Lotto Party

So you’re dreaming of setting up that
winning lotto syndicate But just the thought of creating one is giving you nightmares You’ll have to collect money from all your friends Not to mention chasing down Dave who always seems to have an excuse And then you have to
figure out how many games you can get. Lastly you have to share the ticket with
everyone. So they all have peace of mind before the draw It’s enough to keep you up at night Introducing Lotto Party! The easiest way to set up and play lotto
syndicates Invite as many friends as you’d like As each person joins and pays, your group’s ticket will get bigger… and bigger, and bigger and bigger! Before the draw everyone will be notified and we’ll take care of the rest Then after the draw any winnings will be deposited straight into each persons account And if you win, you and your friends can ride jet skis off into the sunset Oz Lotteries does not recommend spending your winnings on jet skis So come join the party! Download the Oz Lotteries app to
create your syndicate now!

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