their spouse/girlfriend..
    make fun of their English, etc.

    I really hate that stuff!

  10. Yes Ilonggo is in Iloilo province
    on Panay islandand Negros Occidental
    (and the island Guimaras between them.)

    Anyone in need of Ilonggo lessons
    I'm your guy

  11. Reekay have you done any videos on marriage scams ? I was in a relationship with a beautiful 23 year old Filipina for 6 months, visited her and talked to her many times every day. We got engaged and filed for the K1 Visa so she could come to the US and we could go get married. One day I got a message from a guy in Japan and it turns out she was also his fiance and we were both lied to, we were both supporting her unbeknownst to the other. Her family met both of us and knew all about it. She was the most kind, caring amazing girl and I never would have expected it. So I'm sharing this as a cautionary tale, especially when it's a long distance relationship.

  12. You are more excited about life and your projects, its proof, you have definitely fallen in love bro, beautiful, I am so happy for you and your Davao girl. We all knew your heart would lead you back to the Philipp8nes.

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