Louise Follain: how the Parisienne prepares for a Vogue dinner | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

Hi Vogue. I’m Louise Follain, we’re in my hotel room and I’m getting ready
for the Vogue Fashion Festival dinner. But first, I need to do one tiny little thing… the pre-dinner massage, very, very important. To stay in shape,
I do Pilates, yoga, and a bit of ballet. I don’t really have a defined beauty routine,
I wash my face, I put on cream, and when I’m a bit tired,
I pinch my cheeks or put cold on my eyes. For example, very cold tea bags
that I put in the fridge the day before, I anticipate. My favorite lipsticks are La Bouche Rouge ones. My mascara is Dior. Don’t go easy on the mascara. I put a lot of mascara on,
especially on the bottom lashes. A lot. It’s time to get dressed,
but I don’t know what to choose yet, so if you could help me… I have three outfits in mind. First, there’s this Miu Miu dress. Or this Vuitton outfit. Very nice. And then, there’s this Prada dress. In my opinion,
the Vogue woman is a strong, elegant woman, who doesn’t overdo it either. This is an Annelise Michelson necklace. It’s so beautiful. Do I have a hidden talent? I play a little piano
and I know how to play Star Wars on the piano. Miu Miu dress, very girly, a bit dollish. My three fashion essentials:
jeans, preferably high waisted, a beautiful knit sweater
and a beautiful pair of black boots. If I could have a super power,
it would be teleportation. I’d immediately go to Bali. Something I can’t get enough of: striped sweaters. I have like a thousand, in all colors. I’m very inspired by the 1970s
and I like to have a boyish style sometimes. It doesn’t show here, but… As for shoes,
I like shoes with a big platform on the front. I chose that for tonight because I thought it was an opportunity
to be a little more girly than usual. It’s very cute, it shines
and I really like the shoulder pads. I’m very late. Thank you, Vogue, for helping me choose my outfit. Bye.

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