Love Bites ft. Jerry Purpdrank | MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever

What up, it’s Jerry Purpdrank and this is the story of my
most dangerous first date ever. So one night me and my
friends went bowling right? We hadn’t been out in a while
so we though it’d be fun. It’s my friends that I
usually shoot my videos with. One of my boys Max and my boy Dan and we about to go turn it up. About to go get life
at this bowling alley. I decided to invite this girl that I’d been talking to
online for about a week. We hadn’t met in person yet so this was going to be our first date. I knew it may be a little weird bringing her on a first date to a group outing, to a bowling alley. But based on them pictures
she had a bit booty. Feel me? I figured I could impress my friends with that big ole booty she had. And I could impress her with my balls. So I roll up with my guys. Everybody brought a girl. They each start pulling up one by one. The girl I invited gets there last and by that time, I’m starting to sweat it. Getting a little nervous that this booty may not even deliver. Finally the girl I invited rolls up. I see her steppin out the car, she turns around, and the booty didn’t
disappoint me one bit. Hm. Came up to her, I said, did you bring your own
ball or is that your booty? So we go inside, we get our shoes, the lane, everything. I’m trash at bowling. So I didn’t really do much. I tried to hit the little, the little shimmy. Before every bowl. But I’m still garbage. We was more drinking, goofing around, you know. And honestly as the night goes on, I’m not paying much
attention to big booty. I just wasn’t feeling her
personality, you feel me. So big booty’s probably
feeling neglected right now. Big booty just keeps finding
ways to flirt with me. She’s laughing way too hard at my jokes. I feel bad, cause I don’t really
want to hurt her feelings. But the conversation has
to be there you know. It’s not all about the booty. She finds those little ways to touch me. She’s grabbing my balls. Bowling balls. Get your mind out that gutter. It’s starting to get late and the bowling alley’s
starting to close down. Suddenly, big booty all up on my lap. Crushing my (bleep) quad, you feel me. I guess it was her last ditch
attempt to get my attention so she starts making out with me. And she starts biting my face. Not them cute little
love bites you be seeing. This girl is eating my face. Like she forgot to eat dinner. Chewing my bottom lip to
pieces, to smithereens. This is hurting me like I’m in pain. Like I got the little
teardrop coming out this eye. Kind of pull back and laugh a little and I’m playing around like oh, ha ha, I’m edible. I know I’m looking like a snack and all. But this girl sure dream she
think I’m an actual snack. She was chewing my face. So I finally get her off me, right. And I got to go to the bathroom to make sure I’m not
bleeding or losing any lips. See the little indents on my lip but there’s no broken skin. So I’m thinking like, if
she does this to my mouth I don’t think I want to
see what’s going to happen to the rest of me. (crickets chirping) I got to get rid of this girl. So my friends and I decide
we’re going to go to this event. I feel bad ditching her. Because I hate hurting people’s feelings. So I chicken out in dodgin her. And she ends up coming along. She corners me and starts kissing me again. And she bites the (bleep) out of me. This time, I feel blood. I feel the blood running down my face. My own blood. And this girl don’t care. She’s not deterred. She goin’ for it. She want what she want. I finally give her the Heisman arm right? And I’m like man, I
got to get out of here. Went home. I never talked to that
girl ever again in my life. And I guess that’s why
she had a big booty. She out here getting thick
off of eating people’s faces! And before you go, make sure you subscribe
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  1. One time I went to a party but nobody showed up so it was just me, my friend and his babysitter, so then I stole his skateboard and we stole somebody’s tires off their car

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