Liverpool player celebrations after beating Manchester United said it all about this incredible team

stick pins point clear at the top three
teen point we’re at a Manchester United and BT me and gt9 family games unbeaten
textile 0 into D one person and one day he would not have then shooting class at
his he called peaking team from synod 13 3d beating people response when I get
too near to continue their remarkable science and
more importantly after taking a few steps lon Oh domestic people time but
the beauty about this inside which me a water sapphire me go down it’s one of
the best to the club to destroy this bit they never look cluttered okay then the
next month and then on song what’s underlying after gone from dig deep and
I’m in a sauna then United back up the is landshark
with death time between the village we were launched whistling at the clock and
his player life and are the applause up to hunger in Casa on the work itself and
to see with understand indeedy we are gonna win to be set on image the South
have been settle much uglier the celebration side it’s all about the
steel business a future and to the next one
and then the ultimate prize is achievable you

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