London Customs Agent Couldn’t Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

-We love having you here, buddy. You are actually now
officially a New Yorker. -I am! I moved back.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yes!
Yes. I love it. -It’s official.
-It is official. -Does it feel good?
Do you like being a New Yorker? -Oh, God, it feels so good. You walk outside and it just —
the world starts right away. For your kids, they have
breakfast and they go out, and within a block,
they’re, like, playing checkers in the park
or something like that. My kids are 42. -Oh, wow.
Congratulations on that. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Did you ever have a
“Welcome to New York” moment where you go,
“Well, that happened”? -Yeah.
Everybody does, right? I had mine
a long time ago actually. It was probably —
I’m ancient. It was like 20 years ago. I was an intern
right here at 30 Rock. -That’s right.
-Yeah, yeah. That’s all I wanted to say.
Thanks so much, everybody! -There he is, John Krasinski!
No, no, no. -And I was going out
to have lunch, and I was young,
and I was ignorant, so I was wearing
a Red Sox jersey. [ Audience groans, laughter ] -Ooh, boy.
-I still do. I’m still ignorant.
-All right. -I was wearing
a Nomar Garciaparra Jersey. -Nomar!
-Nomar! -Nomar!
Yeah. -I got out of the glass doors,
took a left, and I was walking along,
about to get lunch and just — Something hit me
in the back of the head. [ Laughter ] I was like, “Oh, my God.”
-Oh, no. -And it was a full
cream-cheese bagel. [ Laughter and applause ] And I looked over
to see who it was. It was a taxi
going like 20 miles an hour. [ Laughter ] And I couldn’t be mad. A guy who was like,
“Oh. There we go,” and just, like,
the trajectory to hit — He must’ve
been drafted after that. -Yeah, seriously,
that’s good aim right there. -It was really good. -How are the girls doing?
-Fantastic. -Yeah?
How old are they now? -You know what it’s like to have
two girls, two daughters. -It’s the best thing
in the world. -It is the best thing
in the world. It’s just tea parties,
hair bands — for me. It’s not them.
-No, yeah, exactly. It’s you,
and then they catch you. They go, “Daddy, can we play?” -Can I get in on that tea party?
-Yeah. Do you do tea parties
with the girls? -I do, yeah.
You know how everybody says, like, “Wow.
My kid’s really smart.” We’ve so tried to not do that, ’cause everybody goes,
“Every kid’s smart.” But I think my oldest daughter
is like a Jedi. And it’s like a manipulative,
negative Jedi, because, one day,
we were going over colors, and she goes —
This is early on. Like, she was 1 1/2
or something, and she goes, “Daddy,
what’s your favorite color?” And I said, “Blue.” And I knew her favorite color
was blue, and she went, “Oh.
Your favorite color is purple?” And I went, “No,
my favorite color is blue.” And she went, “Oh,
your favorite color’s purple. There’s purple.”
[ Laughter ] And I was like,
“That’s so weird.” And after two years now,
I’m like, “My favorite color — purple.” [ Laughter ] -It actually worked, though?
-It worked! I totally —
Now she hands me things, and very sadly,
like two weeks ago, She’s like, “Daddy,
your favorite color can blue.” And I went, “No,
my favorite color is purple.” [ Laughter ] I was still —
I was still locked in. She’s like, “Good, good!” -She’s making a block
levitate around the room. A teacup pours itself, yeah. -Yeah, exactly.
-And how’s your wife, the beautiful Emily Blunt?
-Fantastic. -We love Emily.
-Fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] -That reaction means I married
up, and don’t I know it. Don’t I know it. -I wouldn’t say
you married up, no. -Oh, no, no, no. Please, they don’t
have to tell me. The customs agent in London did. [ Laughter ] I don’t know if you know,
Emily just shot a movie, it’s a small indie
called “Mary Poppins.” [ Laughter, cheers ] And I went to visit her
all the time. I was shooting something else,
but I went almost every weekend, and it was going great,
the customs, whole experiences, whatever. -You got to get through customs.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I hit this guy
who’s about my age, and he looked like he was ready
to get a little surly with me, and he said, “It says here
that you’re an actor.” And I said, “Yeah,”
and he said, “Would I know you
from anything?” I went, “You know, we redid
the UK version on ‘The Office.'” Strike one.
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “Oh.”
-“I hated that version!” -“Oh, you took
what we did perfect.” And then I said, “Yeah.” And he says,
“Who you visiting here?” I said, “My wife,” and he says,
“Is she an actress?” I said, “yeah.”
He said, “Would I know her?” I went, “I don’t know, man.
Her name’s Emily Blunt.” He goes like this, he goes,
“You?” [ Laughter and applause ] And I went, “Yeah.”
And he goes, “You? You married Emily Blunt?”
And I go, “Yeah.” And he goes like this,
“Okay, go. Just go.” Like, the stamp was so hard.
I was like, “I’m so sorry.” -Not breaking eye contact,
like, following you out.

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  1. If I were Emily I would marry him too. What's not to Love about John Krasinski ? Humble, Handsome, Sweet, Genuine and Funny.

  2. I wouldn't either. What the fuck is she doing with this bum? Come on she is very talented and beautiful. I guess this bum shot his shot and get lucky. I bet there was some guy she really like but he didn't act so she have to settle for this bum. This is a lesson for every guy out there to shot their shot at every chance they get to avoid this kind of disaster from happening. She will never know you like her if you don't tell her. Don't be that guy she liked but didn't act. Don't take a chance on not telling her. Even if she find out you like her from third party she is still going to wait for you to tell her. If you never tell her she is going to end up marrying some bum.Woman are weird creature.

  3. I remeber seing him in the movie 13 hours and what an amazing role he played in it and thinking.. "hmm not doing too bad yourself big tuna"

  4. Watching the Dinner Party episode bloopers kinda ruined John's interviews for me cause i can tell when he fake laughs and when he actually thinks something is funny

  5. I was that gunman on the grassy knoll … shooting bagels – I meant to hit Jimmy in his fake / over the top laughing mouth

  6. Let's be honest, the American version of The Office is the real one. Just because you did it first doesn't mean you did it best.

  7. Jimmy Fallon is probably right down the order of late night shows with his stupid laughs after Stephen Colbert, Conan, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Lopez and whoever's out there – even Andy Ritcher !

  8. Man the customs in the uk are so annoying there stupid questions like what is the purpose of your visit? Like I am gonna say yeah I am here to bomb 💣 your country!

  9. This man John is like the perfect interviewee, it feels like he’s keeping the flow of the show going more than Jimmy in this particular interview.

  10. Happy Birthday, John,Hope one day,some day I can meet you I watch your show The Office or somebody like you to meet you some day.

    tell me I’m wrong?

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