Lotus Cortina Walk Round – Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

good afternoon my name is Graham Pattle
is my Lotus Cortina I’ve been racing in historic series for a probably five
maybe six seasons now racing overall for about eight or nine seasons started
club racing and then got the sort of an itch to try the historic stuff and then
it’s been a good call I think we enjoy ourselves car has been rebuilt over the
winter brand new body shell complete re-spray cage absolutely top to tail change
we’ve had a complete suspension geometry rehash on the car had a guy come in to
look at it and give us some ideas as most people know it’s not in traditional
lotus cortina colors one of the big problems at the larger meetings when
you’ve got a lot of cars out holding the traditional colors people can’t make out
their own car when the pit wall the guys on the pit wall see the cars come around and
they’re struggling to pick you out and also for people watching you know that
the cars all look the same so a few years ago you noticed a few other cars
started to change colors this particular color is original color from the
period spruce green I went onto the social media sites for the mark 1
Cortina clubs asked for the guy’s opinion and what their favorite color
was for the car and this was really one that got voted top second time out this season we feel
pretty comfortable with the cars handling really well got a good ballance
front to rear The understeer that we had at Donington seems to have gone with a
little bit of work and really just breaks now to sort out and we think
we’ve got a car that’s going to be be amongst the frontrunners we’ve had a
good run this weekend two P3’s in the U2TC race and some good dicing
been driving the car with my friend Mark Burton we’re sharing a couple of cars
this season to try and stretch out our race weekend and so far it seems to be
working we’re both similar sort of pace in the cars we’ve known each other
for 25 30 years and that means we can argue over a beer and not fight if
things go wrong that’s about it I think from me

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  1. Lovely car as always Graham. Will have to look even more carefully for you on any circuits with fir trees……🤪

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