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  1. Is there an Insurance policies on the children I’m sorry did everyone else catch that her daughter was going to attend BYU in Hawaii

  2. I think that Internal Affairs has to get involved here. This level of incompetence could probably only happen on a police force that is dirty.

  3. She couldn't call because she was so exited sooo she texted..
    Looks like the rental home was a set up.. Three weeks later still no furniture?
    Insurance money.. Lori: let's trow a pool party"

  4. These kids are dead Im afraid. Keeping in mind: Lori's new husband dig grave's for a living. How did Lori's brother died? How can two people atract 5 deaths in less then few months?

  5. This is one huge soap opera that doesn’t answer the question of “WHERE are the children?” What has happened to people such that we hear these kinds of stories in a daily basis? What kind of society have we become that we kill innocent children?

  6. FOR GOODNESS SAKE arrest both of them until the kids show up!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILING SO MANY KIDS

  7. These people are going to get away with killing those poor kids why have they not been held until they talk!! It’s obvious they are suspects in this case!!! They are gunna be gone before they find out more evidence or they are gunna kill themselves after living it up in Hawaii and no one is ever going to know! Detain those people already!!!!!! Justice for those children!

  8. People deal with death in different ways. When my step mother passed away my father was very calm about it. The event destroyed him inside and he passed away ten months later.

  9. Just remember Lori there is no statute of limitations for murder. For the rest of your life you’ll be looking over your shoulder until your in a jail cell.

  10. Is there any specific reason WHY SHE’S NOT BEHIND BARS???? I don’t understand the lack of urgency these kids have been missing for 5 months!!!! Who cares if her previous husbands were murdered HER CHILDREN ARE MISSING. What’s the thought process behind these officers…..it’s ridiculous that they gave them a “deadline” these are innocent kids need to be found!!

  11. The officer said her daughter was going to attend college in Hawaii is she there because Lori stated that. Falsely informing police officer

  12. This woman is crazy. She doesn’t care if her ex husband is dead, shot by her brother. Brother is crazy too. He loves to kill. Lori probably asked him to do away with the children as well. This family has a gene for no compassion or remorse.

  13. So much death around these two. Texting those boys that their father died, her own children missing, she is one disgusting human being.

  14. Man, this is nuts. I'm just stumbling across this case from Australia: has anyone been arrested? Does anyone have any idea where the kids are? How does this happen?

  15. FIND THOSE KIDS PLZZZZ! ALIVE?😪 🙄🙄 WHATS TAKING SO LONG? MOBILIZE HALF THE FBI IDC JUST FIND THEM PLZZZ …(btw when I said half the fbi I was exaggerating but fr plz do something)

  16. God is going to get them… They can run change the hair color it doesn't matter. Condolences to all the victims in this tragedy and may God bring peace to the families.

  17. She is sick. She has killed so many people because she thinks she is a God herself. No God would allow killing of innocent people for your own personal gain.

  18. This woman is psychotic. Her husband was shot to death – in her home and she's laughing and partying????
    I saw a video of them getting on a plane to leave Hawaii today.

  19. Obviously those red flags are not red enough to have these people talk to authorities and tell the truth. It's like the one in Florida who did not cooperated about her daughter's whereabouts. Pretty disgusting and shameful

  20. Dead people don’t talk an she’s the mastermind I guarantee you the fbi is just waiting for a mistake there’s no way but then again look at Casey Anthony

  21. But he changed the insurance to payout to his sister bit*h ….,, 😉 You lose . You may have killed John but at least he wont be in jail for the end of his life suffering . 😁 You lose .

  22. Ive literally had dreams about these kids! Cause i keep seeing it ! And it breaks my heart 😭😭 Please find them! There parents are demons.

  23. She wanted to celebrate. Seems a lot of people she doesnt get along with die suddenly. Her murderer brother is dead now too. Wonder if he was going to talk.

  24. I don't know why no one is reporting that just weeks before he was killed Charles Valow had an order of protection against Lori. Why would that not ring the alarm bells for the police at the time he was killed?

  25. Seems perfectly reasonable. I always like to unwind and chill out after successfully arranging the murder of family members.

  26. Nah death is to good water board bamboo under fingernails car batteries and good times oh they would wish for death! Oh please let me exact revenge for the ones that can't

  27. this is all a bunch of cover up after cover up , i hate to say it … but i believe the chances of finding the children are super low & them being alive is much more low … lori is an evil person , shows NOOOO emotion wht so ever & needs to be put away for life ! & her husband too . this is such a heartwrenching story . wht kind of mother dnt show any worries about her kids who's missing ? a deadbeat mom … thasss who . lori , may GOD make you suffer as you've done upon ur ex-husband , brother & kids ! shame on you & i hope u ROT in ^#;#**#^#&(@(!] !!!!

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