Lost in Translation ft. Brad Mondo | MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever

(logo slams) – Hi, I’m Brad Mondo, and this is my story about how I found myself
by getting lost in Tokyo. (upbeat music) I was 21, living in New York City, (eyelashes tinkle)
doing hair. It was my dream job. This salon was the
biggest one in Manhattan, and I couldn’t even believe
that I landed a job there, like, okay, go me.
(two bells chime) I was there for three years. Everything was going amazing. I had a full clientele. But, for some reason, I
honestly just wasn’t that happy and I felt like something
in my life was missing. (sighing) I eventually made the only
decision that seemed right in my head at that time. I ended up quitting.
(contract whooshing) I decided it was time to truly find myself and go travel the world.
(jungle animals chatter) I had $6,000 left in my
bank account, period. That might sound like a lot, but that’s all I had for
all my travel expenses and for an apartment when
I got back to the city. So I decided I would allow myself to spend half on the trip
and half when I came back. So I booked a flight (engine roars)
to Thailand. I had planned to travel around (elephant trumpet)
for 2 weeks. Basically, in Thailand,
all I did was drink. (straw gurgles)
They sold actual buckets of alcohol, buckets! They’re massive, like
on every street corner. And I guess I had had one too many drinks, because right at the
beginning of the trip, I got the worst sun poisoning (screaming)
and all my skin was peeling off. I did not look cute at all guys, at all. So it became pretty clear, right at the beginning of the trip, that I was not gonna find anything besides the bottom of my
alcohol bucket. (snickers) Next, I went to Bali to make up for my disastrous start in Thailand. I lived that full-on yogi life. I got massages, I went surfing, it was honestly, like, pretty cute. Listen, I was living.
(soothing tone plays) But I was still searching for myself, and I could not find her anywhere, she was not to be located.
(doo-wop music) So my initial two week trip had now been extended,
because I was on a mission. The next place I went to was Vietnam, and, spoiler alert,
(door creaks) I didn’t find myself there either. My final stop was Tokyo,
and this is my final chance to find who I am, and I’m fully ready, like I’ve never in my life been more ready to just be like, “Brad, hey, how are you? “Like, we finally found each other, hi!” I had hung all of my
manifestations, hopes, and dreams on this leg of the trip. And let me tell you, it wasn’t exactly (air whooshes)
the smoothest start. I was on the world’s tiniest plane and we had the world’s
most insane turbulence. I hate flying, so this
wasn’t good for me at all. The flight has suddenly dropped, (screaming)
drastically. There was plates flying everywhere, drinks flying everywhere, flight attendants falling to the ground. It was so dramatic, I
thought I was gonna die. I was hyperventilating,
holding my friend’s hand, it wasn’t good for me at all. I finally land in Tokyo, I go to grab a cab, and I realize, I’m completely out of cash. So I wasn’t sure if I could
actually use my credit card in the cab, like I don’t know Japan, I don’t know you, girl. (retro video game music)
So I ended up just walking to the hotel. The only problem was, I didn’t
exactly know where I was or where the hotel was
and I can’t read Japanese. My data plan wasn’t working, so my phone was basically
useless at this point. I was trying to get directions (text beeping)
on the street, but nobody at all spoke English. I’m just wandering around Tokyo, looking for my hotel for four hours. I just broke down.
(wailing) I sat on the curb and just let it all out. I was just like, “Why is this happening?” Finally, I pulled myself together. I stood up and I realized, I’m standing right in front (triumphant music)
of the hotel. I couldn’t believe it,
I just started jumping up and down.
(cartoon Brad cheers) I’m trying to check in but
I soon realize nobody there speaks good English,
(horns tooting) but we weren’t communicating very well. I finally realize that what
they’re trying to tell me is that they don’t take credit cards. And I’m like, “Of course you don’t!” Like, why does this have to be the worst day of my life? (laughing) So I decided I’m gonna have to dip into the rest of my savings if I want anywhere to sleep tonight. So instead of taking
out the amount necessary to stay at this hotel,
I ended up taking out the rest of my savings in yen. I was freaking out, like
how do I get this yen back in my American bank
account, how does that even work? So the first thing I do is
just try and fall asleep. I was just ready to knock out, but then I was like, “Well, (laughing) “you’re only in Tokyo, you know, “so many times in your life, “I might as well go out.” I end up having
(opera singing) the absolute time of my life,
(cat meows) until about 5 in the morning. I’m finally starting to feel like this trip is starting to turn around. So the next morning I realize that I’m being kicked out of my hotel because they’re fully
booked for the next night. I just decided I was gonna stay at the nicest place possible
until I headed home, so I check into this incredible hotel for the next two nights
and basically blow through (cash register rings)
the entire rest of my savings. Leaving Tokyo, I felt so discouraged. I took this huge leap of faith, trying to figure out
what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life, and I just felt more lost than ever. But something kind of crazy
happened when I got back. During my trip, I had started making little YouTube travel videos, and they didn’t really go anywhere. I was like, “Why can’t
I do YouTube and hair? “Why can’t I take both of those
passions and combine them?” And all of a sudden,
(choral music) the epiphany I had been searching for just appeared out of thin air. I posted one “Hairdresser Reacts” video and the rest is history. (upbeat music) So I hope you guys enjoyed my story today. If you guys wanna hear
more stories like mine, you can click right over
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  1. Omg this is soo new it has 5 views and 0 comments. I've never been so early or a stan for one of these stories! I absolutely LOVE Brad Mondo! #BiggestFan #WillYouDo #MyHairBradMondo ? He will probably never see this, but its worth a shot!, right? ❤

  2. The animator for these stories is always SO great 😂🤣👏🏽 I love this series so much 🙌🏽

  3. Yes girl, you better believe that's Brad Mondo on MTV! Bravo Brad, I like getting to know you better!
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream's!🇨🇦

  4. Honest goals. Spend all my money traveling. Money comes and goes. Experience are worth way more in this short life💕

  5. This wasn’t even a party story, this was Brad bragging about his “struggle” pretending he’s relatable.

  6. Love you Brad! So cool to hear how you came to doing reaction videos and id love to see your travel ones!! X

  7. omg i didnt know you were struggeling before you started your youtube channel! im so happy it went well Brad <3

  8. I just saw someone saying that this story is a lie. Let me just tell you that this is true. I was one of the few first people who watched his first video way back perhaps 2017? Back then of course I researched whatever info the internet has of him. And 10/10 can confirm that he literally just went on quite a long trip before his first video etc. I was there when he was just asking his viewers what we want him to call us during his intro. like damn Brad really did it.

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