Lorena Bociu: Sharing the Fun and Usefulness of Math

I believe I have the best job in the
world. I was attracted to math because I
thought it was entertaining and fun. I want to show people the fun part of
mathematics, the beauty of mathematics. I want people to understand how useful
mathematics is everywhere in the world, you know, in all problems around us. BugFest is a huge event in the Triangle. All our activities of course involve bugs,
but everything really is math. They play, they see how fun this is, how
challenged they are, and then we talk a little bit about the math behind so that they understand what’s going on. So I am the mentor for the Association of Women in
Mathematics here at NC State. I knew I wanted to be a math teacher in sixth
grade because I had a wonderful math teacher who was a woman. I think
mentoring is very important. I want people to know what they can do with a
math degree, and really the answer is anything. I help others see the beauty
and usefulness of mathematics, and that’s how I think and do at NC State.

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