Louise Is Shocked That Bob Never Had A Bachelor Party | Season 7 Ep. 13 | BOB’S BURGERS

OK, guy movies. Uh, I’ve got a young
Clint Eastwood. Nice. I’ve got middle-aged
Charles Bronson. Yes. – I’ve got old Michael Caine.
– Hmm! And I’ve got
Bachelor Party,” which is probably not appropriate. Tom Hanks in the ’80s? Please and Hank you. Well, at least it’s
got party in the title. What even happens at a
bachelor party anyway? Like, what happened
at yours, Dad? Uh, I’m not sure I had one. That good, huh? Oh my god. This is perfect. Wait, what’s perfect? Don’t you see? This is the Momless, Tina-free
fun we’ve been looking for. Dad, we’re going to give you the
bachelor party you never had. A Dad-chelor party. Guys, no. I don’t want a bachelor party. I don’t need one at all. TOGETHER: Bachelor party! One last night of fun before
you marry that old bag, Linda.

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