Liverpool and Manchester City Go Paintballing | The Champions S1E5

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite and start getting Real This is The Champions Football is in my veins Also growth hormones Forget John Terry I’m the real “Mr. Steal Your Girl” [unintelligible] Could we do that one more time, Harry? I didn’t quite catch that [unintelligible] Alright, can we just get an actor in here? Board up your windows it’s Harry Kane season Ok, just one more time Kevin, when Vincent goes here, you go here David, you press high here when Otamendi goes to space here Remember, we have six seconds to win back the zone SIX SECONDS Got it? No You speak too fast Can we just shoot some paintballs already? Last year the guys went paintballing after our loss in the FA Cup Afterwards we won the Premier League So, I think, why not we do it again this year? It’s fun, yeah I like to get into it and like pretend I’m all American whenever I’m doing gun things Kyle Walker Texas Ranger It’s not bad, right? Pretty good Alpha Company spotted at 11 o’clock Bravo Kompany, you ready? I…I can’t do it Oh come on it’s all in fun No…I mean… I just pulled my calf Ow It hurts It’s just paint, Vincent No, I pulled my other calf Guys. They’re here! Quickly! Counter! Counter! Hmmm Wait, we are not using this red paint Scouse Liverpool? KLOPP!! Ow I actually got Paintball Shot of the Year for that Yes. Got you. OK, guys, be careful Where there is one Red there’s always another nearby These bastards never walk alone Kevin De Groin-ah! Haha! Let’s go, mates! Take this, Liverpooool! What are they doing? They seem to be playing a game but they have these upside-down frowns and are making these sounds like “ha ha ha” It’s called smiling and having fun It’s overrated Don’t get any ideas Oh now Pep appears to be yelling at someone It’s Jurgen Klopp! What!? Ugh They are not real rivals I am Pep’s only true competition He and dis German hack had fling in Bundesliga and now everyone wants to act like they are great adversaries It is a disrespect to all of Manchester and the history of the Derby But even more important than that it is disrespect to me Klopp Why do you have to ruin everything? Our unbeaten season our Champions League hopes and now this! We are just having a little fun No We are the fun team Clearly, you have not seen “All or Nothing” And clearly you haven’t seen James Milner’s Twitter Ah yes but everybody knows I’m the most quirky likable manager in football Probably I’m just a normal guy Exactly! Wait that was very likable Damnit! Well nobody is more likable than David Silva! Except for Mo Salah Gah! You truly are my greatest rival, you clever Kloppo! And you are mine you brilliant bald Barcelonian! Oh my God. Get a room, you two! You’re not rivals I’m your rival I’m everyone’s rival I’m the most decorated I’ll be your rival, Jose Not you

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  1. When there is one re there’s always one nearby because these bastard never walk alone 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  2. Oh my god get a room you two! You’re not rivals! I’m your rival! I’m everyone’s rival! I’m the most decorated!

    I’ll be your rival Josie!!

    Uhhh, not you!

    😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. My goodness kompany and KDB are always injured brilliant 😂

    Sterling is shit scared how accurate is this 😂😂😂

  4. Can't stop laughing at this Guardiola part "Hmmm. Wait.. We are not using this red paint. (Tastes paint.. Mya mya mya mya). Scouse. Liverpool!"

    Oh Pep, you brilliant bald Barcelonian

  5. For the people who think that this animation was made by bleacher report, well then ur wrong.This was actually made by br Football

  6. What is beginning and ending song? Lol I’ve watched so many of these that it’s getting really catchy [EDIT: found it lol Champions by Cody William Falkosky]

  7. Jurgen klopp is the descendent off adolf Hitler.
    1.they bouth leaders.
    2.both they have an army.
    3.and more important both are very dominant.

  8. "I will be your rival josie" – Poch
    This has so much more meaning after Jose has been appointed as Spurs manager.

  9. As an American I can tell you only specific regions of the U.S sound like that. Me being from the southern states have more of a country accent and sound much different than those you find more nothern like Boston and out west in California

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