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‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ This here is our home.
Shall I get you anything to drink? Water will do. These two are the bedrooms, with attached bathrooms.
– You’ve kept this place very neat. I think I have everything
needed right here. Here is the remote to the TV.
Telugu channels start from 882 and news channels start from 905.
The Wi-fi’s password is ‘joneskatru0110’. You can change the password if you want.
Also, the supermarket is close by. You can ask the watchman to get
whatever you want from there. When are you getting back to work? Since I’ve just moved in here,
I think I’ll get back to work after a few days. I see. I’m getting back to work
from tomorrow. Had ours been a love marriage,
I’d have known your place in and out. You wish yours was a love marriage?
– No, just that it’ll take time to get used to the new life. There can be love
even in an arranged marriage. How can you say that?
– My parents had an arranged marriage but they love each other. You are watching this?
– Change the channel if you want to. – No, I’m good. ‘Not again!’ The inverter will be installed in a week’s time.
– I’m not complaining. Are there regular power outages here?
– Not very regular I’d say. Shall we go out?
– Where to? – We’ll think. Where do we go?
– I don’t know this city at all. There isn’t too much in this city to see anyway.
Let’s just go on a spin. Thank God the power is back.
How did you like the city? It is huge.
– We hardly roamed a part of it. Go freshen up. Done?
– Yeah. I also drew you bath. Aren’t there any vegetables in here? Anything wrong?
– Nothing at all. I’m used to chopping vegetables
as I used to live alone. I’ll help you with cooking too. The dinner will be ready in 5 minutes.
– Yeah, cool! I’ll go get the curry.
– Don’t you want to have dinner on the table? I don’t mind eating right here. He didn’t even wave me a bye
before leaving. So, strange. I didn’t even wave her a bye.
Hope she isn’t hurt. Yes, mom?
– ‘Hi, child! Is our son-in-law speaking enough?’ Did you ever see him speak enough?
– ‘People say he is an introvert.’ ‘But, I’m sure he’ll open up.
It’ll just take some time.’ Mom, I’ll call you back again.
– ‘Alright. Careful.’ It is lunch time.
Wonder if he had his lunch? ‘Match number 14’? So, this is how
I saved her contact? Shit! I forgot her name.
Maybe I should delete the contact and check on True Caller. ‘Mrs. Jones?’
Not the clue I wanted. People will laugh at me
if I they get to know I forgot my wife’s name. Jones, could you come here for a moment?
– Yeah, coming. Hi! There was a farewell party
of one of my colleagues at work. So, I had dinner there. I wanted to ping and inform you..
– I’m not hungry anyway. You mean you didn’t have dinner yet?
Why aren’t you eating properly lately? So, you care about me? You seem upset. Is it because
I didn’t say bye this morning? I was in a rush. I’m not upset about it.
– Then what are you upset about? Nothing. I’m just not hungry. I can’t help it, can I? Hey, Swathi! – ‘Yeah, Goldie?’
– Jones uploaded a DP with some girl. ‘Who is that girl?’
– He didn’t tell me. His status reads missing you. ‘I suggest you just ask him.’
– Who is this girl that he is missing so much? Oh! So this is about my Whatsapp status.
– I’ll call you back again. Are you worried about my Whatsapp’s status?
She is the only female friend I have. She is like a sister.
She’s leaving for the US, so I posted that status. If you have any issue,
you can talk it out with me, not with your friends. If we have any differences
I hope we sort them by talking. I’m feeling hungry now.
– Have your dinner then. She is quite nice!
– I’ll pack you lunch from tomorrow. Man, what is her name, by the way.
God damn! What do I call her? Goldie, it is.
– Right! Nice name. Hi, Jones!
– ‘Hey, Goldie! Be ready!’ ‘I’ll come pick you up
and introduce you to my colleagues.’ Jones, come here!
– I’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Nivedita!
I’ve known Jones for so long. But I don’t remember him talking about you.
– Maybe because ours is an arranged marriage. Oh, is it! But you both look so good together.
– Nice to hear that. He is a nice guy aswell. Yes, he is. Now I know why you didn’t invite me to your wedding?
– Why didn’t I? Because yours is an arranged marriage.
You don’t even know that girl. Well, mine is a love marriage.
– What? How? I fell for her the first time I saw her
at the betrothal. In a love marriage, the bride and the groom
would be in love for some years before wedding. But with us, we’ve been in love
for some days before the wedding. You know what? I even forgot her name.
– What? How could you? I fell for her, not for her name.
– You’re one of a kind. Goldie!
– I’ll be right back. – Sure, carry on! Like I said, he is Shiva.
And she is Goldie, my wife. Shall we go out
and have dinner? Hi, guys! I hope you liked this video.
– According to us, it is important that there is love in the marriage to succeed
even if there wasn’t any before for the marriage. If you liked this video,
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  1. I just love this videos. I also fall in love with someone…. And I want to create history like your story 😘😘❤️

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