Love doesn’t discriminate, let’s celebrate love #CelebrateTheLove

Celia: We met a friend’s birthday party. Elsie: Who made the first move? Adam: I think it’s fair to say I did. Daniel: I knew from the start she thought she was the boss. Tom: It took a little while for the first move to happen. Ailish: Yeah it look like four years. Sarah: It felt like true love and we just started meeting up. Adrian: I thought Celia was a miserable sod! Tom: I thought she was beautiful. Carole: He’s nice and good looking. Rob: She is caring and she looks after me as well. Sarah: I love that guy. He is a very kind man. Adam: Her most annoying habit is the degree to which she moults all of her hair on a daily basis. Celia: Now we are engaged, we are getting married in August. Sarah: Do I have any annoying habits to you, hunny? Celia: I love him the way he is. Adrian: Oh, being in love, that’s really really nice it’s really really special. Daniel: It’s great, it makes you happy love is beautiful Sarah: Love to me means somebody cares about you and protects you Elsie: he will always hide in somewhere to jump out and scare me Ailish: He complains about my washing up technique Tom: She doesn’t understand that plates have two sides Rob: We got engaged two weeks ago Sarah: He went down on one knee Sarah: I love my husband Adam: Yeah, makes me a better man Bryan: I love you, Carole Carol: Come on then, darlin’ Bryan: C’mon then

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